Monday, June 10, 2024

Law Roach Announces Upcoming Book, "How to Build A Fashion Icon"

It's the first thing that I'm doing outside of being a stylist.

Fashion Icon Law Roach has made a name for himself with his notable styling moments for celebrity clients and distinctive judging during competition fashion television series.  His styling resume includes Celine Dion, Zendaya, Kerry Washington, Hunter Schafer, Anya Taylor-Joy and more.  Aside from being a prominent figure in the fashion industry, Law Roach has announced his upcoming book, "How to Build a Fashion Icon".  

The Chicago, IL native dives into the behind the scenes of his journey, sharing tips/tricks, and his most memorable styling moments throughout the books' 224 pages.  In addition to providing personal anecdotes and exercises to help readers gain an essential style feature... confidence.  

Available for pre-order now at Amazon and BankSquareBooks.  "How to Build a Fashion Icon" releases September 24, 2024.   

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