Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Video : Electric Lady | Janelle Monae

She walk in any room
Have you raising up your antennas...

Not really a problem.. just an observation, but WHENEVER I hear this song..It’s stuck in my mind ALL day. Random outbursts for hours lol.
Meet Electro Phi Betas. Janelle and her sorority sistahs throw a party at the house where a few frats and sororities come through for a lil stepping.. a lil strolling.. and boogieing. Tip even falls through and shows some love. Let’s see if you spy Monica, T-Boz, Esperanza and more ;-) The Electric Lady in stores now. Watch below::
Sn: I like that visor idea for a probate. That would’ve been a bomb replacement for those masks if those were around when we rolled out lol.

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