Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Documentary Trailer: "The Secret to Ballin" ... Executive Produced by Damon Dash x Kanye West

The trailer has surfaced for Dame Dash and Kanye West Executive produced, 'The Secret to Ballin'. This docudrama touches on the principals, methods, and strategies of success. The film consists of both organizational life skills (i.e. research, planning, decision making etc.) and a series of interviews from notables in the Industry (i.e. music artists, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs etc.) 
 "What is discovered is that many peoples perspective of being successful vary although all will agree that, true success definitely involves being happy in the end".

Cast: Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Damon Dash, Kelly Rowland, Faith Evans, Redman, RZA, and more.

Watch the "The Secret to Ballin: They can no longer Keep it from us!" trailer after the jump::


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