Monday, March 31, 2014

Video : 3:16 | CyHi the Prynce

Success is never luck
it's more like smart plannin'...

CyHi releases a simplistic video for '3:16' off his incomparable, Black Hystori Project'.  I just peeped something in this song, that I never noticed even with the several times I've listened to it, that has me mind blown. 
  Check out the vid below:  

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Video: 50 Cent gets REAL on the Breakfast Club

”{On Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo} I wanted them to go be Kanye West. I wanted them to go be Little Wayne” – 50 Cent

"Being personable with people..they'll have that homeboy code. ...Like 'you got it, you should give it to me' ... instead of what makes sense..."As folks may already be aware, the Breakfast Club morning show airs 6am- 9am Monday through Friday. This morning when my 6am alarm went off for work, I was able to catch the premiere of the show on REVOLT TV. It was far from a typical radio show video. Revolt incorporated creative graphics for segments (i.e. the Rumor Report etc.) as well as played the actual video of whatever song they were airing at the time. The full visual experience. They've gained a viewer; I plan to be tuned in every morning.
50 Cent was the first interview to premiere on TBC television debut with one of the best interviews they've had up to date. To give just a few (literally) of the various topics 50 touched on, he discussed: the depth of current relationship with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, the incident of running into his long running feud man Ja Rule, Beyonce giving Jay-Z a pass on his perception in Mainstream, the analogy of Hip Hop consumers being Crack Fiends, artist momentum, How Jay-Z.. Fabolous.. and Lloyd Banks are the same person and so so much more. Along with Yee, Charlamagne, and Envy, anyone who was listening full attention was commanded. 50's knowledge of marketing and business is very impressive. His ability to break everything down for full understanding is the icing on the cake. I respected him before, but I think I may like him a lot more (personality wise) after this. Watch/listen to the full interview (part one and two) below. I promise it's time worth spent...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Video: Nas performs symphonic version of 'The World is Yours' in DC

photo cred via WashingtonPost

This past Friday and Saturday, Nas came to DC and rocked the jam packed crowd of two sold out shows at the Kennedy center in lieu of the Illmatic 20- year anniversary celebration. Mister Jones performed the entire album along with a few other tracks backed up by a 40-member national symphony orchestra and DJ green Lantern. Unfortunately, when I tried to purchase the tickets a couple months ago, it was sold out, but I was able to come across this video. INSANE. Watch the footage of his quick encouraging speech along with the performance of the "World is Yours"::

Motivation Mondays : Can't Nobody Hold Me Down | Puff Daddy x Mase

Can't NOBODY hold me down
Oh No
I got to keep on moving...

Side Commentary: This song hits so much harder listening to it as an adult with so much more meaning, rather than how I just grooved to it heavy as a youngin' because Puff and Mase were the hottest out. I, also, forgot how funny this video was lol.

Video : Big Homie | Diddy x Rick Ross

More 80s than the 80s nxgga
I'm money Mitchin...

Puff Daddy unleashes the visual for his latest track, Big Homie, featuring Rick Ross. The vid takes place at various establishments (including Waffle House) and contains countless cameos including Diddy's son, Christian, who has grown up to be quite the little cutie. Was it turnt up or what on this set!?
Check it out::

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Video : Her Theme Song | TiRon x Ayomari x Jeremih

I can’t even think
When she come around…

While the original featured BJ the Chicago kid, the visual version has a new addition of Jeremih. The jam has a new feel, more of inspiration, once you watch the video. Maybe even more for me because it hits a little closer to home at the moment. Either way, 'Her Theme Song' still remains Dope with a capital D. "...she look so astounding...".Watch below::

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pod Post Thursdays : Pharrell x Keith Sweat | Happy (ForteBowie 1988 Soul Train Edit)

