Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Video : Electric Lady | Janelle Monae

She walk in any room
Have you raising up your antennas...

Not really a problem.. just an observation, but WHENEVER I hear this song..It’s stuck in my mind ALL day. Random outbursts for hours lol.
Meet Electro Phi Betas. Janelle and her sorority sistahs throw a party at the house where a few frats and sororities come through for a lil stepping.. a lil strolling.. and boogieing. Tip even falls through and shows some love. Let’s see if you spy Monica, T-Boz, Esperanza and more ;-) The Electric Lady in stores now. Watch below::
Sn: I like that visor idea for a probate. That would’ve been a bomb replacement for those masks if those were around when we rolled out lol.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lost Boys | Sir Michael Rocks x Mac Miller x Trinidad James

Mama always told me
I was born to be a G...

Sir Mike dropped the long awaited, Banco, today! Make sure you grab your copy on iTunes. Here's a standout track from the album that I've taken a personal liking to. Everyone flows over this 'unique' production resulting in a sick product. Jam out below::
'Iont lack.. Iont loaf.. nxgga.'

30 Day Challenge : Day 29 - Five Weird Things that You Like

Five weird things that I like:

1. The smell of fuel at the gas station
2. Mens ankles. Not all of them have ‘it’ and it’s hard to describe what 'it' is.. but low top kicks in the summer catch my attention QUICK.. cause I’m checking out the ankles.
3. Feet. More specifically, White mens feet… in flip flops. I’m always looking at them.
4. Picking my nose LOLOL I’m laughing bc this is an inside joke only two would catch
5. It’s not really weird to me but to others who've commented when seeing me do so. I can’t give money to the clerk or put in my wallet etc… if it’s not all facing the same direction. I have to make sure they're facing the same direction THEN proceed with whatever.

Chanel Vintage | Metro Boomin x Future x Young Thug

New loosie from Metro Boomin. I smell this song becoming a club hit in no time. A song solely reverting back to the reference of Chanel. Listen below::

Monday, July 28, 2014

Stayin Out All Night | Wiz Khalifa

Leaving all my problems at the door...

via Getty Images

Young Khalifa man releases a fifth? offering from his upcoming album, Blacc Hollywood, which drops in just a few weeks. Although this season seems to be speeding by way too fast for my liking, Wiz drops a summer fun joint that's catchy and relatable just in time for the remainder days. Listen after the jump.

30 Day Challenge : Day 28 - Somewhere You'd Like to Move to or Visit

I love the west coast period. California would be the move, but it would be too far to leave my 3 Musketeers. In the meantime… I’ll keep planning trips to go back over *Stevie J handrub

Sunday, July 27, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 27 - A Quote You Try to Live By

Which means.... 'Seize the Day'. I try. Maybe that's why I end up trying to cram. Pros and cons. Nevertheless, I don't want to lose the moment...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 26 - Things You Like and Dislike About Yourself

I like that I’m not one of those people who are ‘afraid’ to be alone. I won’t keep someone around who’s doing me wrong just because if I get rid of them I’ll be ‘alone’ and I will still do something that I really want to do even if no one else is down for the cause (trips included) by myself. I like that I am familiar with my self-worth now and live my life whether anyone else is along for the ride or not. I like that I am genuine to myself and others. I like that God has blessed me with internal strength to overcome all that I have and so forth.
I dislike that my mind races 1500mph a second… especially when idle.. it’s never a good thing. Oftentimes I think too much. I dislike that I want to do 15million things right then and there instead of being patient with some of them. I dislike that I try to play superwoman… which is contradictory in a way. I hate that people treat me like superwoman and expect and want me to do this that and the third while doing a thing or thirteen but I treat myself like that… especially when trying to look out for others. I dislike how hard I am on myself. Although it pushes me forward in a way unexplainable, it can be detrimental at times…. It wouldn’t hurt to give myself a pat for something good instead of always looking for improvement but I digress.
There are a few others I could add on each thing.. but those are the main I suppose. I won’t wrap. Just add etc. etc. to each one ;-)

Video : Coupe | Future

Gotta get arrogant nxgga
When I am flossin...

