Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joe Budden confronts Consequence | Jen the Pen apologizes for racist comment...

I live this sh-t
My story don’t change..

It seems Joey took it upon himself to interrupt an interview with Consequence and Hot97  to confront him about something said a few weeks ago.  I commend Joey for keeping calm in this situation (although he spazzed on Raqi who is a female but I’m sleep) but this creepy “undertaker” tone bothers me.  I think the “conflict” is resolved now after this.  Weird.

On another note… During last night’s Love and Hip Hop episode, Jen (Consequence’s lady and baby mother) made a remark towards Raqi during an argument about her (Jen) being able to get a “job” on her own that I thought I didn’t hear correctly.. but later realized.. that’s EXACTLY what she said.:

  Jen told Raqi, who is of Puerto Rican descent, “I’m White… it will get done” (in reference to her succeeding).  Pause.  How could she even begin to utter those words when.. 1. She has a child by a Black man.. 2. She has been dating that Black man for over 5 years.. and 3. On national TV ?  Although, it’s the sad truth in this world smh… Jen took it to twitter immediately to  apologize

Cons co-signed his baby moms saying “Jen is NOT a racist.  The hoe made her MAD n she defended herself in a racially insensitive manner.  I wasn’t there n we are arguing about it.”

Hmmm.  No being a honky isn’t called okay.. but if my memory serves me correctly.. Raqi did not call her that until after she said what she said.  However, two wrongs NEVER make a right.  Both were done in bad taste.   I’m interested to see how this plays out next episode/the rest of the season. 

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