Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Talk Tuesdays....

Time to get real!  Too many things going on in the world today! ..even in YOUR life personally! Voice your thought here.  What’s your “real talk” issue of the day? 

@ChochinaZoet- Why can’t muthafucka’s do wat they say they gonna do…. Especially when they volunteer their services.. #RealTalkTuesday

@Mz_Represented- Nothing in the world can beat having peace in your home...If you don't have peace at home then something is wrong and you need to rectify that situation...I would never...and I do mean NEVER....allow anyone to destroy my peaceful home...besides all of those "peace destroyers" aint shxt anyway. Not worth the headache. :)

@epicenigma- Life is not too short.  Some just haven’t mastered the art of maximizing their time on Earth #RealTalk 
@epicenigma-  You can’t make black and white what’s meant to be gray/   #RealTalkTuesdays 

@BiggsJackson- real talk we need to go to happy hour again

@DevyDev_ - #RealTalk Most people over state their importance to go with the crowd rather than being themselves & going against the norm..  

My real talk of the day is … going to be different than the ordinary… longer than usual.. and more stern than the previous.  There was a terrible storm here not too long ago.. knocked out folks power for WEEKS.  Created all types of damage to the city.  I’ve never seen lightning bolts like the one I saw that night.. I remember saying “God is PISSED w/us”.  The amazing thing about this storm.. although it brought hardships to many, was how everyone pulled together to  get through it.  It was a beautiful thing to see the community come together like that.  The sad thing about it was that after it was over… everyone went back to their old fend for yourself type of attitude.  They still didn’t learn.  Most recently, Some idiot decided to play “the creator” and went into a movie theater injuring and killing innocent people.  Women, men, and children lost their lives for nothing.  It’s not safe anywhere.  It saddens me what this world is coming to.  More random things keep occurring.. and no one’s paying God any attention.  I wish it would get better… but it seems nowadays people value themselves more than anything else.. no matter what extent that is taken to.  It’s so many things like these that cross my mind.  The incident of Tameka Raymond’s son passing away hurts my heart.  I can’t imagine the pain felt of losing a child.  That was off topic.. but this is a vent right?  I think about the world often.. and aside from all of the BEAUTIFUL things around me.. it can be so cruel.  There is more to life than what ppl make “important”.  I hate that something has to happen in order for people to realize that.  I wish people would WAKE UP. 

Feels pretty good to let out a quick vent. 
All submissions are welcome each Tuesday.  Hit me on the Twit. 
Until next time… stay real wit urself.  Peace.

Still Got It| Wiz Khalifa x Project Pat

Wiz loves to throw new tracks out randomly.  Here's another cut.. this time featuring Project Pat.  I actually like this one more than the others he's been dropping lately.  Give it a listen:

Video: 3 Kings| Rick Ross x Dr. Dre x Jay-Z

I wasn't expecting a video for this track.  However, I knew if one was created.. it would be powerful.  I can't explain what this song does to me.  Anywho.. I got word that this was an "unofficial" video.. and decided to take a look anyway.  It was dope.. so here's the post.  There HAS to be a second version to this coming.. it HAS to be...

Celebs out & about: Women edition.

I hardly ever do this... but in this case.. I thought the pics were too haute not to post. Sooo... Enjoy J

Mixtape: Glory | Iggy Azalea

Somewhere to lay my heart...

I'm so proud of her...
Iggy drops a new mixtape today, giving us a lil taste of the new album set to release later this year.  I wonder if that's her on the background vocals.. hmm.  Anyway, you can def hear the T.I./ATL influence in her new rap style. I'm not sure how I feel about that aspect yet...but I def. want her to succeed {another female rapper I route for}.

Listen Below:

Monday, July 30, 2012

{Personal Post} Photos :: Lupe Fiasco Listening Party...

You want the Realness?
Hey! I got cha!

