Monday, February 13, 2017

{Listen} :: The "Feels" Mix .... Valentine's Day Edition.

It's been a few years since I've done one of these mixes.  A random urge compelled me to do so today.  Handpicked in specific order, here are a select few of my 'feels' grooves.  I hope you enjoy J .  In advance,  Happy Valentine’s Day!

At Your Best (Remix)| Frank Ocean
That's What I Like| Bruno Mars
Partners In Crime III | The Internet
Show Me Who You Are | Jesse Boykins III
When I think of You | Janet Jackson
You're the One | Kaytranada x Syd
Tell Me | Groove Theory
Find A Way | A Tribe Called Quest
IFHY | Tyler, the Creator
The Law | Ab-Soul x Mac Miller x Rapsody
Love on the Brain | Rihanna
Whip Appeal | Babyface
Runaway | Tay Walker
Lost Inside of You | One Way
I Only Have Eyes for You | The Flamingos
3005 (Beach Picnic Version) | Childish Gambino

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How You can Help the New Orleans Tornado Victims

img via GAMBIT Weekly

Unfortunately, on February 7th, a massive tornado came through New Orleans East and severely destroyed/damaged miles of property, including injuring several of the Parish' residents.  Seeing these photos really hurt me, since I've witnessed this down there first hand after a natural disaster.  Our people need help.  Here's how you can offer your hand...  

The Greater New Orleans Foundation is taking online donations for its Helping Our Neighbors: Tornado Relief Fund.

Food Pantry of New Orleans (13040 I-10 Service Road) is collecting nonperishable food.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

28 Days of Songs :: Day 2 : should never be elevator music --- Day 11 : by the Beatles that you like

I missed a few days with the 28 days of music posts. Below are all the previous days to current!  

Day 2 -should never be elevator music
This is from one of my top 5 soundtracks ever.  I've listened to this while on the elevator, in various parts of the song, and while I enjoy the tune, I know others will feel exactly what it sounds like.  Most likely, rethinking their destination of where the elevator is actually going...

Day 3- from a great old movie
1989 James Bond.  Gladys Knight's song.. WHEW.

Day 4- you heard again for the first time in years
I haven't heard this song in a longggg time and when it randomly popped up on a playlist... Oh Joy!  Followed by a repeat later that night with a libation 

{Listen} :: X || Z resurfaces with track "Cali" + 2 bonuses

Formerly noted as 'Chris Barz' on my previous posts, X || Z has resurfaced with new music!  His latest, CALI, entails crooning lyrics of trying to keep a situationship/relationship together.  It even features a female perspective.  Alternative feels...

On another note, I noticed he released a couple last June that I missed and they are HOT.

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS :: A Night at the Zoo Carnival

Granted, this was the Zoo Carnival, but it was in celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival.  A little traveling and we finally made it.  Fun Times last December...

Video :: Evil Genius | Ab-Soul x Teedra Moses x JaVonte'

or Eve'll Genie Us.  Directed by Yellow Nguyen and Moosa, this visual is deep, dark, and full of emotion like that of the song.  Anytime he mentions Alori .. i think of Tony.  Variations in the story, but many similarities.  I wasn't ready for the ending.  It got to me.  Do What Thou Wilt in stores now.

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Tyler, the Creator's trailer for "Cherry Bomb : The Documentary"

On January 30th, Tyler released the highly anticipated 'Cherry Bomb: The Documentary' for his 2015 album (that made my top post).  Directed, Shot, Produced, and Cut by Mikey Alfred and Illegal Civ Cinema, this doc goes behind the scenes with the making of the album.  Catch cameos from Kanye, Kali Uchis, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky etc. during this 45 minute long summarized journey.  

To keep it's exclusivity, there were only 400 made.  This $100 a pop bundle included the DVD, a Cherry Bomb Movie Poster signed by Tyler himself, and 1 Illegal Civ x GOLF shirt.  There were only 400  Now to the bad news....

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS:: My Homegirl x I cut up at the International Spy Museum

As I mentioned on the Bucketfeet post, I was going to try and pick back up with the Personal posts since Snapchat took the shine.  Granted they are either months or weeks ago, but I still would like to share my randomness with you all.  Playing catch up until I get more recent.  With this one, I was able to upload the entire snap story :-D.  One random day after work in December, my homegirl took the liberty of accepting my 2nd ticket to the International Spy Museum.  We had a BALL.  Take a look into our shenanigans below ::

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

{Listen} : A mixtape just in time for #BlackHistoryMonth - "Rise" ... DJ'd by. The Elle.

Say it loud!  This is a supadope mix from the lovely Minnesota bred.. now NYC based artist, The Elle.  'Rise' is her first DJ mix (you go girl!) and it's everything the artwork embodies- resilience, strength, courage, and empowerment.  

 " I started working on this the day after Election night while feeling completely demoralized. I couldn't nderstand how it was possible from me to descend from people who literally built this country and STILL have no real voice on how it operates. We must not be silent, our silence will not protect us, word to Audre Lorde. I chose songs that get me amped and ready to fuck shit up. I also added words and commentary from Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes, Assata Shakur, Maya Angelou, Gil Scott Heron, Richard Pryor and Sonia Sanchez. We cannot be discouraged or complacent. We must keep speaking, fighting and resisting.
We rise! ✊🏾"

I am personally overly pleased with the track selection.  Listen NOW!  

28 Days of Songs :: Day 1 - a song with a great beat

Day 1 of the 28 days of Songs.  I haven't done a challenge in a while...this should be fun.  Here we go!

Mannnnnn..... I don't know where to begin.  My favorite top 5 pure hip hop beat?  Maybe.  Top 3?  It's just so fukcin sick to me.  This was the first song that came to mind and it was only right that I put both tracks.