Tuesday, April 26, 2016

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: No Kings Collective Pop-up Shop #BeastsOfEngland Animal Farm event

Last month, I checked out The Beasts of England pop up shop event held at Lab 1270 via #NoKingsDC. They are noted for their creative presentations, in which I’ll stamp. The ones I’ve seen, personally, are dope as hell; including this one. This installation is by artist and #NoKingsCollective co-founder Brandon Hill in a modern day interpretation of George Orwell’s classic tale, Animal Farm.

Passenger seat x Little Hen x N.E.R.D.
Fashion.  Turn to the Left.  Fashion.  Turn to the right. 
Art vending machine.

Merch.  Super cordial Tiffany on the left.  We started a conversation and smiles quickly just off the strength of that :)
TV in the barnyard
I'mmmmm gonnna swinnng.  From the chandelierrrr....
The folks I knew, kickin it.
Jameson 'shot' 1.
Henn x Jame aftermath.
"Aiyo.. Don't move!!" *snaps photo.
Val's bomber = Jiggy.
No ___ allowed.



Also, check out the #BeastofEngland hashtag on IG.  Attenders took some really good photos!

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  1. You always visit the dope places and get great shots of the events.