Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video: The Prelude.. Starring Cassie.

Cass always gets love on this side.
The LIFEfiles shared footage of several moments with Cassie.  From promoting for Carol's Daughter... to being in the Studio.  Take a quick glimpse of how she gets down:

Volley Express| Stalley x Scar

…On my Penn State
Cause’ I ain’t tryna play with Boys…

As his 8th release of Songs by Me, Stalley.. , we’re graced with Volley Express.
I absolutely LOVE this one.  It takes me to a place I need to be.  Stal’ is on a roll.  #OnRepeat.

The Science: 366... in a Leap Year..

*updated on 02/29/2024

If no one reminds you, I will... It's a Hov bar for everything.  We've reached another leap year.  One more day to celebrate Black History Month.  One more day added before paying rent.  The extra day can be looked at as a beneficial one from different angles, but there is actually a science behind this.  In simple terms, the Earth technically takes 365.242190 days to orbit the sun.  Therefore, that number is rounded to 366 every four years to account for the time not counted in the 365 calendar year.  It garnered the name 'leap' due to the fact that if your birthday falls on this day, it's skipped or rather 'leaps' to the next day.  The next one occurs 2028.  Make the best of this extra chance!

 Furthermore, to those born on February 29th around the globe… Dolcezza wishes you a
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Video: Druggys With Hoes Again| Schoolboy Q x Ab-Soul

Hennessey on the Rocks..

Q releases another visual from Habits & Contradictions, (something you can actually play ALL the way through).


s.o. to Ash.O

Mixtape: Currensy x Styles P| The 1st 28

Released today. 

Video: Livin| Currensy

A video from Currensy is always a pleasure.
Especially when it’s the track of his “Here” mixtape that samples Amil’s track, Quarrels.  #Fire.

D.U.I. | Teyana Taylor x Fabolous x Jadakiss

I like this one...ALOT. 
Teyana seems like she's ready for that long awaited album now.  Check out DU.I. below:

Video: Rack City Remix| Tyga x Fabolous x Jeezy x T.I. x Meek Mill x Wale

After releasing the single weeks ago, a video is released.  Who's your favorite verse?


Friday, February 24, 2012

Kill the Lights| The Dream x Casha


Oooooh I like this one.  New 'Dream feat. Casha. 

Video: What the Fxck x Cruise Life| Curren$y

Don’t even bother asking..
This for my Jet Lifers…

Spitta applies What the Fxck/Cruise Life from his “Here” mixtape to the raw footage from Mardi Gras this year.  Check it out below:

Side-Commentary:  “Pump your brakes and drive slow homie” went perfect for that dude who got locked up.  He shoulda chilled.

Black History Month: Day 23, 24| Lomax, Lee

Louis Lomax
August 16, 1922- July 30, 1970
Born in Valdosta, Georgia in 1922, Louis Lomax was very educated.  He graduated from Pain College in Augusta, GA in 1942.  From there he received his Master’s at American University (1944) and Ph.D at Yale in 1947.  He was a philosophy professor briefly at Georgia State College in Savannah.  Later he worked as a newspaper reporter for Baltimore Afro-American and Chicago American until 1958. 
 In 1959, along with Mike Wallace, Louis Lomax interviews Malcolm X for a documentary on the Nation of Islam.. The Hate That Hate Produced.  Lomax continued with his writing skills as a freelance magazine journalist and author of books such as The Reluctant African (1960), The Negro Revolt (1962) etc.  From1964- 1968, Lomax hosted a Los Angeles TV show twice a week.  He worked closely on reporting the Civil Right Movement, which resulted in the FBI keeping a close eye on him.

Rebecca Davis Lee Crumpler
1831- 1895
Born free around 1831 in Delaware, Crumpler was raised in Pennsylvania.  In 1852, she lived in Charlestown, Mass. where she worked as a nurse for eight years.  In 1860, she enrolled in the New England Female Medical College, which seemed unusual at the time because many medical schools did not admit African Americans.  Even with that, Crumpler received her medical doctorate.
Crumpler continued to practice medicine in Boston.  In 1865, she moved to Richmond, Virginia to minister to freed people through the Freedmen’s Bureau.  She. Then, returned to Boston in 1869 and practiced medicine from her home on Beacon Hill.  In 1883, she published a medical guide book, Book of Medical Disclosures, which primarily gave advice for women on health care for their families.  Dr. Rebecca Davis Lee Crumpler passed away in 1895.  Her story continues to live on for Dr. Saundra Maass- Robinson & Dr. Patricia Whitley founded the Rebecca Lee Society in 1989, an organization supporting and promoting black women physicians.

Video: One Day at a Time| 2 Chainz x Jadakiss

2 Chainz releases another visual for a track off his mixtape, T.R.U. Religion. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

She Will freestyle| Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse takes their stab at the She Will” track.  For those in the DMV area… Slaughterhouse will be here March 25th @ the Baltimore Soundstage.  I’m in there.. 

