Thursday, April 20, 2023

Time Warp...2012: Poppin Off | Watch the Duck

Circa 2012.
I'll tell ya
Something pissed me off...
Pound if you remember this gem.  If you don't...
you was missing like a muhfxcka

{Trailer} Art is Life: Kid Cudi plays The Man on the Moon in Upcoming Kids Film "Crater"

You know the best thing about road trips?
you get to leave everything behind...

Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi released his critically acclaimed debut "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" album in 2009.  In 2023, he is literally playing just that... a man on the moon.  Crater is set in 2257, focusing on a group of four kids living on a lunar colony.  They hijack a rover to go explore a mysterious crater ahead.    Cudi plays one of the kids' father.  Made by the producers of the hit series, "Stranger Things", it's sure to be a good one.  Check out the trailer after the jump!

Naomi Campbell is the Face of the New BMW XM

"There are three aspects: dedication, determination, and drive.  You have to love what you do and keep at it, even if people don't always straightforwardly understand all your motives.  When I do something, I see it through to the end."

BMW has officially advertised their "Dare to Be You" campaign for the launch of the stylish new BMW XM.  Naomi was selected, along with Apache 207, and Ishod Wair, for the campaign to represent people whom the luxury car brand feels can identify with the motto.  The BMW XM is said to be one of the most expensive cars the brand has made to date.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Simon Skinner Debuts Uniquely Designed "Syntax" Afropick Collection

(in reference to his mother braiding his hair) 
"Those moments were special to me.  Not only because of the love and connection we shared, but also because of the pride and tradition that the ritual carried.  I don't know how I could feel the depth that young, but I think it says something about black hair culture and the intimacy of it."
- Simon Skinner to VOGUE Scandinavia

 Swedish Designer Simon Skinner is sharing a black hair experience artistically through a specific hair tool.  The collection named "Syntax" refers to the visual language where different signs affect each other.  Skinner had trouble finding design led Afro picks in his home base of Stockholm, Sweden.  Today, he has Afro picks collected by the Swedish National Museum for Design Prosperity.  

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: "Air PinderStory" Jordan Pop-Up Experience by. Demont Pinder

Artist Demont Pinder curated and held a Jordan Pop-Up experience titled "Air PinderStory"; inspired by and celebrating the release of the premiere of "Air" the movie.  The 2023 "Air" Movie follows the story of Sonny Vaccaro and NIKE as they pursue then rookie, Michael Jordan, creating a partnership that revolutionizes the sneaker culture forever.  

I had a chance to, personally, talk with Demont and get the back story behind some of his pieces.   He was very kind, warm, and approachable.  A pleasure.  Let's take a walk through his event...

Rapper Moneybagg Yo Opens a New Restaurant, "Cache 42"

Celebrities and the Culinary world are beginning to be synonymous.  Adding to the list, Moneybagg Yo opened a new restaurant in his hometown, Memphis, TN, last week.  Cache 42 is an upscale urban restaurant that combines innovative cuisine comprised of fresh ingredients from local farms and purveyors with expert crafted cocktails from mixologists.  While Moneybagg (DeMario White Jr.) is not running the the establishment on a daily basis, he has been involved in every detail of the restaurant according to the operations manager, Jason Spicer.  Chef Daris Leatherwood (Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Lil Wayne) runs the kitchen.  

Patrons are offered a menu variety of Lobster Queso, Salad variations, Lambchops, Steak, Wings, Shrimp, Brussel Sprouts, Mashed Potatoes, and more.  Oh and of course... cocktails!

Film to Theatre:: B.A.P.S - Live on Stage ... starring Blac Chyna

Turns out there was a little truth to that twitter rumor that there would be a B.A.P.S. remake.   The cult classic has been adapted by Je'Caryous Johnson, who previously did New Jack City Live this past year.    Angela RenĂ©e White a.k.a. Blac Chyna revealed in an Instagram post that she will be reprising the infamous role of Nisi; played by Halle Berry in the original 1997 film.   

