Monday, June 30, 2014

Motivation Mondays : Pain to Power Vocabulary

Krazy | Lil Wayne

They paint me as a villain
I just autograph the artwork...

Here's the new song that Wayne performed on the BET Awards last night. Carter V coming soon.
"Nxgga you made that bed, you lay in that bed..."

New Flame | Chris Brown x Usher x Rick Ross

A 'less club, more R&B' record from Chris Brown.
This is slated to appear on his upcoming album, X. Listen below::

Video : Lifestyle | Rich Gang x Young Thug x Rich Homie Quan

Grindin' for a new day...

New video for 'Lifestyle' featuring appearances from Young Thug's Mom, Juvenile, Mack Maine, Soulja Boy, and several instances of the 'B' handshake. Check it out:
‘I do this for Ms. Gladys boy’. R.I.P. GMa.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Video : FML | August Alsina x Pusha T

Been through so much shit
Sometimes I wanna be in the sky...

Now the photos circulating of August lynched makes sense. It was the filming of the video.
‘FML’ is one my favorites on the album, so I’m pretty pleased he dropped a visual for it. Although, he’s looking some kind of attractive in here, the video is pretty intense; both Pusha and Alsina’s parts. Depression is real ya'll. Hang in there. Watch the video below::

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The Big Payback Vol. 3 | J.B. and the Soul Mates

Another Amerigo Gazaway production. The latest in his 'Soul Mates' series is a mash up of the great James Brown and various artists of our culture : Bob Marley, Nas etc.

"I'm not sure any other artist has left their imprint on popular music, especially across so many genres, as much as James Brown has. With as many of today's hit songs that were built around some sort of James Brown flip, it's almost like he had a say in what the music of future generations would sound like without even knowing it."

Amerigo has the magic touch with this craft; always well done. Peep the track list below. Check out the Godfather of Soul ,along with his guest appearances, after the jump::

1. Bob Brown- Who is Mr. Brown? (Popcorn Dub Mix) :: Bob Brown = James Brown x Bob Marley
2. Busta Brown- I Feel Good (Soul Mates Remix) :: Busta Brown = James Brown x Busta Rhymes
3. The Notorious J.B.'s - Sex Machine Gun Fun (Soul Mates Remix) :: The Notorious J.B.'s = James Brown x Notorious B.I.G
4. Mobb Brown - The G.O.D. Father of Soul Pt. III (Soul Mates Remix) :: Mobb Brown = James Brown x Mobb Deep
5. Fela Brown feat. Jeru the Damaja - Funky Black President (Soul Mates Remix) :: Fela Brown = James Brown x Fela Kuti
6. Jackson Brown - Good Rockin Robin' (Soul Mates Remix) :: Jackson Brown = James Brown x Michael Jackson
7. The Illmatics feat. James Brown - Get Up and Get Down (Soul Mates Remix) :: The Illmatics = Nas x The Dramatics (feat. James Brown)

Bussin | Sir Michael Rocks x Casey Veggies x IAMSU!

You got the game wrong
You need to brainstorm...

Another offering from Sir Mike’s upcoming, Banco. This one features Casey Veggies and IAMSU! Check it out::
"Turkey ass... fraud ass..."

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Years Later.... Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

5 years later…."Who's Bad!?"

There was a question posed by several avenues this morning… Where were you/what were you doing when Michael Jackson died? Here’s my story :

As a fresh post graduate with a bachelors degree, I was at a training for my summer job… (see how that worked then -_- lol). This lady comes out of nowhere hollering and screaming .. crying. We all tried to figure out what was going on.. she says Michael Jackson died. Meanwhile, while everyone looking at her crazy.. my heart dropped and eyes got watery immediately, but played it off. I texted my brother and he’s like ‘It’s not confirmed pal’. I felt a little better. We went down to the lobby and saw everyone staring at the TV with CNN playing. They kept showing his house… 5 minutes later.. it flashed across the screen.. Michael Jackson dead. While so many seemed unaffected my damn heart was on the floor. I tried my hardest to hold back tears because I REFUSED to cry in front of anyone. I texted all the people I know who truly loved MJ just as I did : Chris, My Dad, My Brother, and homie Brandon. Brandon was shedding tears and Chris was on the same page as me… ‘Son….’. ‘Son….’. Translating to… ‘crazy hurt let’s meet’.
It was a pretty day out weather wise. I got in the car and every single station was playing MJ. I couldn’t bear to listen to any of them and rode in silence. I mean, this man did and still does hold such a dear place in my heart. I was heartbroken and crying (not the ugly cry.. the super sad cry). I met Chris at one of our favorite water spots for a few drinks. We both had the same expression… looking pitiful with watery eyes smh.. and decided to hit the bar (I’m the most NON emotional person when a drink is present so that was the only thing to do). While walking to the bar… every single hotel we passed with a TV was showing CNN.. Michael Jackson dead . Fuck. We just walked with our heads down. Got our drinks. I think that’s when I was on Stoli hard. Ironically… As we decided to take a walk to water… we heard this band straight jamming on the front. They were playing ALL MJ songs. At first we’re like noooooo :-( we couldn’t take it but our asses can’t stray from a good boogie. Lol. The musicians were great… it was mad crowded for a week day.. everyone was celebrating the life having a good time. Dancing away. It wasn’t until the sun fully set… the band packed up… and the quiet breeze set in that.. he was gone. And there we were again on a week night.. sitting looking at the water.. pitiful. I couldn’t have spent that moment with anyone better … although I wish Brandon was there too and not alone. True MJ fans who understood.. uniting and mourning.