I made a post last May for the song ‘Happy’. Then in June, I posted Pharrell performing ‘Happy’. Then in November, I posted the official video of ‘Happy’. Lawd, I’ve reached a fourth post about this song alone. In each post.. I went forth to explain how the song made me feel… especially in the last one. Who would have thought by reading those that the song would soon become an annoyance to me -_-. A song I held so dear soon (MONTHS after its release) became overplayed… over talked about from people all late who didn’t even mention it until the ‘wave’ hit… and more. The homie El and I were chatting about how it didn’t have the same affect to us anymore now thanks to a lot of folks ruining the true essence of the record. It happens all the time right?
Fast forward to present day. El comes through for his lil bruh bruh in the clutch and sends me this track with commentary of ‘I think someone is tryna make us like Happy again. This shit might have worked for me lol’ . I can’t possibly explain my reaction when I heard this. To make this more personal, this Keith Sweat song brings back one of my happiest memories. That was a great moment and on top of it.. this falls in the group of one of my favorite songs of all time since I was a youngin. Needless to say.. the essence of “Happy” has returned (this version only lol). The upliftment.. the smiles. There is one person I know for sure who will share my sentiments. Shoutout to you.
ForteBowie, thank you for this priceless gem... THIS. IS. FUCKING. SICK. Keep the soul train edits coming!
Throw this on the pod and play it in the car… at a cook out.. shoot anywhere lol. Enjoy ::


See Me Tonight | Elle Varner

I don't want anybody seeing me cry
I don't want anybody to know...

Elle Varner has started a four-letter word series leading up to the release date of her sophomore album, 4 Letter Word. While the first word was 'love', this second installment is dedicated to 'lies'.
Check out this bass infused jazzy track of emotion::

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Time Warp... 2002 : Pimp Juice | Nelly

Circa 2002.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Childs Play | SZA x Chance the Rapper

Fuck reality, do you want to know, know, me
Do you want to know?

As the dates wind down for SZA's "Z" EP release on April 8th, the TDE songstress releases another cut. On 'Childs Play', she is joined by Chance the rapper over the Dae One revamped production of XXYYXX's "About You".
Take a listen below::

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Video : Young OG | Fabolous

I'm from a different cloth, that ain't the pattern for me
It's levels to this shit, it's different categories

While over in the fascinating city of Dubai, Fab films another visual for his Holy Name of Mary Choral Family sample looped track off his latest, The Soul Tape 3.
Watch below::

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kissin' on My Tattoos | August Alsina

I don't want nobody but you
kissin on my tattoos...

Alsina releases another track this morning from his upcoming, Testimony, album which drops April 15th.
Listen below::

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Video : Rumble | Kelis

It's the strangest thing
to have you back in my face...

For the second visual from Kelis's upcoming album, Food, she takes an alternate route with the direction. I would love to know the creative thought behind this... especially for a powerful record as such. Watch below. What's your interpretation??

Video : Loyal | Chris Brown x Lil Wayne x Tyga

Took a broke nxgga bxtch.

Brown releases the anticipated visual for his current club banger, 'Loyal'. You can spot not only the features from the track but cameos from Trey Songz, Usher, and a few others. Looks like they had fun on the set. Well done."These *nxggas ain't loyal.".
Watch below::

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Double shot of ?? .. :: Starbucks to start serving Alcohol

The concept is a natural progression for Starbucks as we seek to create a new occasion for customers to gather, relax and connect with each other in the evenings” – Lisa Passe', Spokesperson.

New Happy Hour, perhaps? News has spread that Starbucks plans to expand the number of their locations that sell alcoholic beverages. Since 2010, Seattle was the only location serving beer and wine. Slowly, but surely, the single location participating evolved into 26 locations. Starbucks is strategizing to spread this into 40 more locations by the end of the year, and over the next few years, expand to thousands of locations. This is sure to double revenue, but may alter the usual crowd they receive. Either way, it seems to be a win.
In the true spirit of a traditional coffeehouse, while some stores may serve wine and beer, coffee will remain the focus of the experience” – Passe'.

s.o. to USAToday

Photo cred/istockphoto, Starbucks

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We Made It (Remix) | Jay Electronica x Jay-Z

