Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PLAY| Goapele

This song makes me feel like I'm up to no good.  So seductive.  I'm on it... #crankage.
I'm ready to play.....

Wake Me When It's Over... the DREAM

As much as I dislike dude for doing any and everything in the public eye moments after his divorce with Christina Milian was announced and baby was born (might i add that wasn't too long ago prior to that)..displaying complete and UTTER disrespect smh.. I read his interview in the current issue of VIBE magazine and kind of backed down some (with being harsh that is on him). 

"...But what's wrong with a public break up is that they never really know the truth.  And I won't be the person who says it.  I'm not going to be that type..."

I respect him for that.  I could relate ridiculously.
Side-Commentary:  It made me think of myself with a few things in particular.  So many ppl THINK they know the deal and you have said what you said to people.. but..  I haven't spoke on anything.  I could be the one to not front and say the REAL reason things turned out the way they did.. but as he says.. "I'm not that type".  I'm just not.  That could go from a relationship... or friendships that turned sour in my life.  It's not directed to anything in particular..... *side eye to myself. 

The DREAM, also, spoke on contemplating suicide, which I found to be a great read as well as points for him.  It's good to have people in the public eye admit they are STILL human at the end of the day and go through mental breakdowns sometimes just like us "non public eye" ppl.

"You have so many things rushing through your mind and I was trying to figure out how to make it stop...."

It takes much courage to openly admit something like that.  Truth. 

Stop with the excuses
I hate procrastination
You never had no one like me
Well why you so complacent??

I rock with this song... HARD.  #Therapy  
To read more of the VIBE interview... visit theJasmineBrand
I love the way you smell.. but you always on some bullshit..

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays...

Where is the turn so I can get back to what I believe in?
Back to the old me and....
{I.E.}  It’s okay sometimes to recognize your flaws as a person  It’s okay to admit sometimes… hey the reason why I have a wall up is because I’ve been HURT.

It’s okay to cry sometimes.  It’s okay to have feelings and be human sometimes.  It’s okay to know & realize these things and pray for a better you.  It’s okay. 

Stay strong loves.  Don’t get discouraged.

God, please hear my call.
I am afraid for me.
Love has burned me raw
I need your healing

I am such a fool
How did I get here?
Played by all the rules
Then they changed
I am but a child to your vision
Standing in the cold and the rain
Lost here in the dark
I can't see my foot to take a step
What is happening?
Oh, this hurts so bad. I can hardly breathe.
I just want to leave so...

God please hear my call.
I am afraid.
Love has turned me

I need your healing.
Please, please, please, please, please, please.

Side-commentary:  I’m an extremely private person for the most part.  However.. I will say I can barely get through the entire song (let alone this video) without all the feelings and emotions that I suppress day to day from emerging to my heart and mind all at once.  Intense for reasons not disclosed this is where the private part of me kicks back in

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quiet now?? Kreayshawn edition... Again.

This cracked me up.  As i spoke on this matter in previous posts ... I knew it was only a matter of time before it was confronted.  Not like this though.  A few members of both parties' "entourage" exchanged words.  Ross expression is PRICELESS lol. 

She tried to play like she wasn't bothered by it .. but you can tell.  It KILLS me how ppl who have the most to say about shxt use the "It's not that serious" excuse when confronted. 

Peep the vid:

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

S.o to NecoleBitchie

Great Day in History... The Birth of Linda Diane

All hail Queen Lin'!  :-)

Ahhhhh I love this woman.  She is my little puddin pop :-)
I have compiled a little playlist of my songs about you LOL :-)  Enjoy!



Monday, August 29, 2011

Dell & Intel presents.. Theophilus London

Austin, TX
Dell & Intel concert series... "Special Engagements"

Damn I wish I was there or to see him live period.  I love dude's music. 

S.O. to HERfection

Happy Birthday MJ!

I could NEVER forget MJ... and definitely not his Birthday! He was literally born one day before my Mom. Same year and all.

This is so bittersweet... his music will forever be LEGENDARY.. I only wish he was still here to enjoy it :( 

On a brighter note however...

Happy Birthday MJ!  We're down here celebrating for you!  You are GREATLY missed.
*cues music...

I tried my hardest to embed the entire playlist because attempting to display all of MJs hits individually would take forever!  As you can didn't work lol.  Here's the link to it:  Enjoy!  I've had it in rotation ALL day. 

Cassie hits the Big 2-5

Ugh... I was just reminded.... my big 2-5 is RIGHT around the corner o_o sheesh.

How could I forget to post for my babe's birthday (8/26).

Happy Belated Birthday Cassie!!
  I hope you had a great one :-)


Damn Yeezy and Hov... VMA edition

Just in case you missed it... Here's Hov & Ye's performance from last night. I was walking out to the kitchen and heard the beginning of OTIS. I literally Gasped smh :0! Jaw dropped and ran back to the tv. From there on out.. I acted a complete fool.. Just like this lol.

I can't wait until Nov.3rd. It is going to be a probllllemmmmm

Motivation Mondays..

Ya’ll … borin’ me.. you never gon’ change…
Oh please.. join a sorority.. go step ur game up…
And I'm the coach doing your reprimanding..
I got a team to run, boy respect my standards...

I got a problem w/ …. Speaking gossip
Talkin bout what you know.. NOTHING..and it’s nonsense

Ahh.. it's too many miserable.... can't find their own lane... wanna drag you down to their level.. people walking around.  If you pay close attention... most of them are some of the people you associate yourself with regularly.  Don't allow that to happen.  You're off to new heights.  No problem with continuing to associate with them well some of them  but NEVER let that roll over to hinderance to YOUR plane. 

Enjoying life and the journey. 
Can't stop... won't stop... (i'm lovin it)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Brother Martin....Our Brother Emmitt...

RIP Emmitt Till.  He was killed on this day 42 years ago.. at the tender age of 14 for whistling at white woman.  The picture of his body after he was found still gives me chills and makes me nauseous to this day.  It's so horrifying.  His story will NEVER be forgotten. 

On this day in 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his remarkable "I have a dream" speech, here in Washington.  It was only right... we visited the memorial.. on this day. 

#FunFact  The MLK Memorial appears to be located @ 1964 Independence Ave.  1964- The year the Civil Rights Act was passed :)

Our "March to Martin"..... that's what I like to call it.  We definitely parked like 4 miles away...

"Sweet King Martin!"
Frontin like she don't wanna take a picture.. she love the camera lol 

Had to bring my keepsake from home to catch this shot...
Caught off guard lol

A extraordinary longgg wall of his quotes.  I LOVE it. 

Giving my best face of "despair" lls
After that AMAZING experience... we ended up on this carraige ride thingy...She shows me the sights although I'm from here.  lol.  It's always adventurous.  I love it
And we're off!
He started peddling fast tryna race this other one.... smh
Out of control! 
Ok.. i've had enough of his shennanigans.  *Sam Beaureguard voice from wonka... I WANT OFF!
We made it safely. Celebration dance.

I'm so glad I didn't cry.  I always get emotional with stuff like this.  Tears of joy.