Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pod Post Thursdays : Pharrell x Keith Sweat | Happy (ForteBowie 1988 Soul Train Edit)

I made a post last May for the song ‘Happy’. Then in June, I posted Pharrell performing ‘Happy’. Then in November, I posted the official video of ‘Happy’. Lawd, I’ve reached a fourth post about this song alone. In each post.. I went forth to explain how the song made me feel… especially in the last one. Who would have thought by reading those that the song would soon become an annoyance to me -_-. A song I held so dear soon (MONTHS after its release) became overplayed… over talked about from people all late who didn’t even mention it until the ‘wave’ hit… and more. The homie El and I were chatting about how it didn’t have the same affect to us anymore now thanks to a lot of folks ruining the true essence of the record. It happens all the time right?
Fast forward to present day. El comes through for his lil bruh bruh in the clutch and sends me this track with commentary of ‘I think someone is tryna make us like Happy again. This shit might have worked for me lol’ . I can’t possibly explain my reaction when I heard this. To make this more personal, this Keith Sweat song brings back one of my happiest memories. That was a great moment and on top of it.. this falls in the group of one of my favorite songs of all time since I was a youngin. Needless to say.. the essence of “Happy” has returned (this version only lol). The upliftment.. the smiles. There is one person I know for sure who will share my sentiments. Shoutout to you.
ForteBowie, thank you for this priceless gem... THIS. IS. FUCKING. SICK. Keep the soul train edits coming!
Throw this on the pod and play it in the car… at a cook out.. shoot anywhere lol. Enjoy ::



  1. I was so giddy with excitement when I heard how smooth this is. It does make a song that is now over played refreshing again thanks pal.

  2. This is exactly what I needed this morning thanx for sharing you know how much that Keith sample means...