Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Album Stream: Kaleidoscope Dreams| Miguel

His voice. 


Miguel provides us with a full stream of his upcoming sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dreams, set for physical release on October 2, 2012.  This album is filled with smooth lyrics, aphrodisiacal sounds, and a voice that is sure to take you on a cosmic journey leaving you in a sensual and serene state.  I highly recommend this one to others.  Listen now:

Blue Whale| Frank Ocean

Just playing
But I'm serious....

Life goes on pimpin..
The wise don't doubt it....

Mr. Ocean took it to his tumblr last night to release a new track.  This time.. one where he raps instead of singing.  Love it... especially the beat.  I've listened to it three times in a row before posting.  I think you'll enjoy too...

Video: Lil Wayne does NOT give ANY Fxcks during his Deposition

That's a stupid ass question....

This dude lol.
 He clearly does NOT give a fxck.  Wayne, who is suing Quincy Jones III for a documentary about him, does not respect Jones lawyer at all.  It's actually quite comical. lol.  Lil Wayne agreed to the documentary of "The Carter 3" but did not approve once it was released claiming it was a "scandalous portrayal".  Get a quick laugh this am and watch the deposition below:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Remember You| Wiz Khalifa x The Weeknd

I don't mind...
You can tell by how I roll...

I heard this song on the commute home today.  I must say.. I am really feelin this joant...somethin' type smooth.  This is the second single from Wiz's upcoming album, O.N.I.F.C.
Check it out:

Update: Rohan Marley responds to Wyclef's Affair with Lauryn Hill

Last week, controversy stirred up about Ms. Lauryn Hill as Wyclef prepped for the release of his new memoir (which dropped last Tuesday).  A few excerpts revealed that Wyclef had an affair with Lauryn Hill and that she led him to believe she was pregnant with his child as oppose to Rohan Marley (pictured above).  However, word got around to Lauryn's BD and he was not pleased.  Here is what Rohan had to say via TMZ:

“[Wyclef] knew from jump that was my son from the day [Lauryn] was pregnant.  They were definitely not messing around or he would have never given me the ok” 

Rohan says back then he and Lauryn were in studio sessions together night and day so there wouldn’t have been time for her to have the alleged affair Wyclef refers to.

[Wyclef] is just saying false things to get book headlines.  He knows he is frontin’ himself”.

However, Wyclef also responded to this via TMZ saying:

There is no way that I would have shown up in the hospital in that circumstance to wait for a baby to be born if it was not mine.  The idea of a memoir is to tell the truth.  I know that often the truth hurts, but a lie hurts even more.”

Sounds like this could get messy.   Meanwhile, Lauryn hasn’t said a word.  Smart woman. Lol.  I won’t speak too soon.  On another note, let’s see if this actually helps Clef’s sales…

Motivation Mondays : 'Step by Step' Theme Song

Step by Step
Day by Day
A fresh start over
A different hand to play

Look at each day as another chance.  Another chance to see a brighter day... another chance to do better... another chance to start over... another chance to be great. 

The deeper we fall. 
The stronger we'll stay
And we'll better
The second time around...

P.s. I always wondered what roller coaster that was they rode in the beginning lol.  Have a great week loves! Xoxo.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video: Home to You| Stalley x Wale

I ain't seen my lady in days..
I been out in these streets so long...

EVERY time I hear this song, I'm reminded of the day I met him after he performed this live.  It was a great experience.  I always say hearing a song live always adds depth to instruments... the artist.. and the lyrics.  It pleases me to see the video released today:-) Dope.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Video: Elle Varner| I Don't Care

I’m going..
Into the deep end….

Gorgeous Elle Varner releases another delightful vid for her new single, I Don’t Care.  I’ll say this once and I’ll say it again.. this song makes me want to fall truly…. Madly.. deeply… in love.

Video: Jet Life| Currensy x Wiz Khalifa x Big KRIT

Nxggas wanna talk about luck
Let's talk about grinding...

If you haven't heard the Stoned Immaculate yet, you are definitely missing out.  Simply put... Don't miss this jet hoe.  #JetLife

In case you missed out.. here's a bonus. Peep one of Spitta's newly released videos and one of my favs from Cigarette Boats..

