Monday, February 11, 2013

Motivation Mondays: I'm So Grateful | Crowns of Glory ("3 Kings"/Rick Ross sample) + RIP Whitney Houston...

I am so grateful….
Of the things he’s done for me….

When was the last time you said thank you for what you have instead of being distraught about what you do not have?  Take a look around you…trees.. the sky.. your hands.. everything.  Life alone is simply amazing.  Be grateful.
Xoxo have a great week loves.

Sn: If you haven’t noticed, this is the “3 Kings” sample with Rick Ross x  Jay-Z x Dr. Dre.  Although, they are getting sued for the song since the track was published without receiving clearance on the sample, that song and definitely THIS song is still powerful the same.  In addition to that…

Today marks a year of Whitney Houston’s death.  It’s still surreal.  Mister Cee decided to do a tribute mix on Hot 97 today and just hearing the songs broke my heart.  Nothing has changed since last year’s post.  I still get sad.  With that being said, no music will be posted in memory, but rather this song.  Whitney not only loved the Lord, but made great peace with him before leaving this place (The last song she performed was ‘Jesus Loves Me’).  That’s enough to bring a form of solace to the heart.  My condolences are with her family.  RIP Whitney.

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