5 years later it’s still rough to digest. A pure heart and soul… the greatest and the best that EVER did it is gone… leaving behind an incomparable legacy that will live on forever.

Although it’s a little short of a half an hour… this mix CRANKS. Turning sadness into smiles. Enjoy!

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Spoken Word : 'The Beyoncelogues'

Nina Millin revamps dramatic monologues of Beyonce songs into what she calls.. 'Beyoncelogues'.

Her incredible theatric performance is presented in a mini web series of 'Irreplaceable', 'Mine', and her 'If I were a Boy' performance... sheesh.. that one was real. I hope she does more in the future. Check them out below. Not only did Nina do a fantastic job, this is pretty dope::

KK | Wiz Khalifa x Project Pat x Juicy J

Khalifa Kush...

4th track released from the upcoming 'Blacc Hollywood' album. While 'We Dem Boyz' is still receiving consistent airplay across the states, Khalifa decides to drop a more calmer song about nothing other than... you guessed it. Listen below::
"I'm staying with the greens.. like collardddd"

Video : Shadow Dance | The Internet

The night is young
Your taste is sweet
Lay with me
Until we find...

The Internet took it to RevoltTV last night to premiere their new video ‘Shadow Dance’ from the awesome Feel Good album. In black and white tint, the video most certainly executes the sexiness and smoothness of the song. Sure to make you feel some type of way. Check it out below::
‘Tell me that you love me babe'

There are times when I’m completely weirded out of how closely, countenance and mannerism wise, Syd resembles my ex. This is one of those times o_o.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

To Love & Die | Jhene Aiko x Cocaine 80s

Love side. Hate side.
That’s what we stand for
Ya’ll fall for anything…

Jhene releases a cut featuring Cocaine 80s from her upcoming , Souled Out, album. Listen below::

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Motivation Mondays : A Change Closer than you Think

Video : Get Her Back | Robin Thicke

Him: I wrote an whole album about you
Her: I don't care.

She sounds like me.

Robin sheds a few tears, a little blood, and goes bare bod in new visual 'Get Her Back'. This will fall on Robin's upcoming album, Paula, which is dedicated to his estranged wife Paula Patton. The long time couple split this year and as you can see... Robin isn't taking it well at all. While this cut is pretty smooth and laid back, you can feel the hurt through the video. Watch below::

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Video : They Don't Love You No More | DJ Khaled x Meek Mill x French Montana x Rick Ross x Jay-Z

When I first heard this song the night it released in April, I wasn’t really feeling it. THEN.. a couple days later I heard it in my car. Subs can change things man, I tell you. This song grew on me like a fungus. Andale!
Now to this video. WHY is Terio in this but not….. nvm. Nice video though. Watch below:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Samadhi (EP) | Iman Omari

Can I just take you there??

"No complexities.. when you're next to me.."
 The Samadhi EP is such a lovely treasure just in time for the beautiful sunny weather.  An atmosphere of serene fervor and authentic love is created from the cosmic jazzy grooves and Omari's soothing  vocals.  This is GREAT.  Listen to the stream below and/or cop on iTunes for $3.99. 
 "Something about you baby, I can't tell.." 

Video : Closure | Ab-Soul

Things just ain't the same
no more...

Soul removes his shades for the visual of his emotionally charged 'Closure'.  He gets personal as he reflects on a past relationship of an ex.  These Days hits stores Tuesday!  

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From the Bottom | Rich Homie Quan

Then I started gettin money
then they started hatin...

Latest solo track from Rich Homie while fans wait on a new project. Produced by KC Da BeatMonster, here's Quan's brief story from childhood, adolescence, to now.
 "I get ta preachin on these tracks... I got lil reverend in me..."

