Monday, February 25, 2013

Video: Kanye throws tantrum & disses BFF Jay-Z. Has his antics gone too far???

Kanye strikes again.  This time no one was safe.; including his bff Jay-Z.    In a show in London over the weekend, Kanye decides to spit a quick freestyle (that turned into a rant) after performing hit song “Clique”. 

And I got love for Hov but I ain't fuckin with that 'Suit and Tie'”

Pause.  Now there are so many things wrong with this picture.  Why would you attack your “Big Brother” , as Ye’ often referred to him and deemed him in a song, just because you don’t like something?  Is it that you don’t like his new found bond with Justin Timberlake?  Or you don’t like the song?  Even if you don’t like the song… so what.  You should never publically discredit a close friend/artist work.  Sure… ppl have said he wasn’t referring to the song.. just a suit and tie as in reference to business folk.  Yea...  He just happens to use that metaphor while Justin and Jay-Z have one of the most highly rotated songs on the waves entitled “Suit and Tie”…Ok.  Coincidence maybe?  I think not.  Whether it was directed towards business ppl or the song …. It was all done in bad taste.  What if Jay  said “And I got love for Ye’ but I ain’t fxckin with that kilt (skirt) shxt”.  Even if it was just against the fashion statement and not Ye’ himself… Mr. Yeezy would definitely be IN his feelings.

“I lost my muthafuckin mom  so i could give a fuck about your comments”

Peep the beginning of the entire rant at the 2:53 mark OR you can just enjoy the entire video. 

As he begins to mock himself strangely towards the end.. you can notice the awkward vibe the audience has courtesy of all the chatter taking place.  But this isn’t the first time recently that he has had questionable behavior.  Not only were folk baffled that he was NOT a part of the “Cruel Summer” album promotion, whatsoever in which he was heavily involved in, while his G.O.O.D. Music members were out there bustin their ass to get the word out, but also around NYE, Kanye came out in a weird outfit/mask to perform during his set at Revel.  Now…it may have been worn to set the scene or what have you.. but it caught the audience off guard and certainly most fans as well.

 Most deem the behavior as.. he just simply wants “attention”.  Others say in addition to that attention… specifically he’s not getting any from his BFF and is jealous of his new found friendship with another music partner along with his bff’s life right now period (wife, child, critically acclaimed, favored world-wide etc.)  Meanwhile.. he’s the most hated and  well.. semi “miserable”.  I totally understand that the man has been through A LOT these past few years and may have lost a few screws along the way, but there comes a time when you need to draw the line.  I.e. saying ANYthing that could be taken directly as a diss to your closest compadre.  I’m a big Kanye fan and will honestly say.. I am disappointed in this.  This is not just because I’m a HUGE Jay-Z stan.  He could have been taking a shot at labelmate Pusha T and I would still have the wtf face.  It’s just not cool.   

For someone who is supposed to be madly in love with his girlfriend/ relationship and excited about expecting his first child… he sure seems “unhappy”.  What’s the real reason of the madness?  Btw… they are having a girl.  Congrats.

 Remind me again why we in this shit…?


  1. Honestly I think he doesn't have a filter ... hes shown throughout his career that he says what ever is in his head... he doesn't always think it thru or check himself. Unfortunately the same qualities that make him an amazing musical mind and creative soul become his downfall... It sucks because like you I'm a true fan but its almost expected now that every couple of months hes going to say some real off the cuff shit that really shouldn't have been said whether he felt that way or not. I still respect him as a artist and I certainly can't knock his hustle but i expect less from him when it comes to the tactfulness as he expresses his opinions.

  2. What I can hear it sounds like he may be jealous of the business relationship HOV and Justin have and as he stated he hates business people. He may feel like HOV is changing up on him I don’t know, he does crave attention though. He sounds angry at the world but then again that’s Kanye.