Friday, May 30, 2014

Video : Simple Things | Miguel

I just want someone...

From my original post of this track in early February, nothing has changed. My sentiments of it are still the same. Fast forward to present day, Miguel serves up sexiness in a plain black and white visual of 'love' to accompany this sweet serenade. The soundtrack of HBO series Girls titled Girls, Vol 2 : All Adventurous Women Do, is in stores now. Watch below::

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Looking for You | Justin Bieber x Migos

My bish is so gorgeous
I might pay her mortgage...

I’ve been on the Migos hard these past couple months .. and well Justin has been putting out some hot music too through that time (as you can tell by the numerous posts up here). I never would’ve imagined this collab but somehow it ‘works’. I know these bass hints throughout will surely put the woofers to work. Listen below::

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mixtape : 28 Grams | Wiz Khalifa

Wiz dropped this new tape over the Holiday weekend (after he got locked up for marijuana possession #theirony). I didn't want to post it up until I gave it a full listen. Now that all the fun is over and it's back to reality (i.e. work), I was able to listen from start to finish and must say 28grams rocks. I have quite a few personals on here, including 'The Rain'. #TrapWizBack ... #ForMixtapesOnlyTho ... #StopReadingTheHashtagsAndPressPlay .. jk. lol. Give it a spin below::

Money Can't Buy | Ne-Yo x Young Jeezy

Baby you got everything
money just can't buy...

Ne-Yo serves up a new single from his upcoming 6th studio album, Non Fiction. I'm digging this one.
Listen below::

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s.o. to Atrilli

Video : Mandela | CyHi the Prynce

...ask why I got this fully loaded piece with me
I say, Officer, I'm just tryna make it home peacefully...

CyHi releases his fourth visual to one of my favorite tracks from the BlackHystoriProject.  
Watch below::

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Stigmata | Ab-Soul x Action Bronson x Asaad

My crown been made
I just had to put it on...

Soulo borrows Nas' 'The Cross' chorus for his latest offering featuring Action Bronson and Asaad.  A rider for sure.  Stimulate yo mind man.  Press play::  

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Adam Levine and Usher cover D'Angelo's "How Does it Feel?" Live

The perfect description of my reaction to this from reading the headline to the opening note: Ya’ll remember that scene on ‘The Five Heartbeats’ where they were performing ‘A House for Love’ and that girl was in the front looking so non entertained… then Eddie Kane Jr. came through with that “builllllddddd it up!!!!” and her face changed...

LOL I wish ya’ll could have witnessed it. Whenever I have that same exact reaction to things.. I have to share with folks lol. Anyway... they did a great job. Watch below::

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Aiight | Gunplay x Rick Ross

Although I had a chance to listen, I didn't have a chance to post this yesterday. Posting now. This is actually (inserts track title here). Listen below::
"You nxghas know my muhfxckin pedigree..."

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Video : Hoover Street | Schoolboy Q

Every last one of us had
a pistol in the room nxgha.

Q gives a play by play (literally) of storytelling in his 5th visual from Oxymoron, "Hoover Street".
Check it out::

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Video : Double Bubble Trouble | M.I.A. x The Partysquad

Is this in the story
that nobody read??...

When M.I.A drops a visual, dopeness is always delivered.
Here's a new one from her latest album, Matangi.

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Video : Who Do You Love (Remix) | Fabolous

...What's the first thing she do once she get outta "jail"?
Get a real nxgga like me on the cell...

While in London, Fab shoots a video for his cover of YG's current banger.. "Who Do You Love?". Ripped per usual. Watch below::
"He be in yo comments... heart faced emoji" LOL.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Razor Freestyle (Bad Guy) | Wale

My reaction when I pressed play on this record... smh. I grew up on wrestling (my name was "Tiffy Fly Snuka" for the longest) and recognizing what this beat was immediately.. Oh my. I mean even with the artwork.. I was never expecting him to do THIS. In conjunction with the word play, I label it insane. I'll have to revisit this post again and retype the body like I have some sense lol. Pardon my excitement... childhood memories resurfaced like a muhfugga. Listen to Folarin's new one below::
"Big Bodies call em Kamala..."

Lauren London the face of Capricorn's new clothing line.. "Owners"

nE pLUS uLTRA- The highest point of excellence, achievement.
The most profound degree as a condition or quality

Ms. Capricorn Clark. I've been following her career from about 2008..2009 since I first saw her appear on VH1s 'I want to work for Diddy' and am excited to see the avenues she's traveled. Most recently, Capricorn has launched a new clothing line called 'Owners'. For the leading face of the brand, she chose none other than her close friend, Lauren London. "She’s been a long time muse and moreover a very close friend that inspires me on a constant basis…"

Lifefiles: How did you come up with the name?
CC: The name really came from me being inspired by my amazing family and friends that are really just a group of overachievers. Im blessed to know the hydrants. The sources for the culture, in many ways. At the same time, I grew up in awe of the aura and talent of the Kate Mosses, the Angela Davis’, the Steve Jobs of the world, the list is really endless. People whom without a doubt are outliers and driven. Owners, simply put. They own every idea, thought, dream in a way that I haven’t seen in mere mortals. (laughs) The brand statement Ne Plus Ultra really sums up the idea behind the brand...

