Friday, April 15, 2016

{Epic Video} :: Remembering the 72-10 Chicago Bulls from the 1995/96 Season

**UPDATE from original 04/11/2016 post- The Warriors beat the record!

The 1995/96 Chicago Bulls maintained and created NBA history of finishing a season with a 72-10 record.  With a current season of 72-9 (next game April 13th), the Golden State Warriors are aiming to break that all time record.  The tensions are high!  We shall see!

Lately, social media has flooded with exhausting comparisons of both teams and even comparisons of Steph Curry to Michael Jordan (which I loathe).  Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who did not grow up as a Jordan 'fan'.. but rather the apple in my eye was Penny Hardaway.  
My brother, on the other hand, is indeed the biggest Jordan fan that I know.  For years, even when I just wanted to see Penny solely (or Rod Strickland lol)... I had to hear stats.. watch games.. and know damn near Jordan's every. single. move. on the court(s)/field(s) and off... even including seeing all of his sneakers.  Over time, I learned to appreciate his legacy...
With that being said, I wanted to make it clear I'm not what you would call a Jordan 'advocate' and yet and still the comparisons of the two players (Curry and Jordan) are agitating..equally to those of Kobe and Jordan.  On top of that, the comparison of the Warriors squad now to the inimitable magic that the 1995/96 Bulls transcended is a bigger eye roll.  
What's with the paralleling of every single thing nowadays?  Let the legendary stay legendary.  Let those up and coming solidifying their own spot in history... do just that.  It's enough room in the 'greats' world for everyone to have a lane.  QUIT with the comparisons.  Please and Thank You.  

Now... *ahem.. back to the matter at hand.  In lieu of all the frenzy, NBA has released a 5 minute highlight reel, in which they have labeled a 'mixtape', that captures the greatest moments of the team completely dominating the league that year.  Take a trip down memory lane......

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