Last Wednesday, I attended the Lupe Fiasco Listening Party (hosted by the same sponsors from the ASAP Rocky one) at Ultra Bar .  As mentioned previously, I had a blast at that one! So my expectations were sort of the same as I planned to attend this one.  Unfortunately, I was completely disappointed.  It was a mixed crowd, age wise, which usually is a good thing, but in this case… not so much.  It was like a fish bowl.  Most ppl were just standing around looking at each other.  No random chatter between folk (whether they knew each other or not).. no networking.. everyone just standing there .  It was a like the awkward high school parties they showed on 90s family sitcoms where the boys were across the room and the girls were across on the other side.  In the worst of situations, I always aim to make the best out of it, so I continued to rock to the music .. drink in hand lol and occasionally laugh at certain sights.  I noticed that no Lupe posters.. promo discs.. or anything were up/out.  I, also, noticed no Lupe songs were being played (unlike the ASAP one where his music was played all evening).. odd right?  I mean it IS a listening party smh.  Then randomly.. the DJ throws on “I gotcha”… one of my fav Lupe cuts off his Food & Liquor album.  I thought we were getting somewhere… but then.. that was it.  No more Lupe songs for the rest of the night -_-.  I, then noticed, that it was PAST the time the party was supposed to be over and Lupe STILL hadn’t come down yet to the VIP section by us common folk.  I looked up to the VIP balcony where I saw him earlier that night and noticed there were only two ppl up there -_-.  Everyone dipped.  Next thing you know.. the lights were cut on and we were all instructed to “drive home safely”.  Needless to say … I was PISSED.  Instead of just jumping to conclusions, I thought well hey let me hit someone (who shall remain nameless) up that I knew was in VIP and working the event.  I was told the next night that from that person that Lupe didn’t come down because he complained the music was “too loud”.  I didn’t get any more info after that… of course they ignored my next message.  This has totally changed my outlook on him… Since the music was “too loud” for you to come down, you couldn’t even get on the mic and speak to ppl… fans.. who traveled to come see you and support?  I knew there was more to the story from this person as they described the event with him that night .. “a nightmare”.. but it was never said.  Now, if someone else knows different and just happens to read this, feel free to send me the story, and I’ll credit and make corrections.  Until then.. I shall proceed.  I don’t know who Lupe thought he was.. and maybe actually thinks he’s on status enough to pull some “diva” ish like that… but mad ppl were upset.  It actually bothered me to see people walk out disappointed who were OBVIOUSLY there for one reason.. they were FANS of his music.  I don’t think celebs realize… whether you’re a nice ass lyricist or not… your attitude towards fans or ppl in general can determine a lot of who will still support you.  You already know what side I stand on after this. Check out a few shots of my own…

On a better note… the media had great results from the event!  Check out some of their pics/footage/ and links: 

Motivation Mondays...

Let us pray…

Dear Lord..
Please forgive us for all the sins we have brought upon us..
And look down upon us with forgiveness for all the sins we will have in the future..
I know you understand that nxggas ain’t perfect..
but we try, Lord
We try to keep our heads up in bad times
This is a bad time..
Show us the way..


Friday, July 27, 2012

Video: There He Go| Schoolboy Q

What I failed to understand
I'm the muthafxckin man
Ran into him
He's a fan

Q drops the visual for one of my fav cuts off 'Habits & Contradictions'. I like the direction they took with this one ..

Video: Makers of Tomorrow| Jay-Z (Budweiser Festival)

I meant to post this earlier..
Any who.. Jay released another promo ad for the Made in America festival.  I am so effin stoked about this (although I'm going Dolo).  I can't wait!  Take a look:

If you slippin and haven't gotten them yet.. You still have a chance!  Buy your tix here

Video: Nelly hits the Breakfast Club

"That's yo opinion"...

Nelly hit the Breakfast Club this morning for an interview about his current endeavors, singer Ashanti and more.  Nel' didn't take to kind to Charlamagne saying his music was "cold" right now.  He was quick to set the record straight and stated some pretty good facts in defense.  I commend him for that... stand up for yours. 


If you haven't heard his new single yet... listen below. #Approved.

Video: Goldie (RemiXX)| Lola Monroe

Givenchy’s w/ a Mojito

I heard about this last week, but I’m just getting around to listening to it #CP time.  I hope she pops.  Not only bc she’s from the DMV, but because I feel we DEFINITELY need someone other than Nicki Minaj in the rap game repping for FEMALE rap artists (especially since she has converted over mainly to another genre).  I like “Monroe” style.. so I’m behind her.  This actually wasn’t bad at all. 

Cez' Update..

Today has been a busy busy week.  As much as I've had thoughts running through my mind of potential posts.. I never had the time to actually do so :(  Luckily.. I had a few spare minutes today to create a few posts.  Hope you all had a great week!!  Enjoy your weekend :-)

The Cure| J.Cole

Nxgga fxck yo twitter..
Bxtches follow me in real life...

Cole world drops a new track, covering the end of Watch the Throne’s “Lift Off” (my fav part on the song by the way).  From the looks of this one.. some more fire is headed to come. 

How many Kanye beats do a nxgga gotta murder to prove my mind is further... O_O.  Cole not playin…

Bath Salt| Asap Rocky x Asap Ant x Flatbush Zombies

Pretty Muthafxcka
From the land of the lost...

As Rocky promised yesterday, the new track entitled "Bath Salt" dropped last night after midnight.  I am not a fan of the title OR the artwork ( *inserts side eye emoji face here).  Idk how I feel about this one.  'Sap surprised me though on how he went IN.  Nevertheless, check it out below:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Motivation Mondays...

There's a time in your life..
When you find who you are...
That's the Golden Time of Day...

In your mind you will find...
You're a bright shining star...
That's the Golden Time of Day...

There is always at least one thing that brings great Peace and Happiness to your life. What’s your golden time of day?  Find it.. and hold tight.  Have a great week loves!

Video: Same Damn Time (Remix) | Future x Diddy x Ludacris

Ya'll nxggas can't multi task...

Diddy cracks me up lls.  However, this is one of the best verses he's dropped in a long time.  Wasn't expecting a visual for this, but I'm glad they dropped one anyway ;-)

Video: Murda Bizness | Iggy Azalea x T.I.