The quantities are limited for items, according to Capricorn, to uphold the brand value. However, you can order online at TheOwnersOwn and receive pricing for the items upon request. "The quantities are limited as to uphold the brand values, ordering is available online at THEOWNERSOWN and pricing is available upon request. The Carrie Bradshaw lace dress will be available in the Jacquie Aiche showroom for stylists and industry and for consumers at Passport PHC at 310 N. Stanley in Los Angeles in June."
To read the full interview, visit the LIFEFILES

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Motivation Mondays...

"We cannot think of being acceptable to others
until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves"

WISE words spoken from brother Malcolm X.
Happy 89th. R.I.P

Video : Understand | The Roots

Or to a new hell with a wi-fi connection
So I can pay for my sins on pay pal...

The Roots release a video for ‘Understand’ from their upcoming album, And then you shoot your cousin.., which hits stores tomorrow. The irony of the title is this creative craftsmanship of an inimitable animated story line with a back drop of these lyrics.. something most people won't “understand”. DEEP in all capital letters. Check it out:

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cinematic Trailer : "Run" | Jay-Z x Beyonce

...Toast to cliches in a dark past...

While gearing up for their joint 'On the Run' tour, power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce drop a cinematic trailer over night that has fans going into a frenzy

This 3 minute plus trailer stars not only Jay and Bey, but a few of the best : Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Kidada Jones, Guillermo Diaz, Sean Penn and more.  The direction of the story line is so intriguing, you'll watch from start to finish... which ends with the surprise release date.  Check it out after the jump::

Thursday, May 15, 2014

D'usse | Lil Wayne (Prod. by. DJ Nasty)

After teasing everyone with a extremely brief snippet on yesterday's vlog, Weezy Wednesdays, the full song is here...  The highly anticipated 'D'usse' has arrived.  Many expected Jay-Z to be featured as a 'squashed beef' song since Wayne borrows the name of Hov's cognac for this track title, but no Mr. Carter here.... well at least not Shawn Carter.  Still a hot track and a squashed quarrel in my book with Wayne's shout out to him in the beginning.  Listen below::

Time Warp... 2001 : Dance For Me | Sisqo

Circa 2001.
I laughed so hard watching this now as an adult lol. Through the laughing, it immediately brought back memories of that summer in Park Glen when it dropped. Too much to type on that but it was definitely a good summer.
Take away this nut visual lol and you still have a bomb record. One of the best songs on that album.
Sn: I still remember my dance to this lol smh.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Video : Dipsh*ts | Cam'ron x Juelz Santana x A-Trak

What you doin after this?
Bish, I'm leavin...

"I know you missed this!"
Words can not express my reaction. Watch the video premiere of a track from the upcoming Federal Reserve EP (Fool's Gold / Poppington / Dipset):

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Video : Love Never Felt So Good | Michael Jackson x Justin Timberlake

I posted this track the other week and it was removed after a few hours, which was weird since it started receiving radio play at that moment. The visual is now here! Dancing, old clips, smiles, and a good ol' time. Watch below::
Personally, it made me a little sad :-/. Real MJ fans will understand.

It's Over With | Currensy x Le$ (Prod. by. Cardo)

On some playa shxt..
If I smoke wit yo bxtch, it’s over wit…

Reiterated for the hundredth time, Spitta is the coolest nxgga alive. It's no debating this. Listen to his latest record with newest lifer, Le$, below::
"I was born cold..."

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'Time is Illmatic' Hits Theaters in October

Written by. Eric Parker, the film of the 1994 Illmatic creation that made its' debut at the Tribeca Film Festival is now coming to theaters! Tribeca announced that they've obtained North American rights to release the One9 directed film in theaters and VideoOnDemand in October of this year. In addition, it was mentioned that there are plans to have Nas perform live in select cities during that time. Only slight info was released today, but I'll most definitely keep you guys posted with updates.

