Monday, May 19, 2014

Lauren London the face of Capricorn's new clothing line.. "Owners"

nE pLUS uLTRA- The highest point of excellence, achievement.
The most profound degree as a condition or quality

Ms. Capricorn Clark. I've been following her career from about 2008..2009 since I first saw her appear on VH1s 'I want to work for Diddy' and am excited to see the avenues she's traveled. Most recently, Capricorn has launched a new clothing line called 'Owners'. For the leading face of the brand, she chose none other than her close friend, Lauren London. "She’s been a long time muse and moreover a very close friend that inspires me on a constant basis…"

Lifefiles: How did you come up with the name?
CC: The name really came from me being inspired by my amazing family and friends that are really just a group of overachievers. Im blessed to know the hydrants. The sources for the culture, in many ways. At the same time, I grew up in awe of the aura and talent of the Kate Mosses, the Angela Davis’, the Steve Jobs of the world, the list is really endless. People whom without a doubt are outliers and driven. Owners, simply put. They own every idea, thought, dream in a way that I haven’t seen in mere mortals. (laughs) The brand statement Ne Plus Ultra really sums up the idea behind the brand...

The quantities are limited for items, according to Capricorn, to uphold the brand value. However, you can order online at TheOwnersOwn and receive pricing for the items upon request. "The quantities are limited as to uphold the brand values, ordering is available online at THEOWNERSOWN and pricing is available upon request. The Carrie Bradshaw lace dress will be available in the Jacquie Aiche showroom for stylists and industry and for consumers at Passport PHC at 310 N. Stanley in Los Angeles in June."
To read the full interview, visit the LIFEFILES

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