Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sunday| Earl Sweatshirt x Frank Ocean

And restless…
all my dreams got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot….
nightmares got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot.…
loving you ‘s a lil’ different.…
I don’t like you a lot….

Dear Earl, why I am overly PLEASED that you are releasing jams from your upcoming album, Doris, (especially this one and Burgundy)... please don't release anymore. My anticipation is at an all time high. 5 more days and it'll be spread to the masses. Let the fans soak it all in. Thank you . Sincerely your appreciative but excited fan, Dolcezza.

On another note...On this particular track, Earl gets personal about "love" while Frank goes in about his personal thoughts while also touching on the Chris Brown situation he had with him earlier this year. This is a raw cut. A btw Frank... I said this earlier but I wanted to say it again... Thank you. #Insider. Listen below:

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