Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Solange Will Compose Score for NYC Ballet, Fall Fashion Gala

History is made.  Solange Knowles will compose an original score for the NYC Ballet and is the FIRST Black woman to do so.  The upcoming score will be performed by the City Ballet Orchestra, along with a soloist from Solange's ensemble, and debut during the Fall Fashion Gala on September 28th.  This will be the first performance choreographed by Gianna Reisen; costumed by Alejandro Gomez Palomo.

It is, also, a 10th anniversary event.  Additional presentations of the score will be featured in the Oct. 1, 8, 11 (my birthday), and 16th shows also at the NYC Lincoln Center.  

In November 2020, she scored the 2 minute "You Love Me" advertisement for Beats by Dre.  This is a double notch to the resume.  I can't wait to hear this one.

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