Monday, April 27, 2015

Meet 11-Year-Old Ramarni Wilfred:: Higher IQ level than Bill Gates and Albert Einstein

Romford, England's - Ramarni Wilfred - has made headlines across the globe for his intelligence.  Writing at 18 months.  Reading by age 3.  The 11-year-old recently took the distinguished Mensa test , which as a result discovered that Wilfred has a higher IQ level than Steven Hawkins, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein. He scored an IQ of 162.. placing him in the top 1 percentile in the U.K. 
 "I was surprised and very happy when I read the results of my IQ test as I didn't feel very confident after completing the test.
...I was the youngest person there and some people were in their 40s."
"I can't begin to compare myself to these great men whose hard work clearly proves that they are true geniuses.  Who knows?  Perhaps my 'true genius' moment will come when I grow up, but for now I am just proud of myself and happy that my mum and sister are proud of me too.
May many more blessings come for this humble young brother and his family.  #ShineOn. :-). 
Read more of the story at ATLBlackStar

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