I'm cold..
Get in that thang...

I've been waiting for this video to drop.  I must say.. the direction of this video has surprised me all the way.  I wonder who's concept this was.  Nevertheless, this is still my song and Iggy looks Gorg as usual.  Check it out:

Life of the Party| Stacey Dash


So could this be another reason why she quit Single Ladies?...

It seems former Single Ladies star, Stacey Dash, is trying her hand at the music thing.  Listen to her new track below.  Any thoughts?

Friday, July 20, 2012

3 Kings| Rick Ross x Jay-Z x Dr. Dre

“Nxggas couldn’t fxck with my daughter’s room…”- Hov

O_O *Home alone face.  Sheesh. 
While I was enjoying shots at happy hour yesterday evening, Funk Flex decided to drop 3 Kings; one of the most anticipated tracks off of Ross upcoming album’ , God Forgives, I Don’t.  Listen below:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Video: Hammers & Vogues| Stalley x Curren$y

My nxggas on that king ish...

Today, Stalley released a visual for Hammers &Vogues with the homie Spitta.    This is one of my favorite tracks off #SJTTAD

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Real Talk Tuesdays...

via castlerock

Time to get real!  Too many things going on in the world today! ..even in YOUR life personally! Voice your thought here.  What’s your “real talk” issue of the day? 

@Mz_Represented- Real Talk....I am an adult. I no longer require lectures about who I should date. Sometimes good intentions can be annoying, especially from family members who just want something to talk about. Mind your business please...and thanks!

@go_fucurself- what do u tell a person that thinks they know everything???? "Real Talk" I tell em to stfu...try it works

@acedizzyflow-  Real Talk: Realize your past isn’t worth your time, Stay present & focus on the future  

@epicenigma-  When they stop talking to you, they start talking about you. #RealTalkTuesdays  

@BiggsJackson- real talk I think I am going to get this supervisor job

@DevyDev_ - #RealTalk Young black men.. be a father, be a brother, be a leader, be a thinker, be a dreamer, but most of all..Be a lover of GOD  

My real talk of the day is … strong faith is all you need.  You’ll be surprised at how things start to change for you.  But...beware of what you do in the world and to others… Karma knows how to show up when you least expect it.

Feels pretty good to let out a quick vent. 
All submissions are welcome each Tuesday.  Hit me on the Twit. 
Until next time… stay real wit urself.  Peace.


Video: Dope B---h| The Dream x Pusha T

I was a little upset to find that him and Stalley had a free show this weekend in DC!  I missed it all.  Any who, I’m not really a “fan” of this guy… but this song has grew on me!  The video is cool.  Check it out:

TRILLECTRO Music Festival in DC...

According to Adventoutpost:

What an interesting combo!  A Hip Hop/Electronic music festival starting 12NOON , Saturday August 11, 2012.  Here are a few more details  

Line up:
Flosstradamus, Schoolboy Q, Brenmar, Body Language, Casey Veggies, Tittsworth, David Heartbreak, Tabi Bonney, Oddisee, Brenton Duvall, Cam Jus, Phony Ppl, Nouveau Riche, Flatbush Zombies, DJ Underdog, ASAAD, Gianni Lee, Beyond Modern, DJ Wonder, Rex Riot, Basscamp, Rock Creek Social Club

$30- $100 @ ticketfly.com

For more information visit:  Trillectro.com

Video: My Homies Still| Lil Wayne x Big Sean

Boi ur girl a jump off...
I hope she land feet first....

I just recently started liking this song.  I don't even know what to think of the video because Ciroc and Bombay was present at the time.  However.. create an opinion for yourself.  Watch below ;-):

Monday, July 16, 2012

Motivation Mondays...

from a negative.. to a positive….
….Don’t let em hold you down.  Reach for the stars. 

Look more into the positive things you’ve accomplished in life …regardless if people try to remind you of the negative.  You can only go up from there.. Have a great week! Xoxo.

Video: Amen| Meek Mill x Jeremih x Drake

And i say chuuch...

Meek has been getting A LOT of attention for this song… mostly negative from different churches across the nation.  Yikes.  However, that didn’t stop him from dropping the visual for it.  Check it out below: 

Swimming Pools (Drank)| Kendrick Lamar

Then they diiiiiiiiiivve in it….

I have literally been playing this song all weekend.  This has become my new weekend anthem… well vacation for that matter lol.  In a nutshell.. it’s on the Turn-Up playlist.  Kendrick releases his second single from his upcoming album good kid, m.A.A.d city, set for release in October.  With this and the recipe…so far it looks as if this is going to be a great album. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bad Religion| Frank Ocean

It's a bad religion
To be in love with someone who..
could never love you....

Well.  With Frank's “coming out” letter not too long ago, it's pretty clear what this song is pertaining to.  However, it’s a feeling we all can relate to.  I just love this man's voice.  It gives me chills.  Last night, Frank made his first TV performance on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.  My anticipation for Channel Orange just keeps growing and growing.  Check the video out below: