Thursday, May 31, 2012

Video: Cannes,France Vlog/Touch n' You| Rick Ross & Diddy

Not the official video for the song, but the bawse took it upon himself to incorporate a night of fun into a semi video for the track.   Check it out:

Video: Till I Die| Chris Brown x Big Sean x Wiz Khalifa

Some great morning eye candy :-D.  The wait is finally over.  After all of them instagraming several pics from the shoot... The official video is finally released.  This looks like fun..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Video: The Grinder| Wiz Khalifa

Wiz releases another visual from his highly rotated mixtape, Taylor Allderice.

Ashtray| Smoke Dza x Domo Genesis x Schoolboy Q

This. song. goes. dumb. hard.  Pod post Thursday worthy on a Wednesday... well I'll be damned.  Off DZA's upcoming album, Rugby Thompson.

She said Ok| Big Boi x Theophilus London x Tre Luce

A smooth cut.  I see this being played in Strip clubs across the US.  You can find this track on Big Boi's upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, as well as T.London's upcoming mixtape, Rose Island. 

Video: No Church in the Wild| Jay-Z & Kanye West

I've been waiting for this video.  I didn't imagine that they would make one without them at least making a feature in it.  However.. the wait is over...and the visual DEF. fits the song.  


Pianists in Paris...

This is the dopest video I've seen in a while.  That's how you know Hov and Ye' are those dudes.  I've never seen this done before off a rap song.. especially with a title like that.  Press play.

s.o. to the LIFEfiles

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{Personal Post} Photos :: Girls weekend out...

Real Talk Tuesdays...


@go_fucurself- Real Talk  my 2nd job is interfering with my Real Talk Tuesday submissions lol
@go_fucurself- I'm soo over guys claiming to be rappers and have no talent.. don't we have enough of those?  Try something else.  Real talk"of .
@MrKingKong0307-  #RealTalk “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”- Robert Frost #FoodForThought

@descendentMC- Real Talk the struggles in life don’t last forever there is always joy at the end of the storm.   

@kid_fn_frankie- Real Talk! The events that have transpired over the past week, especially last weekend have really opened my eyes.

@Music_Live_Life- over time you will know who your real friends are and I think over the weekend I see who they are

@epic_enigma-  #RealTalk time is of the essence.  We should face everything with the sense of urgency that life demands..
@BiggsJackson- Real Talk.. I hate bum chicks with no ambition
@BiggsJackson- Real talk it’s hot as fxck outside
@BiggsJackson- Real talk I hate people that say the same shit over and over again.  But really hasn’t said shit at all.  REAL TALK I HATE THAT SHXT!

@bday05_25_87- Real Talk..I’m getting old man, 25!  I remember college wit tippi pi like it was yesterday.  Crazy how time flies and things change! .

@BrowneyeQte  - #RealTalk ….Y is it that we as women can’t let go when we clearly see the relationship is over..

@DevyDev_ - The ones who do too much for the puss don’t get it.. the ones who don’t do a lot get it all #RealTalk

My real talk of the day is Once someone has showed you who they are.  Know what group to place them in.. and leave them there until otherwise proven to be removed.  For example, if a person is only good for partying, but not there when real ish is occurring in your life, they should NOT be in the same group as those who are.  Think about it. 

Also… Real talk.. I want to tell my friend Tameka that I apologize for just realizing what today’s date is and that it is passed her birthday.  I genuinely did not keep track of the dates once I hit vacation and never intended on not hitting her up to give her best wishes…

Time to get real!  Too many things going on in the world today! ..even in YOUR life personally! Voice your thought here.  What’s your “real talk” issue of the day? 

Feels pretty good to let out a quick vent. 
All submissions are welcome each Tuesday.  Hit me on the Twit. 
Until next time… stay real wit urself.  Peace.

Video: Exodus 23:1 | Pusha T... + Malice speaks out

Pusha wasted no time droppin this video after the serious buzz the track received last week when it released.  


It seems Pusha's Brother, Malice, heard the Lil' Wayne diss track and replied to his "Fxck Pusha T and anyone who likes him" line...

Uh..oh shots fired! (in reference to Lil Wayne kissing Birdman on the lips calling him his "father"... o_O).  Let's see where this goes from here..

Jet Life| Currensy x Big Krit x Wiz Khalifa

Another leaked track from the Stoned Immaculate, which drops Tuesday, June 5th.   Can’t wait.

Video: Daughters| Nas

After receiving much criticism from the mother of his child, Carmen Bryant, Nas proceeded with the song and even included his daughter (whom the song revolved) in the video.  Needless to say, Carmen was pleased and retracted the statements.  Love Nas.  Watch the vid below:

Video: Beyonce takes a stab at Lauryn Hill's "Ex Factor"

Over the weekend, Queen Bey performed at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City... making a comeback to the stage since she became a mother a few months ago.  During the concert... she paid ode to Lauryn Hill by singing one of her classic cuts... The Ex-Factor.  Watch below:

My Type of Party| Dom Kennedy

I wrote this blowin Doja. 

