Sunday, August 7, 2022

Saweetie x CROCS "Icy" Collection

Icy gang like Aspen, all the pretty girls know they gotta tap in. 

Becoming a face of CROCS last fall, Saweetie's limited edition "Icy" collection was a no brainer. While fans wait for her debut album, Saweetie makes sure she doesn't fade into the background.  Appearing in venture after venture, you WILL see her.  Get that coin hunty.  This collection includes 5 different "Icy" Jibbitz charms along with two types of CROCS selections: Classic Cozzzy Sandal in "Taffy Pink" and Classic Clog in "Pure Water".  

“My fans can now put the icing on any outfit using the Jibbitz charms I designed alongside Crocs—one of my favorite brands and one that values self-expression as much as I do!” 

  You can purchase all 5 Jibbitz in a packaged bundle and/or a pair of these Crocs with the Jibbitz included as a bundle.  

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