"I want to thank Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and the Tribeca Film family for all of the love & support they've given Time Is Illmatic. It is an honor to be in partnership with them. I feel there is a cultural kinship bonded by the city of New York"– Nas

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Author Jordan Ferguson speaks on new book 'J Dilla Donuts'

Image via HypeTrak
Earlier this year on April 24th, author Jordan Ferguson released his new book “J. Dilla’s Donuts”; an examination of J Dilla’s final album (Donuts) before passing three days after his 32nd birthday. The 130-page book of Bloomsbury Publishing’s ‘33 1/3’ series, contains research of theories about death and the role they play in the ‘Donuts’ album, why he chose particular samples and more, as well as, a sound biography of J Dilla.
Life + Times was able to catch up with Ferguson to discuss. Read an excerpt below::

At this point, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it. People ask me am I sick of it and the funny thing is, I’m not. If anything, I love it more now than I did when I started the book, and this is after probably hundreds of listens. I still think it’s a genius work made more so by the fact of the conditions in which it was created, and if it adds to your appreciation that’s fantastic. That’s all I wanted out of this project: to do right by him, and give back a little bit of the enjoyment that he has brought to my life.” – Ferguson

Tyler, the Creator covers 'Daisy Bell (Bicycle for Two)' for Mark Ryden

Pop culture art painter Mark Ryden (Album covers- Tyler “Wolf”, Michael Jackson “Dangerous”, Red Hot Chilli Peppers “One Hot Minute” etc.) worked with Tyler, the Creator, Katy Perry, Mark Mothersbaugh, Nick Cave etc. for a limited edition record where each artist would cover their rendition of the same song. The song of choice? 1892's ‘Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)'.

The covers record is titled ‘The Gay Nineties - Olde Tyme Music' in conjunction with Ryden’s latest exhibit ‘The Gay Nineties West', which debuted at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles on May 3rd. The record, limited to only 999 copies, is hand numbered and signed by Ryden himself. Half of the records were sold at the May 3rd exhibit, the other half will be sold on his website starting tomorrow. At $99.99 a piece, the proceeds will go to Little Kids Rock, a non profit that supports musical education in disadvantaged elementary schools.

I wish you guys could have seen the face I made at Mark Mothersbaugh version O__+. Lol. Katy’s vocals were great on her version. Nick Cave’s version made me think of a scene from the movie ‘Hanna’. Unless you’re into dolls or that kind of thing, you’ll find all the videos for the covers to be el creeperton. You can watch/hear the rest of the videos/versions HERE. Catch Tyler’s version below::

Mixtape : Faces | Mac Miller

With all the promotion for this up until it dropped Mother's Day, I was hoping it would be as good as the hype. To my surprise, it's even better. I've been rocking with Mac for a while, and I can honestly say... this may be his best piece of work {my favorite} collectively. Not only sincerely ill from start to finish, but the genuine and impenitent content in his lyrics and various waves of music styles of production (Jazzy x Hip Hop x Nostalgic all rolled in one) make this 24- track tape pleasing to the ear drums. Featuring the likes of Mike Jones, Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy Q, Sir Michael Rocks, Ab-Soul, Rick Ross, Vince Staples and more, give this one a few spins below::

Amazing Celebrity Pizza Portraits featuring Jay-Z x President Obama x Rihanna and More...

Nope, it's not an illusion. You are really looking at hand crafted cheese and sauce. Bella Napoli owner, Domenico Crolla, does an incredible job with handcrafted pizza art. The Italian chef has recreated famous artworks and celebrity portraits of Mona Lisa, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Arnold Scwarzenegger, and more. BRA-VO. In addition to the art work above, check out a few below::
Sn: These are so cool. I had the urge for pizza INSTANTLY. However, I don't think I could eat any of these but rather just stare in awe.

Video : Headlights | Eminem x Nate Ruess (Directed by. Spike Lee)

But I'm sorry momma for "Cleaning Out My Closet"
at the time I was angry...

On Mother's Day, Eminem dropped this heartfelt video to the already emotional song, 'Headlights'. Directed by Spike Lee, Em makes the lyrics of his relationship with his mom and the effects in a way we haven't seen, come to life. I hope his Mother saw this yesterday. Check it out below::

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Video : Mt.Olympus | Big K.R.I.T.

...I'm more concerned why niggas been textin' my cell
Callin' my phone
Ask me about this Kendrick shit
That he ain't even really even diss me on...

Krit unleashes a video for the fxcking ridiculous 'Mt. Olympus' with just as much energy visually than already felt in the song. I swear I result with the same exact expression everytime I listen. This was no different. Watch below::
"Sap ass nigha, do whatever for some dap ass nigha..."

The Worst (Remix) | Jhene Aiko x T.I.

Take to social media to try me
Puttin folk all in our B.I. all on IG...

While there have been constant rumors of T.I. and his longtime companion/wife Tiny separating, he has never spoke on the situation... at least until now as he lays down two verses on a remix to Jhene Aiko's 'The Worst'. Though he never mentions her name, it's CLEAR he's addressing it (if you remember the Instagram incidents, interviews, etc.). A little personal on this one, but a perfect fit considering the theme of the song. Hopefully, these two will work out their differences. Listen below::
"Got damn, I ain't eem told my momma yet..."