Per the official website, the B.A.P.S. live description seems to steer close to the original plot of the film: Join the hoodtastic duo, ‘Nisi’ & ‘Mickey,’ as their entrepreneurial dreams quickly turn into a royal reality when their black girl magic turns the ailing millionaire into a vibrant man causing him to praise them as his very own personal Black American Princesses.  
The first show kicks off on May 12th, 2023 8pm in Detroit, MI.  

Monday, April 10, 2023

{Book Alert} No More Rulers - "Pharrell-isms"

Music is the key, the skeleton key that’s opened every door for me.

Princeton University Press, in association with No More Rulers, is releasing a new book full of quotes from the icon Pharrell Williams called "Pharrell-isms".  This is the 12th addition to their 'isms' literature that already feature books for Virgil Abloh, Basquiat, and Andy Warhol to name a few.  Edited by Larry Warsh, "Pharrell-isms" is comprised of Pharrell's inspirational quotes about creativity, social justice, and life.  

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Thierry Mugler "Couturissime" Exhibit

An exhibit dedicated solely to the late world renowned French fashion and creative designer, Manfred Thierry Mugler.  Featuring over 100 outfits, photos, and video reels, art/fashion lovers were able to 'walk through' Mugler's prominent career (1962- 2022).  Edge.  Fantasy.  Eroticism.  Glamour.  Daring.
Take a glimpse through my lens of some of my favorites...

{Trailer} HULU's... "The Legacy of J Dilla"

via the NYTimes

Hulu has a new series, 'The New York Times Presents", that gives insight and journalism to each specific standalone documentary episode.  Episode 5 is focused on James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla.  With an unfortunate life and career cut short at the age of 32 from a long battle with Lupus, Dilla has made an unforgettable permanent mark in hip hop culture.  Producer.  Musician.  Influencer.  Detroit's very own has produced timeless records; for example : Runnin' x The Pharcyde, Find a Way x A Tribe Called Quest, The Light x Common, Didn't Cha Know x Erykah Badu.

Monday, April 3, 2023

CENT.LDN releases Limited Edition Elton John Candle

Legendary performer Elton John has fans walking down the yellow brick road once again.  This Thursday kicks off the 2023 leg of his farewell 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' tour in the U.K.  
Paying homage, London candlemaker- Cent.ldn - released a limited edition platform boot sculpted candle that resembles those worn by John himself in 1974.   

img via Cent.ldn

The hand-poured candle is 100% coconut wax, one wick, and 100 hours burn time.  A height of 25 cm, width 18 cm, and depth 6.5 cm.  What does it smell like?  Presented in a box catered to the content, 
here are the scents:    
- Top notes: Vetivert, bergamot, lemon 
- Heart notes: Lily of the valley, herbs, cardamom, black pepper 
- Base notes: Cedar and musk 

Img via Tim Charles

{Personal Post} PHOTOS : " Fresh, Fly, and Fabulous: Fifty Years of Hip Hop Style" Exhibit

What Misa said.

I blogged about this exhibit last month and had it made up in my mind already that I was going. New York's Museum of FIT did a terrific job showcasing the fashion and style of Hip-Hop over the last 50 years.  Upon entry, the Iconic designer Misa Hylton (photo'd above) was speaking on a rotated video in the lobby.  That confirmed what I already expected- "this is going to be fire".  Over 100 garments and accessories were featured that made statements within Hip-Hop culture.  
Take a look...

HEINZ Launches their Own "Ketchup-Red" Tattoo Ink

While red ink tattoos are just as aesthetically pleasing as the generic black ink, the specific ingredient of the red ink has popularly caused allergic reactions etc. across the board. I, myself, have three tattoos featuring red ink (one, completely in red ink) and can attest the healing process is quite different.  

Heinz taps into their tattoo fanbase by developing their very own red tattoo ink, reflecting the vibrancy of their ketchup red.  In collaboration with Brazilian creative agency SOKO and tattoo ink manufacturer Electric Ink, this high quality alternative will provide a safe and side effect free ink; comprised of hand picked non-harmful ingredients.