Thursday, February 28, 2013

If Black History Month was Eliminated.. Would You Care???

 I don’t want a black history month.  American history IS black history”- Morgan Freeman.   

February has been always noticed, since we were born, as ‘Black History Month’.  In grade school, we recognized it as a time to focus on Black leaders, inventors, musicians, actors/actresses, athletes and more.  Complete arts and crafts and English assignments related to them as well as Black History Programs.  Now that we are adults.. how do we celebrate it? 
 Over the past two years on ‘Addiction’.. I’ve dedicated time and effort to post a different Black history person to focus on everyday along with a brief summary of who they are or what they did.  This year was a little different.  As much as I put time and effort into that (while being dreadfully busy on a full time job)… I noticed those posts would seem to get trampled by other posts of those focusing on music and or celebrity news.  I would actually find myself stressed sometimes to find someone (especially information) who isn’t mentioned often among the masses, but needed to be noticed.  I thought to myself this year… why would I do that?  They (we) don’t care.  I felt.. no.. you have to continue with the “movement”.. someone  will read it.   Then, I went right back to the negativity … I’m not putting any more energy into something people don’t care about. 

So with that.. I decided at the beginning of the month that I would, this year, find black history events in the area and try to attend a few.  That only resulted in me going to one out of the four I wanted to smh.  Pathetic.  Throughout the entire month, I had only made one post in regards to black history.  I received a note from that saying “I can’t wait for your other black history posts”.  I didn’t have the heart to share with them.. that wasn’t going to happen.  I’ve had this particular post, though, planned for a few weeks and decided to wait until the last day of BHM to post.. to report my observations. 

To have black history month is sort of exceptionalizing African Americans.. almost treating them with a certain amount of condescension

Would you care if Black History Month was eliminated?  I went to see a remarkable play entitled “The Mountaintop” written and directed by the lovely Katori Hall.

This was not your ordinary “civil rights/MLK” play.  It had a much deeper meaning and un expecting twist.  Although, the “intermissionless” 90 minute play took place with only one scene and only two characters (both black), it was the most POWERFUL thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  What was interesting, outside of the play, was that the bulk of the audience were white people.  How ironic.  {I’ll complete a post on this later in full detail but any who}… that one component made me reflect.  It’s “our” month… why are ‘they’ here and we aren’t?

Pod Post Thursdays: Wendy-N-Becky | Joey Badass x Chance the Rapper


After you done licked my testi’s…
Don’t try to peck me…

Man oh man.. I luh this song.
  And this beat… too fuggn dope.  Shit. 

Shine On | Big KRIT x Bun B

That bullshit they servin ya’ll…
I don’t eat that there…

Here’s an official single from KRIT’s new album, King Remembered in Time. 
Take a listen below:

Time Warp... 1999 : Cash Money is a Army | B.G.

Circa 1999.
90s rap man.  Nothing like it…   

Video: All Gold Everything (Remix)| Trinidad James x T.I. x Young Jeezy x 2 Chainz

I really hope he doesn’t turn into a one hit wonder courtesy of the music scene today.  This guy’s mixtape is actually decent AND he has dropped another single/video from it recently.  However… ppl still can’t seem to get past “Gold all in my watch..” . It still cranks tho so I aint’ complaining… esp. this version.  Check it out:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays...

Always put me down when you thought that you could…
I want you to know that I’m doing so good…

Ignore discouragement, hindering words, berating of dreams and so forth at all costs.  Rather return the favor by proving them wrong and giving them something to be mad at... SUCCEED.
    Have a great week ladies.  Xoxo.   

Video: Tyler the Creator performs "TreeHome/Domo 23" w/ Coco of Quadron and more...

Come into my treehome…
You must be special…

I tried to stay up last night to see this… but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  I was tired by 8pm :-/  Tyler the Creator performed on Jimmy Fallon last night, backed up of course by the infamous The Roots.  He performed a new amazing track called “Treehome” with the beautiful voice of Coco from Quadron followed by his current single “Domo 23” where Odd Future members Taco and Jasper (Dolphin) joined him.  I’m not sure what’s going on at the end of the video, but they quickly cut the camera (you’ll see).  It was said that Tyler tweeted shortly after the performance aired “Sorry for the shitty performance, ya’ll”.  However, if that is true.. he has since then deleted it. 

Wolf hits stores on April 2nd. 

Sn: I am so excited about this album.  I know it’s going to be awesome.  Still bummed about my tickets to the show tho :-/ 

Video: Savages| Pac Div

Green giant kush...
and the shrooms is Super Mario...
A new visual from the Div is always welcomed.  Check it out:

Photos: ASAP Rocky tries his hand at High Fashion Modeling....