President Obama sings another tune...


s.o. to theJasmineBrand

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shot Caller (Remix)| French Montana x Diddy x Rick Ross

I could be her sponsor…

French debuted this yesterday on 106 and park.  This is my shiiiiat.  Oh.. and the video is definitely hot too

Morocco| Wiz Khalifa

Live your life…

I just CAN'T stop listening to this song.  I absolutely love it.   Good Job Wiz..
*sings.. Live your lifeeeee

Lent begins!

I think this year.. I'll still to soda's again and reading a random bible verse every day. 

What are you giving up for Lent? 

Black History Month: Day 22| Katoucha Niane

December 30, 1960- February 2, 2008

Daughter of the writer and historian Djibril Tamsir Niane, Khadija Niane (called Katoucha) was born in Conakry Guinea.  In her adolescent years, Niane lived a hard life.  She was raped by her uncle and became pregnant after having a forced marriage.  From there, she fled to Paris with her daughter to escape.  And that.. she did.
Niane became a model for Thierry Mugler.  She continued on to become on the first top Black models with the likes of Christian Lacroix, Yves St. Laurent etc.  In 1994, she presented her own clothing line at the Escape Cardin in Paris.  In 2006, she went to Dakar and created the annual “Top Ebony model” contest which jumpstarts the career of young African models.  In addition to those accomplishments, Niane started the KPLCE association… Katoucha association against circumcision to stop the horrible tradition of circumcising young females (as she endured at the age of nine) and looking after the victims.  Unfortunately, Niane disappeared early February 2008.  Her body was found later that month in the Seine in Paris.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Midnight Satori| Stalley

I'm losing my religion...

The 7th track release from "Songs by Me, Stalley".  I'm lovin 'em all. 

Video: High Definition| Rick Ross

I could tell you ‘bout the profit...

Another visual from the Rich Forever Mixtape. 

Trailer: Bob Marley Documentary| "Marley"

"Possessions make you rich?  I don't have that type of richness.  My richness is life."
- Bob Marley.

If this is coming to theaters as I've heard...I'll definitely be there. 

s.o. to theLIFEfiles

Video: Rella| Odd Future

Excuse the Swag ..
I'm tryna tone it down like Jenny Craig....

O_O.  I wish ppl could have saw my face while I was watching this.  My expression did not change.. once.  Tyler the Creater.. Hodgy Beats.. and Domo Genesis provide the rather interesting visuals for a single off their OF Tape Vol. 2, due in stores March 20th.

Video: Slight Work| Wale x Big Sean

And I'm blowin  up like bishes we went to school wit....

I caught an immediate stiffy when I saw the Slight Work video dropped.  The vid is Big Sean...It gets no better...  (Directed by. Chris Brown)

Black History Month: Day 21| Barrington Irving

Barrington Irving
November 11, 1983- Present

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Irving grew up in inner-city Miami.  At 15, he met a Jamaican Airline Pilot, Captain Gary Robinson, who motivated him to pursue a career in aviation.  In 2005, he founded a non-profit organization in Miami called Experience Aviation (EA), Inc.  The organization introduced adolescents to career opportunities in the Aviation field.  The following year, he opened the EA Learning center that provided middle & high school students with a “Discover Aviation” after-school program that included career guidance.  On June 27, 2007… Captain Barrington Irving was the youngest person and first black pilot to fly solo around the globe.
During his 97-day journey.. he flew 30,000 miles in a single engine aircraft in which he named Inspiration.  That same summer, the EA center launched a 10-week program entitled Build & Soar, where 60 students constructed a Zenith XL Aircraft.  Irving piloted the test flight of that aircraft in October 2008.  Amongst his accomplishment, Irving was presented the Congressional Resolution to honor his work in the field as well as the Medallion of Excellence form the Florida State Senate in 2007.

SNL Skit on Jay-Z and Beyonce's Baby..Blue Ivy.

Although...the only ppl who actually look like the celebrities {aside from Bon Iver's hair piece} were Beyonce and Prince imitators...I thought the guy did an excellent job on impersonating Hov's voice.  lol.  Take a look below where SNL does a skit on Celebrities stopping by Bey and J's house to welcome their newest addition to the Carter family…  Blue Ivy.  

Black History Month: Day {18, 19} 20

George Carruthers
October 1, 1939- Present

From Cincinnati, Ohio, George Carruthers developed his own telescope by using cardboard tubing and mail-order lenses he bought with money from his delivery boy job at the age of 10.  In 1957, Carruthers graduated from Englewood High School in Chicago, where they relocated after his father passed away.  He entered the engineering program at the University of Illinois’ Champaign-Urbana Campus, receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1961.  Continuing there, he received his masters’ in nuclear engineering in 1962 and PH.D. in aeronautical & astronautical engineering in 1964.  Two years later, he served as a full-time research physicist at the NRL’s E.O. Hurlburt Center for  Space Research.
On November 11, 1969, he was awarded a patent for his “Image Converter for Detecting Electromagnetic Radiation Especially in Short Wave Lengths”.  Carruthers’ UV telescope/image converter provided the first proof of existence of molecular hydrogen in interstellar space during a rocket flight in 1970.  His telescope was used on April 21, 1972, during the first lunar walk of the Apollo 16 mission, where he was awarded NASA’S Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for his work on that project.
In 1991, George Carruthers went on to invent a camera that was used in the Space Shuttle Mission.

