Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Years Later...We remember Aaliyah

This is such a sensitive subject for me..especially dealing with Death.  I remember it was 2001... posted all over ... at the wee- hours of the morning.  I thought it was a rumor.  THEN... it was on the news sites.  My mom told me to get off the phone!  (because it was so late).. but I just looked at her and said "aaliyah died".  She didn't respond.  That meant... there was an understanding.

The next day... it hit me.  Songs all over the place... movies... videos.. pictures.  It hit me.  Then  became REALLY sad.  So sad that when I rode with my brother to take his girlfriend at the time home and they were playing her last cd.. i looked out the window and started boo hoo-ing.. but tears flowing heavily.  I never took death lightly (with anybody) and I've always had my reasons.
As soon as we watch Aaliyah reach her prime in her career.... hit records back to back... new album.. movie roles...even the point of defining herself as a woman... it was all cut short :'(

I decided to post this vid, instead of her music, because I think this displays the more personal side of Aaliyah as well as artistic.  Unfortunately... there has never been a tribute to her (that i've seen) on any award show (i.e).. but I don't think there needs to be.  This was the best one yet.  Her live footage. 
I get all emotional watching smh...

Gone too soon.... RIP Aaliyah..

I didn't wanna end on a sad note... so let's celebrate Aaliyah's life.  Although, she was only on the chorus for this song.. the feeling is still the same. #classic.   

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