Low Pros (EP) | A-Trak x Lex Luger

Mentioned back in February, the joint EP from A-Trak and Lex Luger has arrived with a few features. I, personally, like this 100 bottles remix with ASAP Ferg more than the original. Check it out after the jump::

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pleasure | Tay Walker ( of 'The Internet' )

Cause when my body kissin on ya'
It can show ya'
The very best time of your life...

New music from Tay Walker (of the Internet) has hit the waves :-D. The sultry sounds of his voice intertwined with the bedroom material production heightens the intimate lyrics to a 'just right' degree. Tay even shows off and adds his rap skills to this one (as he does every now and then). Yes.25 Hours a Day is coming...
Listen below::
"Them other girls got nothing on ya, no competition..."

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Chiraq to LA (Lil Durk x 40 Glocc diss) | Tyga x The Game

I had no intention of posting this song or entertaining the beef whatsoever. Then, I ended up pressing play (thanks Keef) and heard that DMX line. The Game... The Game... The Game. Completely slaughtered the entire 5mins & 25 secs and he doesn't come in until the 1:46 mark. Hay-Zeus.
Press play::

Video : I Am | Kidd Kidd

I Am...the All on You B.G.
Weezy Wee, Squad Up, Dedication
Carter 1, 2, and 3...

Kidd Kidd drops a new visual from his upcoming EP, Fxck Da Fame. The way he uses rappers albums/mixtapes/songs etc. to describe 'who he is' is sick. Nice one. Check it out::
"Mac, when he was Shell Shocked..."

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Don't Play | Travis Scott x Big Sean x The 1975

**Update from 5/2/14 post

Weird nigha from the corner
put it on for the south...

Trav released a new flame record last week featuring Big Sean. This track was said to serve as the first offering from Travis' upcoming 'Rodeo'. While the original post featured an 'unfinished' version (who knew), listen to the final version below. You'll be able to peep differences from the beginning alone."I'm never actin like I got it, bxtch I'm actin like I want it..."

Video : Good Kisser | Usher

**UPDATED from 5/5/14 post. Video added.

At 5 in the morning
we can only be about to do one thing...

Usher is back on the scene with a new jammer, 'Good Kisser'. I am really really digging this one. As promised yesterday, the visual has arrived. Check it out below::
"Don't nobody kiss it like you..."

Monday, May 5, 2014

Video : Thug Cry | Rick Ross x Lil' Wayne

Here's a new visual from a track off Rick Ross's, Mastermind, album. Starring Wood Harris (Paid in Full, The Wire, Next Day Air etc.), this DreFilms directed storyline goes into the thoughts and day of a man who was just released from prison. Check it out::

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Video:: Bas and J.Cole release Dreamville 30 for 30 parody

In promotion for Bas' latest project, Last Winter, the Dreamville crew decides to channel ESPN's popular "30 for 30" docs in a quick parody version. Watch below::
"He's not going to succeed.."

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s.o. to SClassTakeover

Nebraska | Earl Sweatshirt x Mac Miller x Vince Staples

Look at me, ma
it's no handouts...

Last Friday, Earl tweeted to his page with little to no details. The tweet only had instructions to “search important_man464 on Soundcloud if you like Christ". Those who followed directions found that there were two of Earl's unreleased tracks there. Here's one that was originally recorded back on September 6, 2012. Listen below::
"I black out and you don't really wanna see that nxgga"

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Believe Me | Lil Wayne x Drake

Not too long after Nicki Minaj's new track release, new music floated out from Wayne’s upcoming, Carter V. This is said to be Wayne's last studio album. We’ll see. Listen to the track below. Did it live up to your anticipation?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Yasss Bish!! | Nicki Minaj x Soulja Boy

Me, I'm that bxtch that be
footin' the bill...

3rd loosie from Nicki and it's nothing short of the fire she's been offering lately.  New single in two weeks ...  Listen below::
"...Go against me, I say fix it Jesus..."

Friday, May 2, 2014

Love Never Felt So Good | Michael Jackson x Justin Timberlake

A new funky groove from MJ and JT. This will land on the GOAT's (rip) upcoming album, Xscape. Timbaland added a few new touches to this originally recorded and produced track by MJ and Paul Anka from 1983. Hopefully, the record company won't have this song removed from the net. Listen below::
Sidenote: It's a certain part of this track that reminds me of the 'Starlight' zone on Sonic 1. Anyone remember that or know which part I'm talking about??

Video : I Know | Yo Gotti x Rich Homie Quan

You a fxck nigha
and it ain't a secret...

Gotti drops a new visual for what I would say is probably my favorite track on I AM.
Check it out::

Come Here | Rocky Diamonds

They not even ballin
They can't make the team...

Although, his EP just dropped a few months ago, Rocky is back with a new tune. Not sure where this track will land, but it definitely bangs. Listen below::

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