No Photo
Sarah Boone
Birth/Death date Unknown

Invented the “Ironing Board”  She received a patent on April 26, 1982 for the invention that helped neatly iron clothing.  It was made of a narrow wooden board with collapsible legs, and a padded cover, specifically designed for the fitted clothing they wore during that time.

John Lee Love
September 26, 1889- December 26, 1931

From Mecklenburg County, North Carolina… citizen of Fall River, Massachusetts, John Lee Love invented the portable pencil sharpener; one designed to contain the shavings inside the sharpener.  He reported that his pencil sharpener could also be used as a desk ornament or paper weight.  John Lee Love’s pencil sharpener was patented on November 23, 1985.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Black History Month: Day 17| John B. Christian

I can't find a picture of the brother or any other personal information to save my life :(  If you know a place where I can, let me know and I'll update it. 

In 1970, Working as an Air Force, Materials Research, Engineer, John B. Christian invented and patented new lubricants to be used in high flying aircrafts & NASA Space Missions.  Most were used in helicopter fuel lines, astronaut’s back-pack life support systems, and in the four wheel drive of the “Moon Buggy”.  He went on to patent four total between 1970- 1984. 

Kings & Queens| Tyga x Wale x Nas

So that make you a queen..
Surviving anything…

Another track from Careless World:  Rise of the Last King.
This joint too smooth..

My Favorite Song| Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J

Spendin money...

A new joint from Wiz’s upcoming mixtape
Taylor Allderice. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

87 Regal| Stalley

In continuance of his  Songs by Me, Stalley’ saga, Stal’ drops a new one today. 
 This boi is GRINDING.

s.o. to AshO

Pod Post Thursdays: Neighborhood Hoes | Freddie Gibbs x 2 Chainz


The Jodeci sample is killa.  Press Play. 

Video: A Day in the Life.... w/ A$ap

If you thought I fxkced with Asap (Rocky)  before…I eff wit him even harder after I went to his show. Shorty cool as shxt. 

Take a look at the footage below where the A$AP mob goes from interview to interview.. spittin rhymes.. and ending a night with a performance.  That’s tight Rock’ lets’ his homeboi’ s shine too.

Black History Month: Day 15 & 16| Ashley, Bluford

Maurice Ashley
March 6, 1966- Present

Born in St.Andrew, ,Jamaica, Ashley & his family moved to Brooklyn, New York when he was 12.  He graduated from College of the City of New York, representing the school intercollegiate team competition.  In 1991, he was the coach of the Raging Rooks (Junior High 43) of Harlem, winners of the National J.H.S. Championship, and also the Dark Knights of Harlem, who were two time National Champions of 1994 and 1995 in the Junior Varsity Division.  Under his direction, they continued on to win six more championships. 
In 1999, he became the first black to attain the title of International Grandmaster of Chess.  In 2003, Ashley was named Grandmaster of the Year by the U.S. Chess Federation. 

Guion Bluford
Nov.22, 1942- Present

A native from Philly, Bluford attended Overbrook High School and graduated in 1960.  In 1964, he received his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Penn. State University.  After, he attended flight school where he received his “wings” in 1966.  Bluford was assigned to the 557th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, where he flew 144 combat missions.  65 of those were over Vietnam.  Once the missions in ‘Nam were complete, he returned to the U.S. serving as a flight instructor for 5 years at the Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas.
Later, Guion Bluford decided to return to school.  He received a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1974, followed by a doctorate of philosophy in aerospace engineering with a minor in laser physics from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1978. 
In the same year, he was informed that he was included in the 35 astronaut candidates selected out of over 10,000.  He entered the astronaut program and became an astronaut in 1979.  His first mission was STS-8 aboard the space shuttle challenger that launched from Kennedy Space Center on Aug. 30, 1983.  Bluford was the first African-American astronaut in Space. 
He continued pursuing his education career receiving a master’s in business administration from the University of Houston in 1987.  In 1993, Bluford retired from NASA and the Air Force.  Presently, he serves as vice president and general manager of the Science and Engineering Group, Aerospace Sector of Federal Data Corporation in Maryland.

Video: In this Thang| Tyga

You know the motto…
Fuck you boi..
Pay me.

From his current mixtape… Bitch I’m the Shxt.

Photo- a - Day challenge| Day 14, 15

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a great one loves! 


Can't wait to get home...
And make love to this song...

♥ ♥ ♥

Video: King of Hearts| Cassie

You are the Prince of Charm...
Seduction is your art...

Cas' kept her promise and released King of Hearts today!  I have been waiting for this track/video to drop in its entirety since she released a sneak peek last month.  I'm far from disappointed.  This video is super sexy.  :-)

Big Sean makes the top 10 on MTVs Hottest MCs List

I do it...

My love makes the cut for MTV's Hottest MCs list.  I'm proud of him.  He's making his mark in the game, not showing any signs of bowing out..  Boi!

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