Noisey premieres a new track AND video from Future as a part of the Adult Swim singles series. The visual is fittingly a futuristic animation (you catch that? lls). You'll be able to download the single for free at on Monday, July 28th. In the meantime... check it out::

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Video : Diamonds | Common x Big Sean

Com Sense drops a new video for his Nobodys Smiling album. The track of choice this go round? Diamonds with Big Sean. The video, in black and white, has a transparency of each artists city skyline etc. through their verses. Pretty cool. Watch below::

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30 Day Challenge : Day 25 - Something you're currently worrying about

Ya'll know I rock with my genuine supporters heavy, but I can't eem share this with ya'll.
Forgive me

Photos :: Emily B's New Shoe Collection

Celebrity Stylist (and former Love & Hip Hop Cast Member) Emily B has done it again! She has linked up with Zigi NY one more time for an insane shoe collection. These bad beauties are limited and will run you from $178- 220. I don't think I've ever been in love with a shoe collection as a whole more than this one. As pictured wearing a pair above, check out the rest below and after the jump!

One for the $ | Stalley

I so needed this this morning. The Lil Wayne loop over the Mariah Carey sample was flipped all crazy. Good music from Stalley. This will land on DJ S. Whit and DJ Base's upcoming mixtape, #GiveTheSummerSome. Check it out::

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Common Performs "Kingdom" and "Blak Majik" w/ Vince Staples x Jhene Aiko

What better way to start your performance off than to have your fists held high. The photo above is a screen shot of Common and Jhene Aiko's performance of 'Blak Majik' last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch that after the jump, but first take a look at the 'Kingdom' performance with Vince Staples. I can't find the words to put together to express what this song does to me....

30 Day Challenge : Day 24 - Five Words/Phrases that make you laugh

This is weird. I laugh at too many things. Impossible to narrow down to words/phrases. No answer for this one.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Video : Bussin | Sir Michael Rocks x Casey Veggies x IAMSU!

Don't try to play me man
cause I ain't wit the shit.

Video : Come Get It Bae | Pharrell x Miley Cyrus

This is where you wanna be…
H O M E...

Pharrell releases a new video from his G I R L album for the super dance track, Come Get It Bae. It’s impossible to be still when this comes on. .. especially for Moi. Jams too hard.
Miley makes an appearance bringing straight ratchetness haha. Another fun vid. Check it out after the jump::
"None of the boys know the first thing about your fantasy..."

Stay | T.I. x Victoria Monet +.... Tiny's response video 'WTFYGD' ??

***UPDATE: Tiny's Response added.

I Love you Shawty...

It’s been a rough road for the Harris marriage these past couple months. After T.I. addressed a few things regarding their ‘separation’ on ‘The Worst’ (Remix) and rumors flying haywire, Floyd Mayweather threw the ultimate wrench in the relationship making all types of claims and disrespect towards T.I.’s wife Tiny (which is odd considering.. Floyd says she’s a friend. Can’t be much of a friend with the mess coming out of his mouth but anywho) that led to a brawl between both his and T.I.'s camp.
In this new track, T.I. addresses the separation again but this time around rather confesses his love for his long time companion and desire to repair his relationship/marriage with her ‘and I ain’t ashamed to beg you to stay’.
Of course I don’t know all the deets, no one does except them, but I hope they can work things out. Listen below::
I be breakin down.. you be playin hard”.

She Twerkin (Remix) | Ca$h Out x Juicy J x Lil Boosie x Ty Dolla $ign x Kid Ink

It's some bishes in this club
but ain't none as bad as you...

It's crazy how much this song blew up over a year later. Nevertheless, I'm happy for him; that this track got the attention it deserved. Here's a remix for the masses. Listen below::

30 Day Challenge : Day 23 - Something That you Miss

The very FIRST thing that came to mind without thought was Tony.
He and my grandmother.
Yea... I miss them like crazy.

Video : Rich | Kirko Bangz x August Alsina

Don't see nothing wrong
with wanting more...

A little over a week of releasing the track, Kirko took it to 106 & Park yesterday to premiere the visual for 'Rich' featuring August Alsina. Itchy House Films takes the video in a direction of a storyline to that of the song. Real life sitchaations with a conscious grabber at the end. Watch below::
"Am I wrong for wantin' better??"Sn: I prob listen to this song entirely too much. These two eye candies right here so trill...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 22 - Your Academics

I don't really like this photo, but I love what it stands for.  Circa 2009. 
The day I received my bachelors degree.  The day reality began.

Monday, July 21, 2014

No Love (Remix) | August Alsina x Nicki Minaj

Shorty if you lookin for somebody trying to settle down
Prob won't be around long...

After teasing fans with a snippet of the upcoming track, Alsina released the final product on twitter moments ago. Here's the remix to one of my jams from his 'Testimony' album.
Don't come looking for love.

