Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Time Warp...2013: Feds Watchin | 2 Chainz x Pharrell

 Circa 2013.
The BET awards had just went off and this video/song aired as world premiere after.  The rent was DUE for Pharrell and Chainz, ok?  A record that no matter WHEN I hear it, I have the same exact feeling I had the first time I heard it.  Still affective in 2022.  
*inserts Michelle Obama vibe gif
I be somewhere settling
Somewhere that you have never been...

NFL Blitz Arcade is Back!

 Going to the Arcade was such a joy and luxury growing up.  There are few things that can compare, at least for me. Just as the millennium hit, technology continued to advance and console game systems became the number one source for game play.  Arcades became a thing of the past.  

Arcade1Up has helped keep the retro feel alive.  Several popular arcade games were released over the years for consumers to set up in the comfort of their own home.  While you all are working your mock drafts and getting your Fantasy Teams together, Arcade1Up announced their introduction for the remastered arcade of NFL Blitz Legends.  

NFL Blitz, Blitz '99, and Blitz' 2000 : Gold Edition are included in this release.  Gamers will be able to navigate on screen which game to play AND compete with others via the WiFi online multiplayer and leaderboards.  NFL Legends Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Cris Carter, Jerome Bettis, and Terrell Davis partnered with Arcade1Up, the NFL, and Football Greats Alliance (FGA)

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Virgil Abloh "Figures of Speech" Exhibit | Brooklyn, NY

Once I received an email earlier this year about the "Figures of Speech" exhibit opening at the Brooklyn Museum this summer, I anticipated for months its arrival.  Fast forward to July.  It's here!

A well done honor of the late great visionary, Virgil Abloh.  
"Figures of Speech" is an exhibit traveling through two decades of Virgil's work and creation, including never-before-seen elements from his archive.  Walk with me...

Solange Will Compose Score for NYC Ballet, Fall Fashion Gala

History is made.  Solange Knowles will compose an original score for the NYC Ballet and is the FIRST Black woman to do so.  The upcoming score will be performed by the City Ballet Orchestra, along with a soloist from Solange's ensemble, and debut during the Fall Fashion Gala on September 28th.  This will be the first performance choreographed by Gianna Reisen; costumed by Alejandro Gomez Palomo.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Time Warp...1995: Soul Searchin' (I Wanna Know if It's Mine) | Meshell Ndegeocello

Circa 1995.
 I had another time warp in mind for today, but the evening rain solidified a smoother groove.  It's records like this that are only right for playing in the calm of a storm. 
My sunrise and my darkest dreams...
...All I want is you
to love me.

Westside Gunn levels up Wrestling hobby with New Venture, 4THROPE

At any given time watching AEW or WWE over the past few years, you would find yourself noticing Westside Gunn ring side.  He is now taking his love for the sport to the next level.  With 4THROPE, Gunn plans to mix cultures, present special talent, release "fire merch", high level art, and radio/tv.  In his Instagram announcement days ago, he shared that Parker Boudreaux (formally known as Harland) is the 1st official wrestler to join 4THROPE.  

Beats by Dre introduces New Skin-Tone Colored Ear Buds

This collaboration is special because it allows you to blend in or stand out...

Kim Kardashian and Apple partnered to create and introduce a Beats x Kim custom collection.  This version of the Beats Fit Pro features new skin colors... literally.  As far as electronic functions, they sustain their comfortability, noise cancellation, crisp stereo, and compatibility with other devices as the regular Beats Fit Pro does.  

(l to r: Moon, Dune, and Earth)

Giving Back:: (Video) 21 Savage and Lil Baby host Free Supplies Back to School events

Turn this up.  

This past weekend, Both 21 Savage and Lil Baby held Back to School events in their community giving out free supplies and other necessities to local kids.  21 Savage/Leading By Example Foundation is not new to the block for charity.  This was his 7th annual "Issa Back-2-School Drive" in Decatur, GA.  The event provided free school supplies, meals, hairstyles, and games for fun etc.

Across the way the following day in Atlanta, GA, Lil Baby (who is also no stranger to charity) held his "Back-to-School Fest" at West End Mall. His event entailed free meals, school supplies, hair cuts, and carnival games/rides, along with free shoes and clothing from Foot Locker for the kiddies.  

Watch recaps of both events after the jump:

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: #SolsticeSaturday at the Smithsonian

To kick off the beginning of Summer on June 25th, the Smithsonian Institution held #SolsticeSaturday.  This is an event where Smithsonian museums would stay open later (some even until Midnight), hosting parties, free concerts/performances, glow yoga, and more.  I decided to visit the National Museum of African Art since, for some reason, I'd never been to that one before.  
Drinks, Music, and Art. 
Here's how the evening went as a whole...

