Monday, May 12, 2014

Tyler, the Creator covers 'Daisy Bell (Bicycle for Two)' for Mark Ryden

Pop culture art painter Mark Ryden (Album covers- Tyler “Wolf”, Michael Jackson “Dangerous”, Red Hot Chilli Peppers “One Hot Minute” etc.) worked with Tyler, the Creator, Katy Perry, Mark Mothersbaugh, Nick Cave etc. for a limited edition record where each artist would cover their rendition of the same song. The song of choice? 1892's ‘Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)'.

The covers record is titled ‘The Gay Nineties - Olde Tyme Music' in conjunction with Ryden’s latest exhibit ‘The Gay Nineties West', which debuted at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles on May 3rd. The record, limited to only 999 copies, is hand numbered and signed by Ryden himself. Half of the records were sold at the May 3rd exhibit, the other half will be sold on his website starting tomorrow. At $99.99 a piece, the proceeds will go to Little Kids Rock, a non profit that supports musical education in disadvantaged elementary schools.

I wish you guys could have seen the face I made at Mark Mothersbaugh version O__+. Lol. Katy’s vocals were great on her version. Nick Cave’s version made me think of a scene from the movie ‘Hanna’. Unless you’re into dolls or that kind of thing, you’ll find all the videos for the covers to be el creeperton. You can watch/hear the rest of the videos/versions HERE. Catch Tyler’s version below::


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