Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Remember | Amil

I remember the way
You used to love me...

"I'm wrapping up my mixtape, 'A Moment In Life.' It should be out late spring or early Summer. It's a lot of R&B. I still love 90's music so I wanted to stay in that zone. I miss the music of my era. People remember me from the late 90s, and that's what I like to represent. So I'm doing a lot of songs off 90s beats and collaborating with 90s artists (Havoc, JT Money, Killah Priest). You'll hear a much mature Amil"

I seriously didn't know what to do when I saw a new Amil track enter into my radar. I mean come on, I still bump her album "All Money is Legal" to this day. I love that girl :-) Erika Ramirez w/ BILLBOARD, premiered this track, from Amil's upcoming mixtape, in a "Ladies First" feature. Mixed with Jay's "Where I'm From" and Faith's "You Used to Love Me", Ms. Whitehead spits one verse; just enough to let folks know she's coming back. (*says YAY internally). Listen below::

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