Fxck fly..
I am fashion…

It’s about time.  Rocky takes the modeling route (which in my opinion greatly works for him) by being a front-runner for high end online retailer Mr. Porter.  You can find Mr. Asap in Marc by Marc Jacobs chunky knit sweater ($350), Givenchy leather shorts ($1,270) and more (below). 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Warp.... 2000 : What Means the World to You | Camron

Circa 2000.
When I was younger...I use to get excited about any song that had a female rapper featured on it.  I had such high hopes for them... all of them.. that we were gonna takeover the game.  I never saw this one again.  I wonder if she still raps.  Here's one of my fav Cam tracks/videos.  

Word of the Week... INTRANSIGENT

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them.  Here’s the word of this week:
Intransigent: Adjective.
1.         Refusing to agree or compromise; uncompromising; inflexible. 
  After being taken advantage of and used constantly.. Nina had enough.  She became extremely intransigent and would not settle for less.   
Try using it in a sentence this week…

Motivation Mondays...

Look at all these ppl..
Searching for a reason…
Searching for a piece of mind…

Are you appalled?...
Are you watching?...
What are we doing?...
Where are we going?...

Are you a part of the problem or an example of the solution?  Think about it. 
Have a great week.. xoxo.

Video: Kanye throws tantrum & disses BFF Jay-Z. Has his antics gone too far???

Kanye strikes again.  This time no one was safe.; including his bff Jay-Z.    In a show in London over the weekend, Kanye decides to spit a quick freestyle (that turned into a rant) after performing hit song “Clique”. 

And I got love for Hov but I ain't fuckin with that 'Suit and Tie'”

Pause.  Now there are so many things wrong with this picture.  Why would you attack your “Big Brother” , as Ye’ often referred to him and deemed him in a song, just because you don’t like something?  Is it that you don’t like his new found bond with Justin Timberlake?  Or you don’t like the song?  Even if you don’t like the song… so what.  You should never publically discredit a close friend/artist work.  Sure… ppl have said he wasn’t referring to the song.. just a suit and tie as in reference to business folk.  Yea...  He just happens to use that metaphor while Justin and Jay-Z have one of the most highly rotated songs on the waves entitled “Suit and Tie”…Ok.  Coincidence maybe?  I think not.  Whether it was directed towards business ppl or the song …. It was all done in bad taste.  What if Jay  said “And I got love for Ye’ but I ain’t fxckin with that kilt (skirt) shxt”.  Even if it was just against the fashion statement and not Ye’ himself… Mr. Yeezy would definitely be IN his feelings.

“I lost my muthafuckin mom  so i could give a fuck about your comments”

Peep the beginning of the entire rant at the 2:53 mark OR you can just enjoy the entire video. 

As he begins to mock himself strangely towards the end.. you can notice the awkward vibe the audience has courtesy of all the chatter taking place.  But this isn’t the first time recently that he has had questionable behavior.  Not only were folk baffled that he was NOT a part of the “Cruel Summer” album promotion, whatsoever in which he was heavily involved in, while his G.O.O.D. Music members were out there bustin their ass to get the word out, but also around NYE, Kanye came out in a weird outfit/mask to perform during his set at Revel.  Now…it may have been worn to set the scene or what have you.. but it caught the audience off guard and certainly most fans as well.

Eyes Like Sky| Frank Ocean

A blind boy...
Sees a green girl…

Apparently... a loosie that didn’t make the final cut for Channel Orange.  It’s pretty deep…

Friday, February 22, 2013

Got Those Js| Ace Hood x DJ Khaled

I got every single Air Jordan in the game...
we the best haaaa...

via Baruch

Here’s the third track installment of the Jordan XX8 Days of Flight Series.  Listen below::

s.o. Baruch

Video: Poetic Justice| Kendrick Lamar x Drake

Poetic Justice…
Put it in a song…

I love love love this song.  It’s actually one of my faves right now.  A new visual from Kendrick’s acclaimed Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” .  However, I’m about as disappointed with the visual as Mr. Lamar was that he could not get Janet Jackson for the video (as he originally requested).  It’s not a bad video at all.  I was just looking forward to something more “uplifting” for lack of a better word and enjoyable, than depressing/serious.  Nevertheless… it doesn’t take away my feeling from the song.  Check it out:

Legends of the Summer Tour (dates) starring Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z...

