Thursday, August 29, 2013

Video- Holy Grail| Jay-Z x Justin Timberlake

Fxck that shit ya’ll talkin bout...
I’m THE nxgga...

What we’re doing with Jay-Z today is really exciting and we think emblematic of the evolution of music and how musicians can connect with their fans. And we think that is particularly evident in Jay-Z’s approach here, which will really allow him to go direct to a massive and instant global audience. It’s something that only Facebook I think can really deliver in this way, given the scale of the audiences musicians have and the global nature of those audiences and the social dynamics of what happens when they engage on Facebook” – Nick Grudin, Facebook partner…

(insert Paul Wall voice) Hov got the internet going nuts! ….again.
#NewRules right?.
Watch the dopeness below:      

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Video: ODB| Danny Brown

This track actually isn’t a reference to the late Wu-Tang member but rather a response to fans who’ve been questioning "Where that old Danny Brown shit at?”. Here’s his answer:       

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Dreamin| Ab-Soul x K-Boy x Tone Trump (Prod. by. the Chromatix)

It rains and it pours...
So much you can fill a well...

A loosie released via Twitter.
Vibe out...      

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'I Have a Dream'....: The 'March on Washington' 50 Years Later

They Marched in spite of animosity, oppression and brutality because they believed in the greatness of what this nation could become and despaired of the founding promises not kept- Attorney General Eric Holder

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington (for Jobs and Freedom) which was one of the largest political rallies for human rights in United States history. This particular march was geared towards Civil and Economic rights for African Americans. The initial march took place on Wednesday, August 28, 1963 in Washington DC. The march for TODAY takes place on Wednesday, August 28, 2013. What are the odds that it would fall on the same day. Anywho… over the weekend here in DC… thousands and thousands marched to commemorate the memory while sending a non verbal but powerful message. A symbolic message of we haven’t forgotten and will continue the torch of ‘marching’.      


Today’s event will have President Obama speaking at the commemoration ceremony amongst others. I’m sure Dr. King, or any of us for that matter, never envisioned in a million years that we would have a Black President (that thankfully I have lived to see).. and that he would be speaking a similar message as that of MLK Jr. It shows that we have come such a LONG way. The demonstrations and actions of our ancestors and present day participants have not occurred in vain. However… it’s sad that even though we indeed have come a long way… 50 years later we are still marching for similar things. Yes we are legally freed from slavery, but African Americans (including myself) face repression and discrimination every single day whether its’ direct or ‘under the table’. EVERY single day. It’s amazing that we can still come together for a cause (regardless if the cause is something we’ve been fighting forever for). Racism will never die… and WE will never stop fighting. A change is gonna come.

New Hoes| Rah Digga ... {Kanye 'New Slaves' revamped}

Future Michelle Obama's...
Tryna be Blac Chyna's...

There's more outrage over a Kendrick verse than babies in the street TWERKING. Or have folks forgotten what this leads to?? Guess I'm just too school for cool in this regard. My name is Rah Digga and I approve this message!"…

Ya'll done got Harriet Thugman worked up again. While this track may be a little on what folk may consider 'the harsh side' (especially since she uses two folks I like as negative connotations) someone needed to say it... and who better than a woman. I guess after that Miley stunt on the VMA's the other day, which was absolutely horrid might I add, enough was enough. I wish this song would reach out more to the masses. I'll do my part to try and make it happen. I think it's a message our younger ones need to hear...       
I’m considering this a Womens’ Empowerment Wednesdays post… not off all her lyrics specifically BUT at her vision as whole. We, as women, need to help our girls and guide them in the right path. Sure… we all have done crazy things; teens will be teens and so forth…BUT girls should be able to have that positive backbone from us uplifting and encouraging them on more positive things. Letting the negative things ride and treating it like ‘it’s ok’ because ‘everyone else is doing it’ will only lead to disaster. This goes for every color and race. Women, we have to step up and do our part too and let the youngsters know what’s going on. If not… they’ll look to VH1 reality shows, the streets, and men to learn of what they think is "how to be a woman"... 

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Just Last Week (FULL version)| Big K.R.I.T. x Future

Say you got it...
Well show me...

A snippet of this appeared on Krit's latest, King Remembered in Time. Today lands the full version. It slaps too. Check it out:       

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I Don't Care| Lil Twist x Chris Brown

Said she got a couple rules...
I'm tryna break a few...

Not bad. I've given it a few spins this morning. Chris' part definitely syces the song.
Listen if you will below .      

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Word of the Week.... FAROUCHE.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them..    Here’s the word of this week:

1. Fierce.
2. sullenly unsociable or shy.        


Try using it in a sentence.  