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Quinta Brunson is the New Face of OLAY

In a PEOPLE magazine exclusive, it was announced that Quinta Brunson is the new Brand Ambassador for Olay.  The Actress and Philanthropist graces their latest campaign for the new Retinol 24+ Peptide Night collection.  

It is an honor to be the new face of such an iconic brand. When I was growing up, society pushed a beauty standard that was unattainable...
...Brands told me I needed to change everything about myself to be beautiful. It’s exciting to be a part of the latest Olay campaign and to help change that narrative.

Thug Tears:: 5 Random Songs that made us Tear Up out of Nowhere

The activated eye faucets were just as random as this post.  Gospel undoubtedly is a top tear jerker, but nooooo we aren't talking about those.  We are talking about regular degulars that you would groove to on any other day.  Any other day, except the one day that the song decided to punch you in the chest.  This happened to me a couple times this year and I took it to the group chat to see if anyone else had experienced this.  The consensus was YES.  Here are our stories:

Green Eyes- Erykah Badu
Chochina Zoet: 
I could add a millie Mary songs, but Erykah's Green Eyes will get my ass EVERYTIME.  At that time, the relationship (I was in) was SUPER toxic!  That song just spoke 2 my soul and described my relationship to a tee.  I think it's the last line of the song where she says you can't be what I need you to and idk why I fxck with you.  That line echoes EVERY time I hear it and the river begins to flow.

Erykah's right.  It has nothing to do with your new friend....

Somewhere in My Lifetime - Phyllis Hyman

Time Warp...1996: Woo-Hah!! Got you All in Check (Remix) | Busta Rhymes x Ol' Dirty Bastard

Circa 1996.
 The chemistry.  Imagine if we got more music videos with these two together and a joint album?  
Man.  RIP Dirt McGirt. 
About to blow up the spot momentarily...

Saweetie x CROCS "Icy" Collection

Icy gang like Aspen, all the pretty girls know they gotta tap in. 

Becoming a face of CROCS last fall, Saweetie's limited edition "Icy" collection was a no brainer. While fans wait for her debut album, Saweetie makes sure she doesn't fade into the background.  Appearing in venture after venture, you WILL see her.  Get that coin hunty.  This collection includes 5 different "Icy" Jibbitz charms along with two types of CROCS selections: Classic Cozzzy Sandal in "Taffy Pink" and Classic Clog in "Pure Water".  

Feel like the Days are Going by Faster? They ARE. According to Scientists...

Superman, is that you in reverse??  

It was recently shared via The Guardian that the Earth has set record time rotating, twice this summer.  On June 29th, Earth was clocked at a full rotation 1.59 milliseconds less than the average day.  On July 26th, Earth completed a full rotation 1.50 milliseconds shorter than usual.   So what does this mean?

You feel the days are going by faster because... scientifically, they are.  Time and Date notes indicate that 2020 had the highest number of short days since the 1960s.  Scientists report that the average length of a day can vary, while in actuality the length of the day is increasing since an Earth-Moon system was formed.  Over the years, the force of gravity has gradually moved energy from Earth.  Courtesy of tides, that energy is moved to the moon pushing it further away from Earth.  

Physicist Peter Whibberley (National Physics Laboratory/U.K.) suggests that "It's quite possible that a negative leap second will be needed if the Earth's rotation rate increases further, but it's too early to say if this is likely to happen".  

To sum all of this up... What is time?  Man made, right?  The concept could be just that... a concept.  If you feel there isn't enough time in your day and need any further signs to enjoy life more ... this is it.  

s.o. Salon

Monday, August 1, 2022

Time Warp...2009: Special | Snoop Dogg x Brandy x Pharrell

Circa 2009.
 It's the way you make me feel...

JET and EBONY Magazine Photo Archives will be Digitized

In 2019, a philanthropic group comprised of Getty Trust/MacArthur Foundation/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/Smithsonian institution acquired JET and EBONY magazine photos auctioned for $30Million USD.  Last week, it was announced that approximately 4Million+ photos (prints and negatives) will be digitized and housed at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: London, United Kingdom (Part. I)

The gworls are at it again.  Trip #3... LONDON,UK.  Back in June, we visited and I fell in love.  I felt so free and je ne sais quoi over there.  If I could move today, I would.  S/o to Lambeth North.  
This is part 1...

{Watch/Trailer}- NETFLIX presents... Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1


via TVInsider

AND1 was IT when I was a teen.  A mixtape tour, video game, nba players/celebrity backings, merch and so forth was well worth the hype.  The underground streetball blossomed into a billion dollar industry and somehow turned into a figment of the past.  "The Rise and Fall of AND1" travels through the journey of where it started, where it went up, and where it fell down.  Some notable AND1 players (i.e. Hot Sauce, The Main Event, Skip 2 My Lou, The Professor, Shane the Dribbling Machine etc) are, also, featured and reflect on their own personal experiences.  Set to hit NETFLIX, August 23.  Watch the trailer after the jump!