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Casting selected for Ice Cube, Eazy- E, and Dr. Dre in N.W.A. biopic

It IS happening. Progression has been made from my April post on the Suge Knight casting selection. Above you see a picture of Ice Cube, Director Gary F. Gray, and Dr. Dre. Kneeled in front of them are the casting selections for the following (L to R):
O'Shea Jackson Jr. -Ice Cube's son will be playing the role of his father
Jason Mitchell as Eazy - E
Marcus Callendar as Dr. Dre.

Cube tweeted this week that the movie will be hitting theaters 8/14/15. NYDailyNews reports this WAS the same date of the latest installment of the Bourne series. However, Universal Studios bumped

Video : Playstation 1.5 | Sir Michael Rocks

I’m Yao Ming when it come to
confidence and being cool...

Cool kid Sir Michael Rocks took it to Complex for the premiere of his new song/video ‘Playstation 1.5’, which will appear on his long awaited forthcoming Banco album. I can’t see anyone else at the moment making Lo-fi feel and look this dope. Check this out:
"You gon' make me fry yo' ass..."
Sn: I JUST caught on to the title today… idk how I missed that last night.

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HBO presents ... Beyonce: X10 - Concert Series

Everybody say... Heyyyy Mrs. Carter...
HBO has called Bey to return for yet another project. This time around, HBO will air 10 live video clips from the Mrs. Carter World Tour before each episode of the 7th season of True Blood, which begins June 29th at 9pm. Why you ask? Beats me. But those close to me KNOW I am allll the way here for this.
A different video (and tour location) will air before each episode. The 'chosen' ones are said to be:

Drunk in Love
Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/ Diva
Why don’t you love me

Prior to the 29th, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z, will kick off the On the Run Tour in Miami on the 25th. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, check here to see if some are still left. In the meantime, I leave you with the XO song/video... just because I adore it.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Video : Kingdom | Common x Vince Staples

I was hurtin, couldn’t get no work
You created me from dust, that’s why I did dirt…

As the lens travels through the city of downtown Chicago… the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ resembling music along with a deep spoken word about the city immediately draws you in. From there.. nod your head to this illness while following the storyline in the visual. Nobody’s Smiling coming July 22nd.
Help me get the keys to the kingdom”.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Video : Bigger than Me | The Game

***update from 6/16/14 post- Video Added

Ying, ying, ying!!!
on a muthafxcka...

I have to say this again... WHYYYYYY did the Game have to snap like this?? The visual has dropped today and it's equally as hard as the record. No holds barred whatsoever. *continues face palm.
WATCH after the jump!:

Open Mind's "25 Signs You're Succeeding at Life ..(Even if it doesn't feel Like it)

This came across my twitter timeline yesterday. The part that caught me was (even if it doesn't feel like it). There are times when most of us, myself included, are insecure and discouraged about where we are in life and/or are going. To the outside world, we're doing pretty awesome for ourselves, but inside we feel the opposite. This article, by Shannon Kaiser, seems to be an attempt at uplifting. As I read through the 25 signs she listed, it turned into a little checklist in my mind to what was applicable. Check here, check there. I, then, thought maybe it would be a great idea for folks to create a checklist period. Something to offer some encouragement of how far you've come and how far you're going in those 'down' days. Nevertheless, I was inspired to share. Check out the 25 signs of succeding at life below:

1. Your relationships are less dramatic than they use to be.

2. You may not have as much money as you want but you live a rich life.

3. You’re not afraid to ask for help and support.

4. Where you live feels like home.

5. You’ve raised your standards.

Video : Say Yes | Michelle Williams x Beyonce x Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child)

I have no fear 'cause
I know who's in control...

Michelle reunites with her Destiny's Child sisters, Beyonce and Kelly, for the first single of her fourth solo album, Journey to Freedom. Check out the truly inspirational dance tune below::

Video : Playa | Fabolous

See everybody ain't balling
Most is falling
Even more is crawling...

Fab releases his fifth video from latest mixtape, Soul Tape 3. It's only right he has artwork of Big Poppa in the background while using his sample loop. Catch a few cameos from Draya, James Harden, The Game, Drake, and a few others. Check it out::

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Video : No Mediocre | T.I. x Iggy Azalea

He call to ask how you doin
Tell him better than you...

With the song just dropping earlier this week, the visual has already arrived. Tip and Ms. Azalea head to Brazil for this Director X shot. Watch below::


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Video : Nah I'm Talkin Bout | G-Unit

These heauxs ain't loyal
want bread winners...

Since their reunion a couple weeks ago, G-Unit has released their first visual to one of their floating tracks. Watch the grit 'Nah I'm Talkin' Bout' directed by Eif Rivera below::

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivation Mondays : Be Brave.

The worst sorrows in life are not in its losses and misfortunes, but its fears."- Arthur Christopher Benson.

Happy Birthday Tupac...

