Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Brother Martin....Our Brother Emmitt...

RIP Emmitt Till.  He was killed on this day 42 years ago.. at the tender age of 14 for whistling at white woman.  The picture of his body after he was found still gives me chills and makes me nauseous to this day.  It's so horrifying.  His story will NEVER be forgotten. 

On this day in 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his remarkable "I have a dream" speech, here in Washington.  It was only right... we visited the memorial.. on this day. 

#FunFact  The MLK Memorial appears to be located @ 1964 Independence Ave.  1964- The year the Civil Rights Act was passed :)

Our "March to Martin"..... that's what I like to call it.  We definitely parked like 4 miles away...

"Sweet King Martin!"
Frontin like she don't wanna take a picture.. she love the camera lol 

Had to bring my keepsake from home to catch this shot...
Caught off guard lol

A extraordinary longgg wall of his quotes.  I LOVE it. 

Giving my best face of "despair" lls
After that AMAZING experience... we ended up on this carraige ride thingy...She shows me the sights although I'm from here.  lol.  It's always adventurous.  I love it
And we're off!
He started peddling fast tryna race this other one.... smh
Out of control! 
Ok.. i've had enough of his shennanigans.  *Sam Beaureguard voice from wonka... I WANT OFF!
We made it safely. Celebration dance.

I'm so glad I didn't cry.  I always get emotional with stuff like this.  Tears of joy. 

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