Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Personal Post :: I'm back baby.. possibly? maybe?

When the sun goes down... 
it's the magic hour...

I can't believe it's been a full two years plus since I've blogged.  There was a noticeable break prior to.  {Reference - The Struggle :: How work and life interfered with my blogging...}
I was 29 when I wrote that.  My how time flies...

I could say that work stress is responsible for my separation from blogging.  There is no doubt that it played a significant part of sucking the soul out of me to have no desire to look at another computer screen when I clocked out.  However, that wouldn't be completely accurate...  

Honestly though, what did Monica Wright say to Quincy McCall?  Simply put... it just wasn't fun anymore.  The blogging world changed right in front of my eyes.  It transformed to less about the writing into more emphasis on click baits and most times.. lackluster content.  Just to get some traffic.  Old folks'll tell you not to play in traffic.

I, also, found myself disinterested often in what the masses seemed to care about or excessively discuss rather.  The constant gender bickering, $200 dates, fly outs, and so so many other things were like trying to swallow a napkin.  Respectfully, it's not my lane and I just didn't care about those things.  Then again... when have I ever?

There are still amazing sites out there.  Shout out to them!!  Nevertheless, for the sake of what feeling I'm attempting to convey, Molly Lambert said it best.

Pour all of this in a pot and wtf do you got?  Bye bye.  A graceful bow out.  Grand opening.  Grand closing.  It was a great run.  Sayonara.  You get the gist.

I'm here today, contrary to what you may be thinking, not because of COVID cabin fever.  The yearning and undeniably increased thought of "I miss doing Time Warp Tuesdays and Pod Post Thursdays" led me here.  Sharing deep cut amazing music with the masses.  Posting things of interest in general .. connecting with folks.  I miss that.  A sample I came across this evening set off a wildfire within me that I just couldn't ignore.   This was the only way to put it out.   

To all the people who have contacted me over the years with old posts reminiscing or blatantly stating they miss my blogging, I APPRECIATE YOU.

This is for Me.. You... US.  


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr! I'm glad you're back speaking on the real. A lot of people didn't understand when I told them that if I didn't feel it, I wasn't going to write it. That was our pact and we stuck to it. I'm glad the comeback was natural.

    1. Yes! From one blogger to another...an unbreakable pact. Thank you!

  2. ON POINT!!!!!!!! This was a great read!!! *drops flex bombs*

  3. I know i'm a few days late but YOOOOO she's back....

  4. Keep going never. The world wants to hear you

  5. Keep going never. The world wants to hear you