Monday, March 31, 2014

Video: 50 Cent gets REAL on the Breakfast Club

”{On Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo} I wanted them to go be Kanye West. I wanted them to go be Little Wayne” – 50 Cent

"Being personable with people..they'll have that homeboy code. ...Like 'you got it, you should give it to me' ... instead of what makes sense..."As folks may already be aware, the Breakfast Club morning show airs 6am- 9am Monday through Friday. This morning when my 6am alarm went off for work, I was able to catch the premiere of the show on REVOLT TV. It was far from a typical radio show video. Revolt incorporated creative graphics for segments (i.e. the Rumor Report etc.) as well as played the actual video of whatever song they were airing at the time. The full visual experience. They've gained a viewer; I plan to be tuned in every morning.
50 Cent was the first interview to premiere on TBC television debut with one of the best interviews they've had up to date. To give just a few (literally) of the various topics 50 touched on, he discussed: the depth of current relationship with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, the incident of running into his long running feud man Ja Rule, Beyonce giving Jay-Z a pass on his perception in Mainstream, the analogy of Hip Hop consumers being Crack Fiends, artist momentum, How Jay-Z.. Fabolous.. and Lloyd Banks are the same person and so so much more. Along with Yee, Charlamagne, and Envy, anyone who was listening full attention was commanded. 50's knowledge of marketing and business is very impressive. His ability to break everything down for full understanding is the icing on the cake. I respected him before, but I think I may like him a lot more (personality wise) after this. Watch/listen to the full interview (part one and two) below. I promise it's time worth spent...

Part 1:

Part 2:

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