Wednesday, January 16, 2013

8 Years....Tony.

..I can float I can fly us to the highest
..Mountain top I can breathe you
..I can drink in your laugh
..I can live on your smile I can trip

..I can stare
..I can memorize your face, your hands, your hair
..I can speak to you so honestly I can’t even run any game
..I can hear a million angels singing in my ears when I say your name..

Time doesn’t heal all wounds.. may make it a little easier.. but definitely not fully healed.  Every year on this day I’m reminded of the dreadful events play by play where you left and it STILL hurts like hell.  I guess the Lord needed you home with him rather than stay here with us hoodlums lls. 
I had a dream about you the other night.  You didn’t show up in it as you’ve done before... but you sent a message through someone in there and a photo that I’ll never forget.  I’m sure you know I think about you almost every day.. and miss you to the umpteenth power for many reasons I won’t disclose, but I appreciate the message.  It brought a pain.. but on a positive side brought some form of solace.
You bought the Bravebird album just for this song.  You literally would play that song only and take the cd out to put in another one lol.  You loved it.  I did too.  The lyrics mean so much to me now.  It’s crazy how things you took for granted hold a special place with you later, like this song.  It describes my feeling of you… your spirit.  Gosh I miss you.  I’ll cut this before I get emotional.  Tell my grandmother I said Hello and I miss her too.  Xoxo. 


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