Monday, April 27, 2015

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Broccoli City Festival 2015 + 'we are all DOOMed' art exhibit inspired by MF DOOM

Same day.  Two separate events.
The first half of this post is the Broccoli City Festival 2015 #BCfest.  
The second half is the 'we are all DOOMed' art exhibit... inspired by MF Doom @ Blind Whino.  I wasn't able to capture mad videos and photos of each artist in order to preserve battery life.  When I went to the charging station to get some juice, the power surge went out. lol.  I did have two videos, but they didn't make the cut for the post.  You can find some nice shots and vids of the event on @balleralert IG though. 
I have plentyyyy commentary but going with the brief option on this one.
Here's a glimpse of what I was able to capture.. 

VIP up on the terrace.  Exercise Bikes.  Lounge Chairs.  and a Photo Booth.

Class is in session...

I had plans to jump into this... but food was on the mind at the moment.  By the time I returned, the session was over :-/

'Now do the ChaCha...'
'Broccoli Salad'.  I had FULL intention to order something else.  You'll see what happened further down.

'Looking like we on the yard at Hillman'

Sickkkkkk.  ALL of em.

Now if you look closely.. you'll see this entire piece is made up of trash.  Well... recycled items.  Remotes, plates, deoderant etc.  There was a bag full of items.  You reached in and picked one out.  They put glue on the back of whatever you picked and let you place it on the wall.  

I was supposed to be picking mine out then the part '... About a week ago!' came on.  Schmurda'd til the end of the verse

Just pasted mine.

securing the spot...

Girl DJs are the shit.  She was rockin
From drizzle to RAIN.  Under shelter giggling

All week I kept thinking about how I was going to hit the Chicken n Waffles truck.. along with the funnel cake joant.  NONE of that happened.  This was the line -___-.  Thus explains how the broccoli salad came into play.

Crab cab line was long too...

My sentiments exactly.

Kali Uchis

Willow Smith.  I was wrapped up by the photographer who's blocking my shot.  He was a cool ol' head tho.  You can find better shots of her, Jaden, and their mom Jada (when she came out) on IG.

Erykah Badu... aka DJ Low Down Loretta Brown.  Big Hair and Big shades covering her face.  The funny thing was (well to us at least) was people really thought she was coming to perform... even though it was listed under her DJ moniker.  Folk were madddddd.  You should've heard the complaints and massive crowd disperse. 

Stopped for food.. had girl talk.. and arrived at the next event...
'we are all DOOMed' art exhibit... inspired by MF Doom @ Blind Whino.
All of the pieces were sick.  Great job.  

(sidebar:  No umbrella... caught in the rain for hours.. wind blowing.  That was the result.)

Didn't catch this guys name... but he killed it.

#Photobomb guy told me to hashtag him on this one

Morgs was cool

Laughter is good for the soul.

There he is again...

Got a Heineken on the house

Spinning Doom tunes and samples.. jammin.

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The artwork on the walls is out of this world.


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  1. I love Demont's Marion Barry joint... and I have a baby print of the Marvin. Cool Pics