Thursday, April 9, 2015

Video :: Fxcking Young/Death Camp | Tyler, the Creator + New Album "Cherry Bomb" announced

This. Made. My. Morning. off the earlyyy. Last night, Tyler/OF's Golf Media App was launched 9PM PST time/12am our time. Available for both iOS and Android, those who register at before downloading the app will have 2 free months (4.99/per month after), as well as gaining access to the premiere issue of the upcoming Golf Magazine. When I woke up this morning, to my estatic surprise, not only did I find Tyler released a new track/video but he, also announced the release of his new album...

While 'Fucking Young' is pretty funny and sometimes the case considering the topic, the melodic tunes overcast what the song is actually about making it easy to get lost in simply the amaze sounds.
Death camp on the other hand is completely wicked. Per usual, Wolf Haley excels again with the cinema of the visual- nothing short of creative attention capturing entertainment. Check it out below::

Tyler's new album, Cherry Bomb, drops MONDAY- 4/13/15. Hyped.

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