Video: Call It Home| The Foreign Exchange

I’m so lost when I’m away...
Tried so long to find a place...
So I say...
Let’s just call it home...
Cause that’s wherever you are...

Here’s the first single from the Foreign Exchange’s upcoming 4th album,       
Love in Flying Colors. This is such a breath of fresh air in a day full of chaos. Video directed by: Kenneth Price.
Check it out:   

Time Warp.... 1997 : Look Into My Eyes | Bone Thugs N Harmony

Circa 1997.
From start to finish...can't eem explain.
Man...just let this joint ride.

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Summer's Too Hot| The Lox

***UPDATE- Video Added

You ain’t gotta do much...
They gon’ feel it if it’s real...

A new Lox record??? Yes please!.
I'm not sure where this will fall or if it's just a loosie but regardless of the matter.. only one thing's important: they're baacckk.       

***Damn... they wasted NO time to drop the visual. It's literally only been a few hours since the song released and voila.. the video hits the waves. Check it out as Sheek, Jada, and P take a stab at channeling their inner 'Hangover' with a mix of a normal summer pool party:

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Netflix| 2 Chainz x Fergie

I know you had the time of your life...

After performing last night on the VMA's with Robin Thicke, The hair weave killa wasted NO time releasing his second single from upcoming 'B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time'. How come every track Fergie gets on .. she has to kill it like so?.... Never disappoints.
I smell a hit....

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R- Cali | ASAP Rocky (Grand Theft Auto 5 Soundtrack)

The whole enchilada...

Another track released from GTA 5. No word on the official title of this one yet, but one thing's for definitely cranks.
Listen below:

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Look What I Got On| Wiz Khalifa

They jackin my style...
I got that notion...

The second track release from ‘Blacc Hollywood’. Wiz is two for two so far in my book.

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Video: Give It to You| Robin Thicke x 2 Chainz x Kendrick Lamar

I got a gift for you...
A little 'thicke' for you...

Now his MTV Video Music Awards performance last night makes so much more sense. It was based off the new video. Check out the fun filled 'homecoming' geared visual along with the Alabama State Stingettes & Albany Passionettes slaying the field.

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Garbage | Tyler the Creator (Grand Theft Auto 5 Soundtrack)

More new music from the highly anticipated upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5. For those who enjoy the 'vintage' Tyler rap style...       

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Comfort Inn Ending (Cont'd) | Jhene Aiko (Prod. by. NO I.D.)

I was so weak then...
And you proved it...

After teasing us with this loosie back in May with only a minute and some change to spare…It seems Ms. Aiko hasn’t forgotten about her fans (nor the song) and decided to release a continuation of the track today. This one is longer.. 5 minutes +. However… it seems, with the way it ends, this may not be the entire version either. If you thought the first snippet she dropped was tough, get a load of this one…. .

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Womens' Empowerment Wednesdays: Meet Antoinette Tuff...

He was really a hurting young man…
So I just started praying for him.…

I haven’t done a Womens’ Empowerment Wednesdays’ post in a LONG time (for various reasons that I’ll address when the time is right). However, there was no way I could pass this by. I’m in awe at this woman. Yesterday, an armed 20 year old gunman named Michael Brandon Hill made his way into a Dekalb County, Georgia Elementary school with an AK-47 with one thing in mind: Murder. During his path, he ran into the school clerk, Antoinette Tuff, who’s words were so empowering…it convinced Michael to put his gun down and surrender to the police. He is now in police custody. Ms. Tuff’s story is powerful. When you’re only God-fearing… anything is possible. Her faith and humbleness is admirable. Salute to her. Wow..      

Video: Ridiculous| Raheem DeVaughn

Everyone says I’m out my mind…
To feel what I feel for you.…

The amount of times I play this song is ‘Ridiculous’. This morning alone… I played it 17 times straight. Great joy it brought me to find there was a visual to accompany the track :-). Raheem did an awesome job. I love love LOVE this song. His new album, A Place Called Loveland, hits stores September 3rd. Until then... Watch the vid below:       

All the Way Home| Tamar Braxton

Thinkin bout you all the way home…

After just giving birth to her first child a couple months ago, Tamar jumps right back on the scene and surprises her 'Tamartian’ clan with the release of her third single from current album, Love and War. Her vocals on this one….. #SheDidThat.
Take a listen below:       

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UNBREAK My Mixtape| M.I.A.

Now what did I do…
for you to call me crazy?.…

This joint is too dope. The breakdown parts are crazy. Matangi drops November 10th.
Press play:       

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time Warp... 1994 : NY State of Mind | Nas

Circa 1994.
The baseline of this joint along with Nas effortless storytelling flow is a perfect example of hip-hop perfection. Seriously…

Word of the Week... LUGUBRIOUS.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them..    Here’s the word of this week:

Lugubrious: Adjective.
1. mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially in an affected, exaggerated, or unrelieved matter       

Try using it in a sentence.  