For some reason, this song resonated with me today the moment I thought of Pac and creating a post. I still haven’t quite figured out why this one specifically but it has been stuck in my mind since this morning. Although this post won’t be as extensive as others in the past, the recognition is still pertinent. Today would have been his 43rd birthday. Lesane Crooks .. Tupac Amaru.. Your words will continue to live. Sending grooves to the heavens. Rest in Peace.

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Video : Modest | Isaiah Rashad

Cause I play it like
I no have no clue that I’m the greatest...

Directed by Eric Swiz of Scheme Engine, here's a new video from TDE's underground secret, Isaiah Rashad. Modest (how fitting) with a louder meaning. Cilvia demo out now. Watch/listen below::

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Personal Post} : Photos/Videos - Governor's Ball Music Festival 2014 - June 6th . #GovBallNYC

This festival was special. Two of the main reasons were: 1. This was the first music festival out of a few that I didn't attend alone.. 2. This was her first time going to a music festival ever. These two worlds collided and had the best fxcking time EVER!! Someone finally got to experience what I was talking about... and appreciated it more than I ever imagined. We shared the exact same sentiments... We rock. I didn't include any photos of mischief prior to us arriving at the festival, but I have some during...along with some videos of Damion Marley, TV on the Radio, and OUTKASTTTT. Here are some of the moments we collectively captured. Take a glimpse into Day 1::

Biggest headphones ever in life
Silent Disco is one of the most creative and dopest things I've ever seen.  Ok so here's how it goes down.  They hand you headphones.  You put them on.  Now only the people with the headphones on can hear what the DJ is playing... meanwhile.. you're walking by and see people straight jammin.. I mean dancing all over the place but hear absolutely nothing (bc  you don't have on the headphones).  Even when the DJ says something on the mic it goes to the headphones so they'll all start putting their hands up at once or whatever etc.  It's the trippiest thing to see.  These photos do no justice for that one.

Video : I Want the Love | Diddy x Meek Mill

I'ont get mad
I just get paper...

Puff Daddy and Meek Mill head out to the Swiss Apps to film his latest single, 'I Want the Love'. While you might think it's odd to have a winter video in the 'summer', there is an underlying theme which a lot of people caught who are into that show #hint. Check it out::

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Hunnid Stax | Ab-Soul x Schoolboy Q

I’m on a fxckin tour
You on a 10 to 6.

New track released from Solo-Hoe’s upcoming album, These Days, featuring labelmate Schoolboy Q. Mr. fisherman swaggin out on the chorus. Listen below:

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Chance the Rapper premieres lost verse on Childish Gambino's 'The Worst Guys'

Image via ChildishGambinoFanClub

"This nxgga doesn't turn in verses that's why" explained Gambino as to why Chance is only on the hook of 'The Worst Guys'. The song is still undeniably hot even with just the hook, but the music Gawds saw fit to give us what we wanted. This year at the Governors Ball Music Festival on Randall's Island, NYC, Chance surprised the entire crowd and performed a full verse to the track. Talk about 'he killed that shit'. Pursuit of Dopeness caught the footage on a great recording, as well as Andre 3000 and his son Seven (omg time flies) who stopped by personally to check out his set. How cool that Chance's verse features some Outkast references.

via MTV's Adam Fleischer
Speaking of the Kast, keep a lookout for my personal Governors Ball post this year w/ Outkast's set coming sometime (hopefully) this week. In the meantime, check out Gam and Chance's hype performance below::

Video : Fight Night | Migos

R.I.P. to Nate Dogg
I had to regulate...

This is one of those songs that over the past couple months has become my outside jam, indoors jam, cleaning up jam, turnin up at the party jam, getting dressed jam, and so forth. Most recently, Migos has chosen this track from No Label 2 as their latest single. Check the new video out below:
"Now who's that talkin that gangsta shit!?"

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Video : Legs | Chuck Inglish x Chromeo

Nearly 6 months later, Chuck releases the visual for the groovy ass cut.. and my anthem for the shorties like myself with long walkers.. Legs. Convertibles is out now! Check it out::

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What I Want | Ameriie

You don't have to
look no further...

Amerie with two i's has released a new track. 'What I Want' is a story of affirming the desire for someone over a revamped 'Apache' Sugarhill gang beat. Some slammin choreography would make this catchy song even hotter. For now though, we have the lyric video... which came out pretty dope via the typography, colors, and imagery. Listen/watch below::

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Real Quick (0 to 100) | G-Unit

50's album dropped and days later fans received a very special treat as G-Unit reunited at Summer Jam on Sunday. Since then, two tracks have been released. For their latest, the camp flows over Drake's recent '0 to 100'. Tough. #GUnitBack?
sn: Did I miss Kidd Kidd joining G-Unit? o_o

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