Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Vince Staples announces his very own Graphic Novel, "Limbo Beach"

Rapper Vince Staples is dipping his toes outside the music realm and into the comic world with "Limbo Beach"; written by Vince himself, Bryan Edward Hill, and Chris Robinson.  You can pre-order now on z2comics, as it doesn't officially release until December 2021.  Prices range from $19.99- $199.99 depending on which edition you get.  Read the synopsis after the jump:

{New Literature Alert}- Safe Travels zine by Janicza Bravo

Where Art meets Literature.  
Being a fan of A24 films, I came across their latest magazine issue and wanted to share.  This issue guest edited by Zola filmmaker, Janicza Bravo, features an essay by sex worker Zuri, interview between Bravo and A'Ziah King, and other cool things.  Photography credits include: Deana Lawson, Kennedi Carter, Maxi Magnano, Miranda Barnes, Jeff Zie, Clifford Prince King, Katie Byron, and Alicia Vera.  

Jay-Z Cannibis company, MONOGRAM, adds new Prints for Sale

Legendary music vid/film director, Hype Williams brings us a present day version of Slim Aarons photos, in the latest MONOGRAM campaign.  Aarons' most notable photos were reshot and recast at Frank Sinatra's house in Palm Springs.  Wardrobe styled by High Snobiety Fashion Director, Corey T. Stokes, assisted with bringing these photos to life, mimicing Aaron's originals... but with a contemporary twist.  

"Whether we're smoking to inspire creativity or to celebrate an achievement, cannabis has a rightful place in modern day culture."- Williams.  

Tyra Banks Ice Cream shop, SMiZE Cream, now Open

The resume is extensive, ok!?  
Tyra Banks has launched her own Ice Cream brand and opened its first shop recently this month in Santa Monica.  At $14 a pint, the premium ice cream with "an edible surprise in every cup" is now available for pick up and delivery across the U.S.  Banks' isn't done.  Her ModelLand theme park is still developing as it was delayed due to COVID, but as the world is opening back up, we may hear more about it soon.  Check out SMiZE Cream and my top three flavor picks flavors after the jump!

Just Dialogue: Movies/TV Shows I Watched during Quarantine (pt. II)

Even thoooough 'outside' has opened back up... there is still a full pandemic going on.  Being in the home majority of the time is the new norm.  Like part. I, this is just dialogue.  No "reviews" per se, no order.  Just sharing.  This post is long overdue and some I watched months ago will reflect that.  These are ones I recommend.  I decided to keep a few of the ones I thought were ok and/or hated (i.e. The Little Things) off the roster.

Start Up

An engaging series about Tech. Money. Murder.  All wrapped in one.  Once you get into it, you can't get enough.  The first couple episodes may start off a little slow, but hang tight... you're in for an unexpected ride.  You can find all three seasons on NETFLIX.  Double claps for Ronald Dacey.  


There's still time: 7-Eleven Free Slurpee Day to Continue the Entire Month of July

img via USA Today

 Normally, 7-Eleven would celebrate it's Free Slurpee day on 07/11 to commemorate its anniversary.  This year would make it the 94th to be exact.  To make this anniversary sweeter, the corporation will be celebrating all month long.  This means the free slurpee promotion is extended through the entire month of July.  Now, this doesn't mean you can get a free slurpee everyday BUT you can pick any day out of the month as opposed to honing in on one day.  Download the 7Rewards loyalty app and you'll receive your coupon there.  With the way July has been HOT, this is a treat everyone can enjoy.

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