I'm God, G is the seventh letter made
So when my arms and feet shackled
I still get paid…

Without notice, this freestyled remix to Soulja Boy/Drake's "We Made It" dropped. Drake recently made a comment regarding Hov's frequent talk about art.. claiming it was 'corny' (oh the irony of HIM saying that). That comment didn't go ignored and Hov addresses it here without overshadowing the true essence of the song. Keep in mind this isn't a diss track, just an incredible record with two OG's.  Amazing in every way possible.  
Press play NOW. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bennie and the Jets | Miguel x Wale (Elton John cover)

"Miguel's done a fantastic job.  It really makes the best of what the song is all about. And it is an unusual song. It's not what I think is a hit record, but then that's probably why it was a hit record, because it didn't sound like anything else before. It's important not to copy, and that's what Miguel did"- Elton John (via Rolling Stone)

Miguel and Wale put their own personal spin on Elton John's and one of my favorite songs of all time, Bennie and the Jets.  This cover will fall on John's reissue of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" album for it's 40th anniversary.  The album will feature covers by Emeli Sande, Fall Out Boy, and other artists.  
Listen to their version below:

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I'm Glad You're Mine | D'Angelo (Al Green Cover)

Can you believe it has been 14 years since 'Voodoo' dropped?  My oh my, how time flies.  Now close to twenty years later, D preps to release a new LP of his live performance on Sept. 14, 1995 at the Jazz Cafe in London.  While 6 of the tracks are also featured on 1996's "Live At the Jazz Cafe, London" (which only released in Japan), the other 5 tracks were unreleased and now added.  The 11 track "Live at the Jazz Cafe, London: The Complete Show" album, drops March 25th.  Check out his Al Green cover below::

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s.o. to Billboard

Friday, March 21, 2014

Video : Long Way Down | Stalley x Crystal Torres

Intelligent Psychopaths
The world scared of us...

Ohio's Stalley drops another visual off his latest, Honest Cowboy.  Filmed mostly in Black & White, this vid features a deep underlying message accompanied by some seriously ill artwork.  Check it out::

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Video : Nate | Vince Staples x James Fauntleroy

I don't think they ever noticed
that I noticed...

Nice.  Vince releases a visual for his current single off his latest, Shyne Coldchain II, mixtape.  Rather than rapping in front of the camera, this video focuses on the storytelling behind 'Nate'.  Vince Staples is currently on the 'Oxymoron' tour with Schoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad.  Check for dates here.  Watch the vid below::

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{Personal Post} 'The Internet' Spring Tour.. DC show.

I kept telling Dirt .. you HAVE to see The Internet live. You think their music is great??? Wait until you hear them live. Just ranting and raving about their performances you know. They always shut down the house (any time I’ve seen them). After the announcement of this tour, I bought my ticket IMMEDIATELY the moment I saw it posted. I didn’t realize the location until later…. (o_o)
Interesting location at that. It was at a Jewish Synagogue. A Synagogue I’ve walked by several times and never paid any mind to. That was until last night. The pews (yep.. pews) filled up with fans and media a little short of 9 when the show was set to start. To all of our surprise, the show started at 9 on the dot.

I can finally say, someone else got the chance to roll with me and experience their live show. They (Dirt) were impressed and ecstatic about the music as I knew they would be! They KILLED it. The transitions from song to song were executed flawlessly, something I’ve never seen done to that point of perfection and I’m an avid concert goer. The band accompanying Syd’s lovely lovely voice had us all in a trance. Dancing.. singing.. laughing… it was a great time. Not only did they perform songs from Purple Naked Ladies and Feel Good, but they hit “Tape You” by. NERD, Senorita/JT, Outstanding/Gap Band (Charlie Wilson) etc. Just straight killing it in every form and fashion. You can tell by the way I’m delivering this story that I’m still hyped about it.
Syd went hard and performed the jam ‘She DGAF’ in the church lol (father forgive us).. and while I (and others) figured hey.. you already stepped out there.. perform ‘Cocaine’! and ‘Garden!’ and all other songs we started yelling out towards the stage.. we suddenly found out, it wouldn’t happen. It was the end of the show  A full one hour set. On at 9 on the dot. Off at 10 on the dot. A tad bit bummed, but not nearly unsatisfied, we packed up and started heading out. Little did I know… the night was only about to get better.
Not only did we meet the (humble) bass player to tell him what a fascinating job he did up there, I met Matt and Syd! I said something crazy (well being myself lol) which is why Syd is cracking up in one of the pics. I always have the most random yet normal conversations with artists lol (I can’t help it), but I don’t regret them and they are moments I’ll never forget. Especially this one. Syd is one of the coolest down to earth artists I have EVER met out of anyone over the years and that’s word. Fans showed em love.. and they showed crazy love back (including the keyboardist with the cool ass Raiden hat who was also chopping it up with fans after the show.) Check out some of the photos I was able to snap :
(Sn:..I still haven’t learned yet to stop trying to take pictures while dancing smh.)

Remember | Amil

I remember the way
You used to love me...

"I'm wrapping up my mixtape, 'A Moment In Life.' It should be out late spring or early Summer. It's a lot of R&B. I still love 90's music so I wanted to stay in that zone. I miss the music of my era. People remember me from the late 90s, and that's what I like to represent. So I'm doing a lot of songs off 90s beats and collaborating with 90s artists (Havoc, JT Money, Killah Priest). You'll hear a much mature Amil"

I seriously didn't know what to do when I saw a new Amil track enter into my radar. I mean come on, I still bump her album "All Money is Legal" to this day. I love that girl :-) Erika Ramirez w/ BILLBOARD, premiered this track, from Amil's upcoming mixtape, in a "Ladies First" feature. Mixed with Jay's "Where I'm From" and Faith's "You Used to Love Me", Ms. Whitehead spits one verse; just enough to let folks know she's coming back. (*says YAY internally). Listen below::

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Nardwuar vs Schoolboy Q

Q's down to earth sense of humor and story details makes this quite the entertaining episode of the Nardwuar saga. Take a look as Q discusses Bloods and Crips on Wax, his football career, joined MTV reality show w/ Tyga, playing the violin, and other random things that only Nardwuar can compile. Watch below::

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Slaughterhouse acapella freestyle on Sway for SXSW

You abe Lincoln on a penny
You innocent and you history

Slaughterhouse stopped by Sway in the Morning to drop an insane acapella freestyle during the SXSW festival in Texas. When Crooked I spits tho... O.M.G. *Joe Budden voice... "I'm leaving .. I'm leaving..". Check it out::

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Benediction | August Alsina x Rick Ross

So many nights I tried
to hide how I felt
I would cry inside...

After a preview stream appeared on line the other week, Alsina unleashes his new single in full from highly anticipated debut album, Testimony. Listen below::

Video : Hold On | 50 Cent

My temper volatile
Grew up a violent child

Fifty is back with a new one. Between his verses and the crazy production, I'm all here for this. The track goes hard. This is set to fall on his upcoming album, Animal Ambition, slated for release on June 3rd.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

What Kind of Love | Childish Gambino

What kind of love don't hurt so bad?
What kind of love don't feel this way?...

While this is the incomplete version.. meaning it's still raw in its state and not mastered, this record is absolutely perfect. On top of its "God (Interlude)" by Andre 3000 feel, you can effortlessly get lost in the tranquility of the guitar cords and Gambino's easy going vocals. Take a listen below::
"You like to call me Koala" #insider

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Word of the Week... FERVENT.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them..    Here’s the word of this week:

Fervent .
Adjective- 1. having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.
2. hot; burning; glowing.

Try using it in a sentence.  


All the things that I want
seem to take so much time...

