Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Time Warp...1995: Can't Be Wasting My Time | Mona Lisa x Lost Boyz

Circa 1995.
There were A LOT of elusive r&b gems throughout the 90s.  Each time I stumble across an old jam, a memory is unlocked.  A smooth version of the KRS sample.  Sidebar: Cheeks verse *proceeds to bankhead bounce.
Communication is the key to our happiness
If we just talk about it
Maybe we can make some sense.  

Happy Birthday Tony.  Rest Easy.

So Ambitious: Pharrell is Auctioning Off his Personal items on JOOPITER

Can I have it like that?  You got it like that.
Skateboard P is capitalizing off his trendsetting fashions and swag with his latest venture, JOOPITER.
JOOPITER is a space for "today's collector" founded by Pharrell where many of his personal items will be digitally auctioned off. 

The idea behind JOOPITER is to embrace the energy that is released when objects change hands, and to respect the value that’s been created around these objects...