Saturday, July 26, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 26 - Things You Like and Dislike About Yourself

I like that I’m not one of those people who are ‘afraid’ to be alone. I won’t keep someone around who’s doing me wrong just because if I get rid of them I’ll be ‘alone’ and I will still do something that I really want to do even if no one else is down for the cause (trips included) by myself. I like that I am familiar with my self-worth now and live my life whether anyone else is along for the ride or not. I like that I am genuine to myself and others. I like that God has blessed me with internal strength to overcome all that I have and so forth.
I dislike that my mind races 1500mph a second… especially when idle.. it’s never a good thing. Oftentimes I think too much. I dislike that I want to do 15million things right then and there instead of being patient with some of them. I dislike that I try to play superwoman… which is contradictory in a way. I hate that people treat me like superwoman and expect and want me to do this that and the third while doing a thing or thirteen but I treat myself like that… especially when trying to look out for others. I dislike how hard I am on myself. Although it pushes me forward in a way unexplainable, it can be detrimental at times…. It wouldn’t hurt to give myself a pat for something good instead of always looking for improvement but I digress.
There are a few others I could add on each thing.. but those are the main I suppose. I won’t wrap. Just add etc. etc. to each one ;-)

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