Video : Bicken Back Being Bool | YG

YG fo' hunnid drops a new visual from his current album, My Krazy Life. Directed by Alex Nazari, this vid is real live Boyz in the Hood II. You'll see. Watch below::
"You making me feel unbomfortable"...

Kanye West talks new single 'All Day' + upcoming album in GQ Mag

”History's gonna be harder to make than I thought.”

Photo cred- Patrick Demarchelier

In GQ Mag's latest issue, not only does Kanye grace the cover but Mr. Yeezus gives us another interview for the books. Never a dull conversation with that one. Below, specifically, are two excerpts where he addresses his new single and album that fans have been patiently waiting for. Check it out::

Short Documentary : Drive in Theatre Tour - Texas Toasted ... starring Currensy

As the Drive In Theatre Tour kicks off, Spitta films the first line of his shows which fall in Texas. Another road adventure for Mr. Andretti. He's awesome with his fans. Visuals by Saddi @Understream.
Spitta hits DC this Wednesday @ the Howard Theatre. Be there.
Watch the doc below::

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King of the Fall | The Weeknd

She gon give it up
cause she know I might like it…

The Weeknd releases a track named after his upcoming tour, King of the Fall, with Jhene Aiko and Schoolboy Q. I've rotated this countless times this morning. This one bangs. Seductive G shit... Listen below::
"All of dem swallow..."

30 Day Challenge : Day 21 - What You Hope Your Future Will Be Like

I hope I'm more than comfortable (financial wise).. which means my folks will be more than comfortable as well. We'll all eat. In addition to the lucrative part, I hope mentally happiness and peace arrives.

Video : Don't Give Me a Reason | Fly Union

Be mindful who you introduce her to...

Since their 'Small Victories' album release nearly 3 weeks ago, Fly Union presents a new visual for one of its featured tracks.
Watch below::

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Backflip | Casey Veggies x IAMSU!

I think the money make her do it...

New cut from Vegs as he celebrates his 21st birthday this weekend. This one is produced by Su! himself. Listen below::
"Don't talk about it drop bands on it..."

30 Day Challenge : Day 19 - Five Items You Lust After

1. Money
2. Money
3. Traveling
4. Food
5. August Alsina lls.

The Pressure | Jhene Aiko

I care about you baby
More than you'll ever know...

A new single from Jhene's upcoming 'Souled Out' album.
Vogue premiered the Fisticuffs produced track yesterday. Listen below::

Friday, July 18, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 18 - A Problem That You've Had

Wanting to do 50 million things at once (work wise). I've been working on that scatter brain and taking a breather to execute whatever I'm working on at the moment first and THEN move to the next. It's coming along. I still have my moments though..

Thursday, July 17, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 17 - Something That You're Proud Of

I am proud of the woman I am become and becoming. To look back and see how far you've come... and all that you've overcome... it's a wonderful and humbling feeling. Thank you God.

Video : Feel the Bass | Stalley

Just take off
and just levitate...

*insert cheesing emoji. WSHH premiered the visual to my favorite track off theHonest Cowboy project. The visual showcases no other than various rides on a sunny day weaved in and out of Stalley's verses. Watch below::

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Video : Culture | The Dream

She order herself Riesling
I’m ‘Troned up…

I love when creative juices flow. The Dream's new video for 'Culture' takes an alternate approach. Rather than film an actual video, he has the song playing and literally goes through personal photos and videos from his phone. While showing the 'culture' of Paris, he also reveals the face of his new Wife. The concept is pretty dope considering this the 'culture' of cell phones for everything. Check it out::

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30 Day Challenge : Day 16 - Something you always think 'What If' about ...

Alot came to mind but the main thing that resonated and often does is what if Tony never passed away. The only reason I applied to schools far away that year is because he went on to be with the Lord. Before he passed, every school I talked about going to was local (to be closer to him of course). That right there would've changed my path in itself (attending a different University). However, 9 years later I still think about him all the time and the 'what if' he didn't get in the car that day... or better yet...If I got in with him like I was supposed to before the last minute switch...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Video : So Bad | Cam'ron x Nicki Minaj x Yummy

***Update from 7/15/14 post- Video Added.

I should've been left ya ass...

