Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Tyra Banks Ice Cream shop, SMiZE Cream, now Open

The resume is extensive, ok!?  
Tyra Banks has launched her own Ice Cream brand and opened its first shop recently this month in Santa Monica.  At $14 a pint, the premium ice cream with "an edible surprise in every cup" is now available for pick up and delivery across the U.S.  Banks' isn't done.  Her ModelLand theme park is still developing as it was delayed due to COVID, but as the world is opening back up, we may hear more about it soon.  Check out SMiZE Cream and my top three flavor picks flavors after the jump!

 The official site is dope!  Visit SMiZE Cream here for the full menu etc.  

imgs: via SMiZE Cream

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