 New track from Kennedy’s upcoming album, Yellow album

Goulish| Lil Wayne (Pusha T Diss Track)

It seems Lil Wayne did not take kindly to Pusha T's track, Exodus 23:1, as he took offense to a few things he felt was directed towards Drake (as well as himself).  It didn't take long for him to send Flex a diss track to release.  Is this a new beef in the making?  We'll see...

We Fly| Terrace Martin x Teedra Moses x Snoop Dogg

A new smooth cut from Terrace Martin

Actin Up| Wale x Meek Mill x French Montana

A new track released from the upcoming.. MMG Self Made Vol. 2 album.  Meek has been tweetin lines from this song lately.  Here’s the finished product!  #Banger.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exodus 23:1| Pusha T

Video: Work Hard, Play Hard| Wiz Khalifa

The bigger the bill...
The harder you ball...

This song is always stuck in my mind at random moments.  Anyway, Mr. Khalifa releases the visual for his first single off his upcoming album, O.N.I.F.C.  I like that the video  ACTUALLY goes with the song.  Check it out:

Morning Kisses| Theophilus London

She give me lovin..
in the morning time...

A new track released off T.London's upcoming mixtape, Rose Island.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Real Talk Tuesdays...

Time to get real!  Too many things going on in the world today! ..even in YOUR life personally! Voice your thought here.  What’s your “real talk” issue of the day? 

@MrKingKong0307-  Piss poor planning leads to piss poor performance..

@descendentMC- Real Talk chase your dreams. Don’t worship them like an idol  

@kid_fn_frankie- Real Talk "Might as well enjoy life...Taste the fruits of your labor" ~Jill Scott

@Music_Live_Life- “Real Talk” stop watching my twitter statuses and get a life and maybe you will have something of your own to tweet about instead of keep tabs on me.  #MYBrand

@epicenigma- As African Americans, how did we so easily transition from our ancestors risking their lives to learn to read and write to presently celebrating illiteracy and discouraging the pursuit of higher education?
@epicenigma- When did it become cool to be comfortable with complacency? #RealTalkTuesdays

@BiggsJackson- Real talk females need to stop hating on the big dudes, and give us some play

@Bday05_25_87- Real Talk..I AM NEVER SATISFIED but I don’t feel like that’s a bad thing because when u become complacent and satisfied u stop looking for and achieving better.  Only become satisfied when u truly hachieved your goals, hopes, and dreams.  Until then continue to do better..

@PhillyFnVegas - #RealTalk ….I hate when ppl call you while ur at wrk and when u dnt answer them they ask if ur ignoring them, MOFO I’M AT FN WORK

@YungGunz919  – Why do fathers try to tell there kids what to do knowing they haven’t been in the kids life in God knows how long…. #RealTalk

@DevyDev_ -The people in the world that think they matter the most & the ones who matter the most don’t realize it #RealTalk

My real talk of the day isMy name is NOT Wachovia, PCN, Suntrust, BOA, BB&T, Credit Union etc.  Plain and simple I am NOT a bank.  Folk are too comfortable with receiving.  A change hath cometh.

Feels pretty good to let out a quick vent. 
All submissions are welcome each Tuesday.  Hit me on the Twit. 
Until next time… stay real wit urself.  Peace.

Made in America Festival Line Up

The line up is announced!  I am sure it will change later with more additions.  However, I will still be in attendance regardless.  The festival has music of all genres :-)

Saturday, September 1, 2012- Sunday, September 2, 2012
Fairmount Park
Philadelphia, PA

Video: So Good| Shanell x Lil Wayne x Drake

I wonder who's idea it was for Shanell to display mad noticeable flexibility throughout the entire video.  I kinda have an idea.  Um.. anyway.. I like her.. so it's cool.  Yesterday, 'Nell visited 106 and Park to debut her new video amongst discussing other things.  Peep the footage below:


VIBE sexy issue starring.. Chrissy, Tamar, Evelyn, & Kandi

“No. It’s television entertainment and at the end of the day… That’s what matters..”- Tamar

Urban TV’s top reality show stars grace the cover of VIBE for this sexy issue edition.  Read the full interview HERE:

Video: Naked| Kevin McCall x Big Sean

McCall drops his first single/visual in a fashion sense assisted by Big Sean. This one right here is directed by Chris Brown.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Notorious... 40th Born Day

Christopher George Latore Wallace would have been 40 years old today *Sigh…   It’s hard to believe that much time has passed.  Though his life was cut short, his memory lives on strong. 

RIP May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997

War is My Love| Kendrick Lamar

I never felt the feeling of Euphoria...

A new one from Mr. Lamar!  featured on the upcoming video game, Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

D'angelo is GQ

Ladies... he's backkkkkkkkkk! (To his old appearance that is)  Peep a shot from his new spread in GQ magazine's upcoming June edition. 

s.o. to theJasmineBRAND

Video: Summer Remains| Frank Ocean

Right hand in yours…

New music from Mr. Ocean is ALWAYS welcomed.  I absolutely adore his voice.  Here's a video posted today on his blog of him as he says "Just fxckin around @ home".  In the beginning.. Frank forgets the words.. but once he gets going… out comes a beautiful song. ..

s.o. to  Miss Dimplez for converting this to a YouTube video for everyone to share!