After Cam just shared with MTV that he and Nicki Minaj collabed again on a new track, Funkmaster Flex unleashes it to the waves. This will fall on Cam's First of the Month EP. Take a listen below::

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 15 - Your Zodiac/Horoscope and If You Think it Fits Your Personality

September 23- October 22nd

I used to be really big on horoscopes when I was younger. Not so much now but I will say I agree that regarding my personality, most of the traits GaneshaSpeaks listed for Libra women, fits me. With the exception of these two:
I don't say what others want to hear and wouldn't want them to do that to me. Either I tell you the truth or don't say anything at all. Telling people what they want to hear all the time doesn't help them... what they NEED to hear does.
Indecisiveness. Not I. Once I decide to do something, it's pretty much final right then and there. Unless of course it's choosing a photo... *cringe

Everything else seems to hit the nail on the head. Check out what GaneshaSpeaks listed as Libra Women traits below::

No Flex Zone (Remix) | Nicki Minaj

Wonder when they bite me
Do these bxtches teeth hurt??

Ooh say that again Nik'.
Ms. Minaj drops another gutta verse over a current club banger. This time around, she challenges Rae Sremmurd's 'No Flex Zone' flawlessly. Listen below::

Video : Represent | Nas

No doubt
See my stacks are fat
This is what it's about...

Ayye. Nas releases a video for 'Represent' continuing the celebration for the 20th anniversary of his Illmatic album. For the visual, Nas held a contest for fans to collaborate and produce an official first video to the track which features the MC himself. Here's the result::

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Video : KK | Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J x Project Pat

Blowing like a rasta man...

Project Patttttaaaa.
Wiz debuts the video for his latest offering off upcoming, Blacc Hollywood, with a simple colorful neon black light infested vid. Sn: Good job on the tour promo in the beginning. Check it out::

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Monday, July 14, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 14 - What You Wore Today

I straight up had the librarian look going on in the office today. Wasn't feeling a photo so here's a descriptor:

(part down the middle.. hair pulled back into a neat bun)
black studs
Light grey chiffon shirt
'egyptian' silver/gold/copper necklace from Urban O.
black pencil skirt
Black loafers

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Trailer :: HBO set to air Jay-Z and Beyonce's 'On the Run' Tour

***UPDATE from 7/10 post- Trailer Added.

via Jeff Daly/AP Photos

If you don't have a chance to make it to one of their shows on tour, don't fret... it's coming to HBO. ;-).  In September, HBO will premiere their first concert event exclusively with the 'On The Run' tour show; announced by HBO prez Michael Lombardo today.  The taping for this special event will be during their Paris, France stop on the tour.   
It seems they have a growing working relationship with HBO as this is not their first time appearing.  Jay's 'Picasso Baby : A Performance Art Film and Bey's 'Life is But a Dream Documentary' both aired on the network.  Most recently, Bey's Beyonce X10 is airing before each True Blood episode on Sundays.  Now this.   Tiiiight.
I was at the show this past Monday... and you already know... a post is coming soon.  I have a few photos but much to say lol.  I'm excited to see the show again.  

s.o. to EW.

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R & B Chicks | French Montana x Fabolous x Wale

Mary J...
Got your number from Puff
I’m young enough to be your son
But what’s the 411??...

New music from Montana. I mustve missed the memo where Miley became an R & B artist…along with Kelly Clarkson etc. But it rhymed with what they were trying to say.. so I guess…
Nevertheless, listen as the fellas run through a list of names of women in the industry of whom they 'adore'. Mac and Cheese 4 coming soon...::

Lipstick on the Blunt | Casey Veggies x King Chip

Lil shorty bad
She make all the bishes mad...

Emilio Sparks from Shade 45 wants to make sure I smile. He is releasing a project this summer that consists ENTIRELY of classic wrestling theme music sample flips. I mean, you guys read how I reacted to Wale’s Razor Freestyle, imagine an entire EP. This project is set to be an ode to the late Macho Man Randy Savage… titled Forever Madness (The Randy Savage EP). This Val Venis flip here produced by Mike Cash is wild. I can’t wait. Listen after the jump::
if a nxgga was hatin shit we wouldn’t know…’

Rich | Kirko Bangz x August Alsina

Am I wrong for wanting better?
Should I just settle forever??

I can see this track getting much rotation on my end. In one way or another, most of us just want to win...and that's Real. Listen below::
Sn: Happy Birthday Whit ;-)

Video : Hunnid Stax | Ab-Soul x Schoolboy Q x Mac Miller

Who getting that money?
Real muthafxckkin money?