Video: Big Sean vs Nardwuar

"Shout out to Class ' 06!"

His young ass -_- lol.
 I love Nardwuar interviews.  When I tell you this guy has ALL the information...  he has ALL the information.  It's always comedy to see the artists react to him when he pulls out facts the outside world wouldn't even have a clue about.  Check Big Sean's edition below in Vancouver, Canada:

Video: Celebration| The Game x Chris Brown x Tyga x Lil Wayne x Wiz Khalifa

We having a celebration
Luh to stay h….

I was drawn to this song, immediately, when I first heard it from the “First of the Month” sample alone. The video has enhanced the effect… it, also, makes me wish summer wasn’t over just yet :-/ Nevertheless, I’m sure they had a good time on set. Who do you think has the best verse?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Could a Lie Be the Karma to His Affair? | Wyclef Jean x Lauryn Hill edition

“She could no longer be my muse, Our love spell was broken”.  – Wyclef Jean.

I haven’t seen such a good pitch for sales since Usher’s “Confessions”…
In Wyclef’s new autobiography,Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story” which releases tomorrow, he touches on behind the curtain stories of the Fugees, the insider story of recording the album, and ultimately the downfall that broke the successful group up in 1997. 
Anyone who listened to the Fugees was torn when they heard about the break-up.  Even worse... the fact that there could possibly never be another Fugees album again.  Some speculated the departure was over money, egos etc.  However, with this new excerpt floating around, “coincidentally”, the day before the book is released… it seems it was a little deeper than we all could’ve imagined.
‘Clef explains that He and Lauryn were dating or having a passionate affair if you will, although he was also married at the time to Marie Claudinette.  Lauryn became pregnant and a curve was thrown.  ‘Clef was under the impression that the child was his; the child that ultimately proved to be fathered by Rohan Marley.  

“In that moment, something died between us.  I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that”…
With a bait story like this, Jean will definitely lure people to becoming interested in his book.   But… will the buzz secure the sales??
Personally, I am interested to find out why he was upset with her about “allegedly” misleading him, when he was committing adultery?  Was it a different situation or does Karma hurt a bit much?  I’m, also, interested into finding out where Pras falls into all of this.  It should be very interesting to see how the entire story unfolds and if any of the members will speak on it after.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Until then… listen to some old tunes from the Gees. 

Motivation Mondays...

Don't you know each cloud contains...
Pennies from Heaven...

Be sure that your umbrella is upside down...

Blessings come in all forms.  When you think all is bad, you never know what blessing is within it or lying behind it.  That should be enough to smile.  So on those days where everything is going wrong, think of all the good to come.  Embrace the future.  Have a good week loves! Xoxo.  

Video: Pyramids| Frank Ocean

But your love ain't free..
No more...

Frank drops a new visual from his remarkable debut album, "Channel Orange". This is interesting, nevertheless. Take a looksie...
What's your interpretation??

Monday, September 10, 2012

New form of exercising: Pole Dancing classes for 5 Year-Olds..

"My kid loves playing on the pole at home"- Kristy Craig referring to parents' for the class.

Watching the news report below (via the LIFEfiles) on this disturbed me in so many ways.  Is this what our world has come to? That this is even a topic??

In Vancouver, Canada, the Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness studio is currently offering POLE DANCING classes to children as young as 5 YEARS OLD. 

The headlining quote of this post raises eyebrows within itself.  WHY are you letting your child "play" on your pole? Or even have it visible to your child where they can grow accustomed to it and want to participate in acts regarding it?  As Craig expresses, the parents’ says the child “loves” to do it.  I guess if your child loves grabbing the bottles of wine out of your cellar, makes it okay for them to drink it too…

Some may think of it as a sport or "acrobatic" activity, as it is referred to by studio owner Kristy Craig.  The owner promotes that it is a new way of "staying fit and promoting self-confidence and work towards goals of competing one day".  Let's disregard tumbling, sports, healthy eating, girl scouts, and all other things established to help our youth.  Instead of encouraging the child to participate in those activities geared towards those within their age range, we expose and offer them to a ‘solely adult’ activity.  

