Tuesday, July 1, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 1 - Five Ways to Win Your Heart

I said that I was going to do another 30 day challenge up here and actually stick with it. I randomly picked this one and I wish I focused more on what it said because I definitely would've searched for another. I didn't realize until after making the 'mental commitment' that it was so many sensitive things on here. I'm not into all that talk about feelings and stuff, but I said I made the commitment so I have to stick with it. Trying something new *insider. This should be interesting. Bear with me... lol.

Five ways to win my heart- In all honesty...
1 & 2. Authencity/Genuine- Extremely major with me. Extremely.
3. Good Sense of Humor
4. Strength- mentally and physically (both, not one or the other)
5. Down to Earth

I think I've encountered about two guys in my lifetime who obtained all five of these qualities. Wait.. scratch that.. three. They give me hope... this 'person' does exist.

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