Saturday, January 16, 2021

 Never forget. 

 ".......T.O... you know how it go.  ...ya name is still alive every time I rhyme".  RIP

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Time Warp...1995: Survival of the Fittest | Mobb Deep

 Circa 1995. 

The infamous.  RIP Prodigy.

Start 'em Young:: 'The Little Homie' presents a collection of Children's "Raised on Hip Hop" Books


I have no idea how I came across these, but I thought they were an incredible treasure.  The Little Homies have children's clothing, muslins, and dinnerware sets within their line.  Most importantly.. they have HIP HOP Books!  MOST Importantly, they have all KINDS of BOOKS!  Sports included.  MOST IMPORTANTLY... when I have a kid.. I'm copping.  

Check out some photos below from the 'Raised on Hip Hop' book collection.

'Heaux Tales' live: Jazmine Sullivan's Tiny Desk Concert

Tiny Desk snags Jazmine Sullivan for a concert of her new project, Heaux Tales, out now.  Not only does this concert include a those songs and a special cameo, but it features a performance of her amazing "Let It Burn" track.  Jazmine's voice already precedes anything further to say.  Press play.      

Mia-X celebrates her 51st Birthday by Donating Food to those in Need


"Due to COVID-19, I had to think of another way to make my giveback happen"

Mamma Mia has aged so gracefully inside and out.  To celebrate her 51st birthday, which was January 9th, she donated food to the homeless.  Top Box Foods matched her donation and filled up a truckload of meats and produce.  The food was donated to Ozanam Inn, where employees would prepare and then feed the homeless.  

Mia X, also, donated to some her favorite New Orleans organizations such as The Roots of Music, Daughters Beyond Incarceration, The Outstanding Mature Girlz, and Made in New Orleans Foundation.  

Happy Belated!  The title 'Legend' goes beyond her hip-hop success.  THIS is apart of that.

Watch her news clip via WDSU6 HERE

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Artwork on the Cause:: get into Oakland's New Tiny House Village for 18-23 y/o Unhoused Youth

Youth Spirit Artworks will be opening a tiny house village for houseless youth.  The emergency shelter village is still under construction, but they are shooting to open at the end of January/early February.  All residents will have their own tiny house, but the kitchen, bathrooms, and maker space are communal.  In addition, all residents will be a part of Youth Spirit Artworks' core social-justice based art and job skills building program.