Tuesday, July 29, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 29 - Five Weird Things that You Like

Five weird things that I like:

1. The smell of fuel at the gas station
2. Mens ankles. Not all of them have ‘it’ and it’s hard to describe what 'it' is.. but low top kicks in the summer catch my attention QUICK.. cause I’m checking out the ankles.
3. Feet. More specifically, White mens feet… in flip flops. I’m always looking at them.
4. Picking my nose LOLOL I’m laughing bc this is an inside joke only two would catch
5. It’s not really weird to me but to others who've commented when seeing me do so. I can’t give money to the clerk or put in my wallet etc… if it’s not all facing the same direction. I have to make sure they're facing the same direction THEN proceed with whatever.

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