The flyer they have for the class (which I will not post but you can view in the video) is a young child with make-up on, straddled, sliding down a pole in boy shorts.    I am aware that children in beauty contests and/or other things wear make-up and leotards (etc.) as a part of their costume.  However, those things are not related to women performing exotically associating dance moves with sex.  When you think of gymnastics or "Miss USA", what comes to mind?  Now…What comes to mind when you hear pole dancing?  Certainly, nothing that would involve children.  The flyer is extremely risqué... reassuring a field day for the fantasies of pedophiles smh.

"Something that might end up sexualizing little girls...”- Parent.

Children should be able to enjoy and preserve their innocence.  A child should not be allowed to do certain things that adults participate in, and if possible... not exposed to them.  Don't take that too literal.  I'll give an example.  If children can't attend establishments where pole dancing takes place, why should they be allowed to participate in the activity?    What kind of message are we sending?  Is it that any time a child wants to express themselves, its ok?  What if the child sees porn and decides she wants to "participate" in that?  Are child porn recruiters up next?  Call it farfetched if you like... but seriously... THINK about it.

I, personally, have attended a pole dancing class and while I must say it is indeed a WORKOUT... it is TOTALLY inappropriate for children and even teenagers. 

I understand the world today is a completely different world than when I was growing.  I see girls, in as low as middle school, with developed bodies as a 25 year old... the latest in cell phone technology...  Bleached/colored hair... tattoos and piercings... etc.  It all seems to be the latest "ok" from parents as far as teens go… but why?   So many are concerned with being the "cool" parent and giving the child all the things they didn't have, they forget to give them what they DID have.  Preserving your innocence (and this means more than virginity) and youth is something you won't appreciate until you get older.  If anyone knows that more, it’s us adults.   What message is the pole, a dance that is concretely related to exotic dancing, sending our little girls?  Thoughts?     

Motivation Mondays...

A million men can't take us....

The dream is obtainable.  Go get it.
Have a great week loves..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clique| Kanye West x Jay-Z x Big Sean

Ain't nobody fxckin wit' my clique....

I've been waiting for this to drop since I saw the artwork.  They better not push 'Cruel Summer' back ..again.  This should hold me over tho.  Listen below:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays...

If i truly wanna leave a world for my daughters...
If we wanna give them that sense of limitless possibility...
Then we need to work harder than ever before.....

This woman right here.  She makes me proud.

Society has always taken a liking to portraying powerful men with a beautiful or loyal woman by their side.  However, it's rare to see a man of power in the public eye complemented by a strong woman of power, as well.  I find that in the {President }Obama relationship.  Ladies.. it's not too late to stand up for what you believe in.  Another day offers another chance.  If anything can be taught by this speech is that we ALL matter.  Believe.. Stand Tall..and take Action.  You DO matter.  And you CAN make a difference.

P.s. Please vote.


{Personal Post} Photos:: Live and Direct with the Made in America Festival 2012

This past Labor Day weekend, I had the chance to attend the Made in America Festival in Philly. This was my first outdoor festival and I was overly looking forward to it. Needless to say, it was everything I thought it would be AND MORE! I had a effin ball! I managed to capture some photos. Some while I was moving (lol).. some standing still. Nevertheless, I tried my best to capture a wonderful moment I'll never forget!

Hola Hovito!  Hov had a rather star studded set!  Freeway, Chris & Neef, Common, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Memphis Bleek, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Pusha T etc. all stopped by to perform a feature or two.  Turnt wasn't the word...

Even President Obama stopped by to say a few words.  This moment was breath taking. 

 I wanted ya'll to get a glimpse of this crowd.  NO joke out there...

Honestly, these ppl had the best view in the house.  No ticket purchases, just pure "let's go out on the blacony and watch the show" type shxt.  You should have seen how many ppl were throwing parties on their balconies.  LIVE.

Odd Future.

It started raining... but I was prepared lol.

Drake.  I'm not a fan of his.  But he did bring out French Montana and 2 Chainz (from what part I saw).. so it was ok to me  

There were so many artists I was unable to snap pics of (solely trying to preserve battery life), but Scrillex and Run DMC .. SLAYED the stage.  2 of my favs next to Hov.  If they have another one next year, I'm definitely attending.  You should too!