Sunday, August 7, 2022

Thug Tears:: 5 Random Songs that made us Tear Up out of Nowhere

The activated eye faucets were just as random as this post.  Gospel undoubtedly is a top tear jerker, but nooooo we aren't talking about those.  We are talking about regular degulars that you would groove to on any other day.  Any other day, except the one day that the song decided to punch you in the chest.  This happened to me a couple times this year and I took it to the group chat to see if anyone else had experienced this.  The consensus was YES.  Here are our stories:

Green Eyes- Erykah Badu
Chochina Zoet: 
I could add a millie Mary songs, but Erykah's Green Eyes will get my ass EVERYTIME.  At that time, the relationship (I was in) was SUPER toxic!  That song just spoke 2 my soul and described my relationship to a tee.  I think it's the last line of the song where she says you can't be what I need you to and idk why I fxck with you.  That line echoes EVERY time I hear it and the river begins to flow.

Erykah's right.  It has nothing to do with your new friend....

Somewhere in My Lifetime - Phyllis Hyman
I think it was the drink cause I was vibing, but when she hit the note (yea THAT note) of "let visions of whatttttt...Of what will beeeeee.  somewhereeee in my lifetimeeeeee" the feels sat in and the water started to trickle.  I was like why tf am I crying? lol

Do Not Pass Me by. MC Hammer 
I was going to work and outta nowhere the Hammer joint came on the iPOD.  I'm rockin and singing loudly "PASS ME NOT O' GENTLE SAVIORRRR".  When the breakdown came with Tremaine Hawkins hitting the high note, Niagara falls. 

This is a remake of a gospel record, but it counts because Hammer was a rapper.  

U.N.I.T.Y- Queen Latifah
I was literally flying down 95 South and this came on Sirius.  My music was already turned to a high volume because well... my speakers are the shit.  Anywho, I get ta vibing and rapping the lyrics but for some reason upon yelling WHO YOU CALLIN A BITCH!?.... my eyes got extremely watery.  This happened to me on two different occasions to this song; the second time rapping the second verse.   


Break My Soul- Beyonce
(Pre Renaissance drop). It was 7am sometime.  I'm heading to the office and this comes on.  For whatever reason, repeating You won't break my soul during the chorus affected my entire existence.  Next thing you know, I'm sitting at the traffic light looking like the above.  Clearly, I'm going through something internally that I'm not addressing lol.  I realized at that very moment... 


In closing, we all probably need therapy of some sort lol.  And well... navigating through life suppressing emotions can only result in them releasing at moments you don't think they should.  Breathe and cut yourself some slack; allow yourself to feel.  I should do a movie edition later this year. 
Have you experienced a random cry to a song?  

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