Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shawty Lo.. "All My Baby Mamas".. a Positive Show??

Over the past few weeks, there has been promotion of rapper Shawty Lo’s new reality show “All my Baby Mamas” where Lo has 10 baby mamas (11 now for his current girlfriend is pregnant) and so far 11 children.  It received mixed reviews as folks loveee reality TV; some couldn’t wait for it to air, others were pissed.  There was a big hoo-rah about the show demeaning black ppl.  If you don’t want to see it.. then don’t watch it.  Plain and simple. 

  I don’t understand how when there are dozens of reality shows full of nonsense, that feature black cast members, in which people tune into DAILY.  But was his show really about fxckery?  I admit.. that’s what I thought at first (just by hearing about it) but I never looked at what Lo could have been trying to relay positively until I saw his interview.  He makes a good point.  He has 11 kids and takes care of ALL of them.  He’s an active figure in their lives.  I know some ppl who are an only child and can say their “father” has never been “around”.   So what’s wrong with him being in his kids’ lives?  That could encourage any young man who has multiple kids, being a deadbeat, to step up to the plate.  Hip Hop/Reality TV just has that type of influence…
   It seems the show will never air due to a petition, which allegedly received over $40,000 signatures, against the show.  Now… another thing I don’t understand is how shows like “The Best Funeral Ever”, which focuses on the most outrageous funerals and the mourning of their families, can air (another show that features mostly a black cast) but ppl have a problem with him trying to air this?  Idk.  Ppl are so fickle nowadays with their “standards” of what fxckery is “ok”.  I don’t agree reality TV makes “us” look bad because it’s some people’s lives.  By that I mean.. how many ppl do you know that have lives related more to the women on “Love and Hip Hop” than that of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”?.  Mentioning two completely different shows alone shows that ALL black people are not the same and ONE show does not depict ALL of us.  Does “Duck Dynasty” depict ALL white ppl?  No.  Do you think that White ppl have a problem with it airing because it makes them all look like “rednecks”? No.  We shouldn’t look at our shows like that either.  I guess we care that much what “others” will think; the same others who will have their opinions about us anyway no matter what show we put out.  What I, also, want to point out is folks complain about these shows, but when there is a positive black show on air (i.e. Reed between the Lines,  Mary Mary, Tyler Perry’s ..Are We There Yet?)… they don’t get any recognition by most of “us”.. but we get mad if “they” don’t.  Just thought I’d point a few things out.  Check yourselves ppl. 

Anywho .. aside from my rant… peep the interview below on Shawty Lo’s thoughts about them cancelling the show. 

Watch the video at THEJASMINEBRAND

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