Wednesday, June 12, 2024

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Roots Picnic 2024

Ran it back to the Roots Picnic again.  Philly always treats me well.  There weren't many interactive things this year compared to last, so I combined all of my shots for both days into one post.  Let's dig into the details...

This photo definitely fits each of our personalities lol.

Hey girls, off we go.

The line.  Egregious.


Just a reminder.

We noticed immediately... it was A LOT more people this time around.

Oh nothing... just grabbing free potato and macaroni salad.  If you had this brand before, you know the vibes. 

Watermelon Chili Margarita.  It was decent.

I stood in this line for an hour literally... to get some wings, mac, and greens.  I thought I took a photo, but apparently not.  Anyway.. tray was scraped.  Not a crumb left.

Met folks along the way with a casamigos x sangria get up.  
Shoutout to the Ques.

*Kenny voice... Mamiiii

another s.o. to the homie Val

Day 1 complete.

I'd been actively moving around since 5am.  It finally caught up with me.

Late night grab.

Day 2 commence...

Bellini x Megamosa x Expresso Martini

The picture does it no justice.  These red velvet pancakes I ordered were equivalent to the size of a sheet cake.

and we're back...

The line the day before was brazy, but man... this was just....smh.


Due to the wait, they said you could take how many you like.  Can you guess how many packs of munchkins I grabbed?


comfort swag.

Had to run it back.

and my boys were over there too.  Copped the Casa again.

Minus le sides as I got more free potato and macaroni salad this day.

Watermelon Chili refill

Baby, it's one thing i'm going to do... and that's laugh.

Day 2 complete. 
However long you're thinking it took us to get out of this jam, it was longer.

The ability to enjoy myself regardless of circumstances is one of my superpowers.  With that being said, this year was overwhelming.  Less interactive set ups, SIGNIFICANTLY more people, long lines/slow service, disorganization, acts dropping out or not showing up.  Made the best of it though and a time was had!  

Specifically due to the extremity of long lines/slow service, I was unable to be everywhere all at once and missed some acts.  For example, Nas brought out Ghost and Raekwon.  I'm hearing it all go down while I was about halfway in my line stint to get food.  Luckily, I've seen them and Nas live before, but still.  Unsure why Cam didn't show up and so forth.  Nevertheless, I captured what I could in the compilation video below.  Enjoy!

Sidebar: Babyface set was out of this world.  By far, my favorite from the entire weekend.


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