Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sit Down and Let Me Learn You Somethin :: The Organized Noize Documentary recap - "The Art of Organized Noize" #HipHopDocs

I didn’t want to post about this until I actually watched it, and I finally did last week.
Producers. Pioneers. Legends. Organized Noize- comprised of Rico Wade x Ray Murray x Sleepy Brown.  The documentary taps into their early beginnings of The Dungeon (Family)… ‘finding’ Outkast and ‘creating’ the Goodie Mob etc.  The moment that changed it all- a deal with Laface (yep, Pebbles appears in this).  Rising to the top becoming one of the most requested groups to work with.  Did ya’ll know they are responsible for ‘Waterfalls’/TLC and ‘Don’t Let Go’/En Vogue????? DOG.

With fame and money, came the fun and smiles, but with every joy… there is pain.  The group they ‘put on’ and had always worked with from the very beginning… Outkast.. decided not to work with them on their ‘Speakerrboxx/Love Below’ album.  This one album turned out to be Outkast’ most successful that went on to go diamond AND win a grammy for Album of the Year.  You’ll find that Rico Wade is UPSET about that still… and that they/Organized Noize didn’t even get a thank you in the speech for their success.  In the middle of this story, Jimmy Iovine appears.  You know what happens when Jimmy’s involved…

With depression from success disintegrating, comes the welcome wagon for the vices to band-aid the pain.  In their cases (with the exception of Ray) .. DRUGS.  HEAVY.  Organized Noize remained slightly behind the scenes, but did want the credit they deserved (including Ray Murray who was a low key mastermind) as they rightfully should have- including monetary compensation.  The battle of trying to remain humble in an ego driven industry was put to the test. 

Yet and still.. their stamp will ALWAYS remain in the hip-hop legend stories .  I mean after all… they made Cell Therapy… and I STILL say for years now… that is in the top 10 of hip-hop beats ever made.  #DontDebateMeOnThis.

If you have not seen it… here’s the trailer below to give you a little taste.  If you’re into music/hip-hop.. watch it.  It’s on Netflix now.

My personal comments (out of order in appearance of the film):

1. I wish they let Cool Breeze ‘Watch For the Hook” ride. I found myself rapping the words acapella while they mentioned it.. Specifically Gipp verse.. it was stuck in my head .. I had to execute.

2. I didn’t know about Tionne’s (T-Boz) involvement with the discovery of Outkast. I thought it was cool that with TLC success first.. she stayed cool with O.N. and worked with them at the drop of a call.

3. When he played those beginning keys of En Vogue’s ‘Don’t Let’ Go’. LORDT. *slides off couch.

4. Due to the heavy accents and fast talking (particularly with Rico Wade) , on certain parts I was like ???? Then I put on the captions… they ain’t know either lol.

5. I’ve never seen ANYone .. pull a black the way Ray Murray did. I was lowkey.. amazed.

6. No lie, one day years years ago (teenager).. I was listening to ‘Saturday’/Ludacris off the random.. but that particular day I was paying more attention to the beat than usual. I couldn’t tell you why. It was at that moment though.. I realized the production goes more than it gets credit for.

7. It goes to show.. when egos take over.. destruction can happen to a beautiful thing. Speaking of beautiful, my favorite part or quote from the doc… is when Ray describes why music was so great back in the day and songs were like 14 minutes long. “3 minutes in.. they just getting into it.. and then.. THE SHIT GETS BEAUTIFUL”.

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