Monday, August 15, 2011

{Personal Post} Photos :: Funhouse weekend

Masterpiece in the Making
Pool party trashed after the storm lls
Are you ready for some football!??

We won :-)
Roadtrip!  Traffic sucks
Pie face and I snapping pics.  Her boo in the back paying us no mind.  Traffic was terrible
4 hrs later... we arrived Lol
It's only right to blow kisses to babe's relative
Seduction on the left for the distraction for me to eat pizza on the right...
Funnel cake!
My trusted friend domo!! 
Here starts the bungee jumping adventure of Pie's boo...
We declined LOL and took pics on the outside

The grizzly was tryna rumble.  #SquareUp (My tan all crazy smh)
Ok ok... I was only kidding lol
The grizzly forgave lmao
The Volcano.  My face was priceless lol #NoExpression
More funnel cake.  And this time.. a shrimp basket too.. mmmm
Au Revoir! 


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