So the rumor is indeed true… JT and Hova are going on tour this summer!  Woo hoo!  Tickets go on sale Monday, February 28th on LiveNation .  Check below to see if they are coming to a city near you:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pod Post Thursdays: Lost & Found | Lianne La Havas


Every now and then, I select older songs for PPT.  This song isn’t that old… almost a year old.. but is still amaze.  The lyrics are so powerful and this girl can really saaanng.  I forgot all about it until it randomly came on the playlist last night and changed my mood.  If you’re in the DC area… you can catch her in concert at the 930 club on April 12th @ 8pm.  Tickets are $20.  In the meantime…. Let her serenade your drums…

One of Those Nights| Juicy J x The Weeknd

All this Hennessey
got nxggas in here hatin on me…

A good look for Juicy.  I can def see this hitting the radio waves soon..

Time Warp... 2002 : When the Last Time | Clipse x Pharrell

Circa 2002.
The Clipse was def winning.  This album BANGED.. esp this song.. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time Warp.... 1996 : Whateva Man | Redman

Circa 1996.

Starter Wives Confidential... Cancelled???

 Left to Right

v  Monica Joseph- Taylor- Pending divorce from Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex; 2 children together.
v  Josie Harris- Previous girlfriend of Boxer Floyd Mayweather; 3 children together
v  Tashera Simmons- Pending divorce from Rapper DMX; 4 children together. 
v  Cheryl Caruso- Married to (alleged mob affiliated) Phillip Caruso; 2 children together
v  Liza Morales- Previous girlfriend of Basketball player Lamar Odom; 3 children together.
v  Zakia Baum- Previous girlfriend of Rapper Maino; 1 child together.
v  (Not Photo’d… you’ll see why.) Shaniqua Tompkins- Previous girlfriend of Rapper 50 Cent; 1 child together.

Starter Wives Confidential premiered on January 29, 2013.. and I was hooked!  It wasn’t the typical “wives” show.  These ladies were more personable… more relatable. Unfortunately, after only THREE episodes into the season… I discovered last night that the show would not continue on air courtesy of 50 cent.  I was so disappointed...

I’m not sure at all.. if that confirms exactly why the show was cancelled, but cast member Monica Joseph-Taylor took it to her blog to openly vent about the situation:

If you want to watch the remainder of episodes of Starter Wives Confidential you will have to go online to  Ask me why? ::Long Pause::

It’s no secret Starter Wives Confidential was plagued by legal inquiries and possible lawsuits from the beginning starting with Shanequa Tompkins being missing from all the episodes, her ex 50 cent allegedly had an agreement or contract with her of some sort that either prevented or made it difficult for her to partake in the show.

Word of the Week.... TETCHY.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them.  Here’s the word of this week:

Tetchy: Adjective.
1.         Easily irritated or annoyed; touchy. 

Jan was a bit tetchy after she was late to work by driving all the way across town in rush hour traffic to pick up a limited edition shoe, only to find that they had sold the last of her size moments before she arrived. 

Try using it in a sentence this week…

All Js| Jadakiss x Styles P x Bow Wow + Check the Sign| Big KRIT x Bun B

I rememeber school days…
Online for the new Jays
True Blue’s
Or the Cool Grey’s

I know my Jordan lovers will definitely enjoy this.
As more (endorsement) for the Jordan brand… the XX8 Days of Flight Series is presented; in preparation for the release of the Air Jordan XX8.  Artists have joined together to create songs geared specifically towards J’s.. that have turned out quite well might I add.  I’ve posted two so far butttt you should anticipate more coming soon J  We the reason why they changed the release date…To the weekend… From the weekday…

LISTEN to the tracks below:

Video: So Many Girls| DJ Drama x Tyga x Wale x Roscoe Dash

Toss a couple dollars…
And she down for whatever…

I really like this song.
Although, it came out last fall on DJ Drama’s, Quality Street Music, it still cranks months later.  Dropping a visual was a great idea…

Video: It Doesn't Matter| Pusha T x French Montana

Ya 2 cents don’t matter…

Another visual from Pusha’s Wrath of Caine

Video: Diamonds| French Montana x J.Cole x Rick Ross + Ocho Cinco Vid

On some sweet shxt..
I want my kisses when I want em…
On some freak shxt..
I want my dxck sucked when I want it…
That’s my fav part.
 French drops a visual for his track, Diamonds, off Mac and Cheese 3.

He didn’t stop there this past weekend and, also, dropped a vid for ‘Ocho Cinco’.  French out here workin.  I see you…  

Watch below: