Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{Personal Post} 'The Internet' Spring Tour.. DC show.

I kept telling Dirt .. you HAVE to see The Internet live. You think their music is great??? Wait until you hear them live. Just ranting and raving about their performances you know. They always shut down the house (any time I’ve seen them). After the announcement of this tour, I bought my ticket IMMEDIATELY the moment I saw it posted. I didn’t realize the location until later…. (o_o)
Interesting location at that. It was at a Jewish Synagogue. A Synagogue I’ve walked by several times and never paid any mind to. That was until last night. The pews (yep.. pews) filled up with fans and media a little short of 9 when the show was set to start. To all of our surprise, the show started at 9 on the dot.

I can finally say, someone else got the chance to roll with me and experience their live show. They (Dirt) were impressed and ecstatic about the music as I knew they would be! They KILLED it. The transitions from song to song were executed flawlessly, something I’ve never seen done to that point of perfection and I’m an avid concert goer. The band accompanying Syd’s lovely lovely voice had us all in a trance. Dancing.. singing.. laughing… it was a great time. Not only did they perform songs from Purple Naked Ladies and Feel Good, but they hit “Tape You” by. NERD, Senorita/JT, Outstanding/Gap Band (Charlie Wilson) etc. Just straight killing it in every form and fashion. You can tell by the way I’m delivering this story that I’m still hyped about it.
Syd went hard and performed the jam ‘She DGAF’ in the church lol (father forgive us).. and while I (and others) figured hey.. you already stepped out there.. perform ‘Cocaine’! and ‘Garden!’ and all other songs we started yelling out towards the stage.. we suddenly found out, it wouldn’t happen. It was the end of the show  A full one hour set. On at 9 on the dot. Off at 10 on the dot. A tad bit bummed, but not nearly unsatisfied, we packed up and started heading out. Little did I know… the night was only about to get better.
Not only did we meet the (humble) bass player to tell him what a fascinating job he did up there, I met Matt and Syd! I said something crazy (well being myself lol) which is why Syd is cracking up in one of the pics. I always have the most random yet normal conversations with artists lol (I can’t help it), but I don’t regret them and they are moments I’ll never forget. Especially this one. Syd is one of the coolest down to earth artists I have EVER met out of anyone over the years and that’s word. Fans showed em love.. and they showed crazy love back (including the keyboardist with the cool ass Raiden hat who was also chopping it up with fans after the show.) Check out some of the photos I was able to snap :
(Sn:..I still haven’t learned yet to stop trying to take pictures while dancing smh.)


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