Herbert and Quincy have a grand time at a house ‘function’ in beautiful California with a barrage of women for 'Hunnid Stax'. Mac Milly and Jay Rock dib their bids on the pretty ladies as well. HA @ Diddy. That’s tight (you’ll see). These Days in stores now. Check it out ::

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Recognize | PARTYNEXTDOOR x Drake

PARTYNEXTDOOR – Recognize ft. Drake (Video)
August 13, 2014 by Uptown Toney in Music - 0 Comments

After a quick preview, OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR officially releases some visuals for his Drake assisted track, “Recognize”. In the Liam MacRae-directed video, PND and Drake live the good life visiting Billiards with the homies and a few models, and then hitting the seas aboard private boats with nothing but fine women. Watch above. Peep PND’s upcoming tour dates below.

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s new album PARTYNEXTDOOR Two is available now on iTunes.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 13 - Your Opinion about your Body and how Comfortable you are with It

I'm 5 even with long legs. Anytime I wore shorts (and still to this day)... they were pointed out. The difficulty on finding a perfect fit pant length wise. My stomach was never super flat, but then I had an ovarian surgery where they had to go in 3 different ways: two below the stomach.. one in the belly button. Needless to say, that didn't assist on the road to 'wash board'. I eat A LOT, but have a chronic illness and it makes it difficult to gain weight; crazy considering my amount of intake. For the longest, I looked in the mirror and hated it.
Now I'm a grown ass woman. These flaws have turned into special attributes for me...I love my body, tats, and more. My long legs accentuate heels and other fashions in a certain way, my stomach isn't super flat how I would like (because of certain reasons)but it's far from gross and I can still display it, and my weight isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the era of 'thick x ass shots'... slim minnies may feel a little reserve about our bods here and there courtesy of what our men these days perceive as 'attractive'.. but point blank... we kill em too. Sure there are things I wish were different just like anyone else but I am thankful for what God has constructed. I have curves in the right spot. I'm fun size ;-) I embrace it.

Love yourselves family.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 12- Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive

:-) I was so looking forward to this one. Not in any specific order...followed by brief commentary.

Five Guys Whom I Find Attractive:

Cool Kid... Sir Michael Rocks.
For two reasons I won't disclose... well at least not up here ;-).

Omari Hardwick.
Aside from his physique.. the attention he commands from me.
Cud Gawd.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Video : Julia / (Tender) | SZA

Loving alone is what you make it
Stay for the storm if you can take it
But pray for a raincoat...

Gorg TDE first lady, SZA, releases a new visual from her 'Z' project. This time around it's for her track which SZA says the song is named after Julia Roberts because... 'Julia Roberts is the baddest bitch that's ever lived'. She is so great. Watch below::
'How could you forget that I'm the one who forgot all your mistakes...'

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30 Day Challenge : Day 11- Your Family

Talk about a throwback haha. I was going to the 6th grade, my brother to the 9th. These three right here mean the world to me.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Divinity | SZA x Jill Scott

Let me off my leash...
...I wanna be hand n hand with you 

 The beautiful soulstresses SZA and Jill met in the studio last night and this was the end result-  A 7 minute track of vocal and bliss.  1st time.. get lost in the music.  2nd time.. get lost in the message.  Great addition to this stormy evening.  Listen below:: 
'Sticks and stones might break my heart....tonight..'

Take Me | The Elle

Can't believe I made you wait so long
Who knew your backstroke would be so strong??

Minnesota-bred.. Chicago living.. artist 'The Elle' brings forth her new track 'Take Me' ; about falling in lust..somewhere we've all been before.  This jazzy upbeat tune produced by Juan Miguel plays a delicate background to let Elle's vocals/lyrics shine.  Take a listen below::
"Baby...I'm just so... madly in lust with you..."

30 Day Challenge : Day 10 - Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write the First Ten Songs that Play

Unfortunately, my most recent 'player' got water damage so it no longer works *sobs. However, I still have the one prior to that... soooo I used that for today. Pressed shuffle and this was the result:

1. Diamonds | Rihanna
2. Caught Up | Usher
3. Black, Maybe | Syreeta
4. Smoke & Mirrors | No Malice x Ab-Liva
5. Hyyerr | Kid Cudi x Chip Tha Ripper
6. I’m Feelin | Wiz Khalifa x Problem x Juicy J etc.
7. Chillusions | Niko Is
8. Victory | Puff Daddy x Notorious B.I.G.
9. Motion | Currensy x Cornerboy P
10. Up | Wiz Khalifa

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