FADER presents... Travis Scott UnCapped.

*Looks into crowd…
Hey you..Hey you. You not textin!? No’one’s texting!!!…

After just seeing him perform atTrillectroon Saturday, Travis isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Last night, he performed during FADER’s latest installment to the VitaminWater UNCAPPED series. They pick some very interesting spots. Solange’s took place in an Laundromat; this one takes place in a Credit Union. He talks having a creative mind, ‘youthful entitlement’, making good music and more. The video, also, features a special guest who comes in later during the interview. Check it out: 

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Know You Better| Omarion x Pusha T x Fabolous

Did you hear that time is money?…
Are you being compensated?….

Another track released off the upcoming MMG ‘Self Made Vol. 3’ compilation.      

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Look Into My Eyes| Wiz Khalifa

Prob’ say I need a day off…
if you looked into my eyes….

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Be In Love| Estelle x Jeremih

If I had the choice I would cuff her…
but it’s safer to play let’s pretend….

As Estelle gears up for the release of her EP, ‘Waiting to Exhale: Love and Happiness Vol. 2’, she drops a reggae generated single about two people loving each other while pretending it’s nothing more. The track is pretty hot. Check it out below:       

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Primetime| Janelle Monae x Miguel

And you feel like you’ve given your all…
baby my love is always right here for you….

Miguel’s background croons syce this entire song. Janelle has another hit on her hands. Super smooth…

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Mondays...

Staying in your comfort zone 24/7 won't allow you to venture to new heights. Simply put... take a chance. You'll never know until you try. Have a great week loves. Xoxo.

Live For| The Weeknd x Drake

This the shxt that I live for…

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Video: Tamia & hubby Grant Hill cover Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You"...

If you were expecting the retired NBA All-Star Grant to burst out his vocal pipes as he did hilariously on that ‘Living Single’ episode back in the day singing to Khadijah (Queen Latifah) lol, he remained quiet this time. Instead, he decided to take over the keys while Tamia crooned over with an amazing tone and notes. I wish they could have graced us with a full version. She killed it. Tamia and Grant recently celebrated their 14th anniversary. Congrats to them!  Watch below:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Video: Too Early| The Dream x Gary Clark Jr.

You leavin me w/ nothin..
Not even a peace of mind..

The Dream gets personal with new track and visual, ‘Too Early'.
 IV Play in stores now...

T.D.E. Documentary Trailer...

I just needed to be mentioned..
in the same conversation.
as the greats...

Jay-z's Life + Times  presents the preview to the documentary of Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock's journey to this year's Budweiser Made in America Festival, which is just a mere 13 days away :-D.  Take a sneak peek below.  Full documentary coming soon...

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Reynolds| ASAP Ferg x Danny Brown

Then I start to spit flames..
Wit vocabulary..

This joint is too dope. However, it's just a loosie. It won't appear on Ferg's August 20th release.. Trap Lord.

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Ghetto| August Alsina x Rich Homie Quan

 Cause you the fxckin best..
Just in case you didn't know..

New Music from Mr. Alsina. Man Oh Man....

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Video: Love More| Chris Brown x Nicki Minaj

 I hate you...
Then I love you...

A dance friendly track and visual from his upcoming album, X

Video: Beware| Big Sean x Jhene Aiko x Lil Wayne

 And just to keep from crying..
I laugh.

 Sean Don goes a different route and releases a colorful futuristic type visual for his track, Beware.

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Video: Collard Greens| Schoolboy Q x Kendrick Lamar

..Down w/ the shxt…

I heard this vid dropped.. but never saw it til yesterday -_-.  It def slipped through the cracks, which is odd since I jam to this often.  Anyway.. get groovy..Watch below.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video: Special Education| Goodie Mob x Janelle Monae

I'm just different…
And I don't care…

After releasing the track back in May, the Mob has finally graced us with a visual. Pretty dope too. Check it out:

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Time Warp... 1977 : Don't Ask My Neighbors | The Emotions

Circa 1977.
I'm on my brown liquor playlist this afternoon. Boy how nice would it be to sit at the water with this playing accompanied by an ice cold glass of So Co watching the sun set enjoying the breeze. Groove out…    

Mo Money| Juvenile x Currensy (Prod. by. MikeWillMadeIt)

That’s why I keep my circle tighter….

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Video- NineteenEighty7| Stalley x Schoolboy Q

Ya'll better get hip to the dopest year ever...
Stalley releases a cool ass visual for his track featuring Schoolboy Q, off his latest mixtape...Honest Cowboy.

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