Düsseldorf native, IAMNOBODI, teams up with the amazing JMSN to create a dark yet sultry eargasm for our hearing pleasure. This will fall on IAMNOBODI's upcoming EP, Breathing Underwater.
Listen below::

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Coast is Clear | Skrillex x Chance the Rapper

What are the odds that we'd even meet?

This cut seeps from Skrillex's new album, Recess, which is available for stream NOW. I've seen both of these artists perform live before (separate occasions) and they rocked the house. It's only right they would do the same in a collab. Check it out::
“What I need to know is .. do you wanna fu….”

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Motivation Mondays : The Beauty of Tears ...

Hero | Frank Ocean x Diplo x Mick Jones x & Paul Simonon (Of The Clash)

What ya say??
You need a hero??

It's something about Frank's voice...
In most recent news, Frank, whose real name is Christopher Breaux, has decided to legally change his name to Frank Ocean. It isn't finalized yet, but he's pushing forth. Hey, why not. Aside from the name change reports, Frank is also buzzing courtesy of this track below which falls in Converse's "Three Artists, One Song" series. I've listened to this quite a few times this morning. I hope they release an extended version somewhere down the line. Any who, check it out::
"My flag is American, but I love some queen"

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Video : What Ya Used To | Rockie Fresh

Showin love
but we don't eva dxck ride...

My eye candy Rockie Fresh releases a funners video for 'What Ya Used To' from the MMG Vol. 3 Compilation album. Check it out::
"Got a DC bish that love to use the word syce.." ;-) #insider.

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Came 2 Da Can | C-Murder x Lil Boosie

After Lil Boosie's release from prison last week, new music seems to be floating everywhere. This one dropped yesterday on C-Murder's birthday (Happy Belated); a track from their upcoming joint project "Penitentiary Chances". Myself and a few others I know were crazy TRU fans and hate to see it had to be him. Let me tell you though... if HE gets released... we are going to wyl' out. One can only hope. In the meantime, listen to their single about folks switching up once they were incarcerated.
"No Hollas, No Letters..." #FreeCMurder

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Egyptian Cotton | Big K.R.I.T.

It's getting harder not to sleep in
when everyday's the first day
of a well deserved weekend...

This jazzy smooth rider makes the cut as the fifth installment of K.R.I.T's 'Week of K.R.I.T.'.  
Listen below::

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Video : War Ready | Rick Ross x Young Jeezy

Video : Babylon | SZA

And I can't recall the last time
I took advice from anyone...

TDE's First Lady, SZA, releases an even more deep video for her self- conscious banger "Babylon".  Her album "Z" drops April 8th.  Watch the vid below:: 

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Video : Flatline | Fly Union

No love games
Fxck outta here
Like ‘You can’t stay’…

In an all white room with a BeatsbyDre speaker, two cuties, and rhymes from the Greater than Club, you're sure to turn up and jam out. The Ohio trio release another visual while fans still wait for 'Small Victories' to drop. "Don't get outta line... don't get outta line...". Watch below::

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Big Sean x Kanye West surprise fans during Rick Ross performance on The Arsenio Hall Show

Last night on the Arsenio Hall show, Rick Ross performed "Sanctified" from his latest album 'Mastermind'. The features made a surprise appearance as well. Although, it was obvious that wasn't Rick Ross standing there before they even shined the spotlight on Sean, the turn up was too real when Yeezy hit the stage.
Watch below::

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Video : Move That Dope | Future x Pharrell x Pusha T

If you got two heauxs
you need to let one go...

After its release last month, Future dropped the visual today for the MikeWillMadeIt track (with the original version's feature of Casino missing).  The vid features cameos from Tyler the Creator, Wiz Khalifa, and Schoolboy Q.  This is my instant turn up song...especially in traffic lls.  Watch below::
Sn: Tyler turned 23 today.  Happy Birthday

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Video : What They Want | Schoolboy Q x 2 Chainz

I'm apocalypse 
to your politics...

Q hits the N.O. for his third visual from Oxymoron, in stores now.
Watch below::

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